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C Support

Kana(F): Eeeee! All this darned rain! Best to take cover in here until this storm stops.

Selkie: Hi, Kana.

Kana(F): Selkie! What a downpour, right? You manage to stay dry?

Selkie: Yep, yep! I smelled the rain coming. Got in here just in time. Er, almost. My ears are soaked. And they're full of water.

Kana(F): That must be a lot of water. Your ears are so big!

Selkie: I do not have the ears of a pig!

Kana(F): BIG. I said BIG. Your ears must be totally plugged up, Selkie! It must feel awful having such wet ears. Oh, I know! We should find you something to protect your ears in bad weather.

Selkie: Like what?

Kana(F): A hat?

Selkie: I hate hats. They never stay on my head when I run around.

Kana(F): How about a hood? You could tie it under your chin. A hood would be totally play-proof.

Selkie: That might work. But only if we find a really cute one.

Kana(F): We'll make one. There's a town with a fun shopping street not far off. We'll find the perfect fabric. Then you'll have the hood of your dreams.

Selkie: A hopping street? Yes, yes! Count me in!

Kana(F): No, SHOPPING.

Selkie: Oh. Sure, I like that too. It's like a hunt. But for stuff. Let's go the next time we can get away from here. And when it's not raining.

Kana(F): Done deal!

B Support

Kana(F): All right. Here we are, Selkie—the best shopping street I know of. Or nearest, anyway.

Selkie: All these crowds, all these shops! I don't know where to start. Wait, what are we here for again?

Kana(F): Fabric. For your hood. Which we're going to make. I think that fabric store is just over there—past that toy store.

Selkie: Oooh! Let's get over there. I think I see some velvet in the window.

Kana(F): You like that, huh? Oh, wait, Selkie.

Selkie: What? Why? Let's hurry there before someone buys it.

Kana(F): This toy store here—isn't that doll adorable?

Selkie: The one in the red dress? And hood? I love it. Come on, though. We gotta get that velvet.

Kana(F): But I just want to pop into the toy store just for a second.

Selkie: Oooh! What's that over there? Candy store? Yeah! CANDY STORE!

Kana(F): It all looks yummy.

Selkie: I can SMELL the chocolate from here.

Kana(F): Really?

Selkie: REALLY really. Let's duck in there for a snack.

Kana(F): After the toy store.

Selkie: How about you go to your store and I'll go to mine?

Kana(F): There ARE lots of people in both stores. Yeah, good idea.

Selkie: Let's meet back here!

(fade to black)

Selkie: Oh, Kana... I got out of control at the candy store. All my money is gone.

Kana(F): Me too. I bought the doll and a gift for my papa. I don't have anything to lend you for that velvet.

Selkie: Ugh. I should have known better. But I can't resist candy. I JUST CAN'T.

Kana(F): Sorry, Selkie. I shouldn't have spent all my money before we got that velvet.

Selkie: It's my fault. Not yours.

Kana(F): Well, we'll try again next time. The velvet might not still be here, but I bet we'll find something just as good.

Selkie: OK, next time then!

A Support

Selkie: Kana, Kana, Kana!

Kana(F): What, what, what?

Selkie: Remember that hood we're going to make? To cover my ears? I told my daddy that I needed fabric for it. And look what he gave me!

Kana(F): Is that your papa's scarf?

Selkie: No. I mean, yes. It's my daddy's scarf. Not my papa's. I mean, you call your daddy papa. But I call mine daddy. Whatever. But he couldn't stand that I was getting water in my ears. So he gave me his spare scarf. Now we'll match!

Kana(F): What a happy ending to our hood quest!

Selkie: I know. I KNOW! I can't wait for it to rain. Even though I hate the rain. So I can wear the hood!

Kana(F): No one will look better in a storm than you, Selkie.

Selkie: Mainly, I just don't want my ears to plug up with water anymore. But, uh, Kana? I still want to go shopping again with you.

Kana(F): What, need something else for your hood? Maybe string?

Selkie: No, I'm set. I just like that I found a shopping buddy. Yeah, mostly...? Mostly I just liked having an adventure with you.

Kana(F): Yes, I'm always up for adventures.

Selkie: As long as some are misadventures. They're even better.

Kana(F): Misadventures, then? All right, Selkie. Count me in anytime.