Fates Supports/Kana(F) Mitama

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C Support

Kana(F): Mitama! Mitama! Why are you always hiding behind that piece of paper?

Mitama: This? I'm always writing haiku. Everything I see is poetry. My paper in hand / My brush refreshed and ready / A haiku soon blooms.

Kana(F): Oooh! Did you just write that? Let me see! Let me see! It's so beautiful...

Mitama: The paper I use is beautiful, isn't it? The ink too. I'm particular.

Kana(F): I mean the way you make the letters. They're even prettier than your poem.

Mitama: Oh, my calligraphy. Yes, thank you for noticing. A poet must strive to write her haiku in the most graceful lettering she can.

Kana(F): I could never do that. I've tried. My letters are all splotchy.

Mitama: It's not that hard. Watch. Fine calligraphy / Twisting and spitting cobra / Be calm in my hand.

Kana(F): Eeeee! How'd you do that! It flowed from your brush like it's no big deal. Teach me! Teach me! I want to make nice letters like yours.

Mitama: Poets must be free. / A student is a shackle. / My answer is no.

Kana(F): What? But you have to! Please, please, PLEASE!

Mitama: Kana, it takes years to learn the art of calligraphy. But I suspect you'll pester me until I consent. Iron ball and chain! / Your links refuse to be cut? / I'll carry the ball.

Kana(F): Yay! I'm the iron ball, right? That means you'll teach me? Let's start right away, Mitama!

B Support

Kana(F): I'm trying my best, but I can't do this calligrafallopolly as well as you.

Mitama: It would help if you'd say it correctly. Calligraphy. Now, hold your brush firmly, and try to write a few more letters.

Kana(F): All right. Here goes...

Mitama: Kana, hold your body perfectly still. You move far too much. Feel each letter's movement deep within. Then they'll dance right onto the page.

Kana(F): UGH! I can't do it! I hate this!

Mitama: Try again.

Kana(F): It's boring. I just practice letters. Maybe if you let me try whole sentences?

Mitama: Oh, you're not ready for that. Toddler that stumbles. / Do not run a marathon. / You'll fall on your face.

Kana(F): Oh, fine. Then let me take a break.

Mitama: But we've only just started.

Kana(F): A drawing break then! See what else I can do with this brush? Drawing! Drawing! Look, here's a picture of my daddy!

Mitama: Is that what that is? Please focus, Kana. You need to take this much more seriously.

Kana(F): But aren't you the one who's always trying to sneak off to sleep?

Mitama: True, yes! Between every meal! That's why you need to work harder. I'm skipping naps for you.

Kana(F): You are? I had no idea. You're really that interested in helping me?

Mitama: I wasn't at first. But now that I've taken you under my calligraphic wing...? I want to see you fly.

Kana(F): All right. I'll try again.

Mitama: Fresh start then. New sheet of paper. Ink your brush—but not too much. Iron ball and chain! / We cut the links together. / Be a cannonball. By that I mean, I know you'll go places if you keep practicing.

Kana(F): Yay! I'm a cannonball!

A Support

Kana(F): Mitama! Mitama!

Mitama: What is it, Kana? You're beaming! Oh, wait. I see a haiku in your face... Happy cannonball! / Soaring through a sunny sky! / Where will Kana land?

Kana(F): I did like you said and practiced my calligraphy a whole bunch. I tried writing a letter to my daddy. Look! Look!

Mitama: Let me see... Oh, Kana... This is excellent work. Oh, distant target! / Oh, cannon and cannonball! / Explosive success! This is a big leap forward, Kana.

Kana(F): Thanks, Mitama. That means a lot coming from a master like you. I've got a long way to go, but I know I can do it.

Mitama: I'm much surer than I was before. But, what's this? Your name is written better than everything else.

Kana(F): Well, it's my name. So I practiced that the most.

Mitama: It shows.

Kana(F): Look—I practiced your name too. See how well I did?

Mitama: Truly, yes. But why would you practice my name as much as yours?

Kana(F): Well, I'm not sure I'll be much of a poet, but now I can write letters! I'm going to write lots of them in my best calligraphy...to you!

Mitama: Oh, I sense you have the heart of a poet, Kana, but I do love correspondence.

Kana(F): I'm going to write you a letter every day. Then you can check my calligraphy.

Mitama: Oh, little Kana! / Sister in calligraphy! / Correspond with me! In other words, I look forward to getting my first letter tomorrow.

Kana(F): The first of many, Mitama. Thanks so much for being my teacher!

Mitama: I'm glad you made me.