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C Support

Selkie: Daddy! I got a question!

Kaden: What's up, Selkie? If your question is how to give your fur a lustrous glow, you're in the right place!

Selkie: Nah. What I wanna know is, what's the kitsune hamlet like?

Kaden: Oh! That's right, you've never been to the mountains where we come from, huh?

Selkie: Nope. There's a bunch of kitsune like us there, right? I've never seen one before! Except me.

Kaden: And me, right?

Selkie: Oh yeah! You too. I can't wait to meet the rest!

Kaden: They're a bunch of jokers, those guys. We used to run up and down the hills as foxes all day long, eating and carrying on.

Selkie: Oh my gosh! That sounds SO fun!

Kaden: It sure was. Lots of good times there... it was a nice, laid-back place. I was almost tempted to stay on there as their leader.

Selkie: WHAAAT?! You were the grand high boss of all the kitsune?!

Kaden: Oh, did I forget to tell you that? It's true. I was.

Selkie: Wow, Daddy! That's a big deal!

Kaden: Totally is, yeah. Heheh. Man...thinking about it again makes me want to go back and visit the place.

Selkie: I wanna go with you! Pleeeease, Daddy? Will you bring me along?

Kaden: Sure. It's time I introduced you to the others anyway. It's a long way from where we are now, but I'll take you someday.

Selkie: Yippee! I'm gonna race 'em! Every single kitsune in the hamlet!

Kaden: You'd win, too. I'd bet on it.

Selkie: Really?! Ooooh, this is so exciting!

B Support

Kaden: *pant*...*pant*... For the love of... This is a fine time for Selkie to go missing. Her scent trail goes cold around here... Where has she gotten to? Selkie! SELLLKIEEE! Yell if you can hear me!

Selkie: Hm...? Daddy! Is that you?

Kaden: Selkie! Thank the gods you're safe! You're OK? Did anything hurt you?

Selkie: N-nope. I'm sorry if I worried you, though.

Kaden: It's fine. At least I found you before anything terrible happened. What the heck were you doing all the way out here, though?

Selkie: Welllll...remember how we were talking about the kitsune hamlet? I couldn't stop thinking about it. I really, REALLY wanted to go see for myself. It got to where I couldn't stop myself. My feet had a mind of their own!

Kaden: Is that what this was? You were trying to find the kitsune hamlet yourself?

Selkie: Y-yeah...but I got lost. I'm sorry, Daddy!

Kaden: It's not your fault. I shouldn't have brought up the hamlet if I didn't mean to take you. I should've known it would torture you to know about it without being able to go.

Selkie: Hey, but I asked, right? It's not your fault I left without telling anyone!

Kaden: Hmm...that's true. I guess this one's a draw.

Selkie: That's fine!

Kaden: And now that I've found you, I can give you a great big hug!

Selkie: Huh?

Kaden: I'll be honest, there's a lot of problems with going back to the hamlet right now. But I don't mind, because I'm here with you, and there's where I want to be most.

Selkie: OK! Then let me have that hug! Don't hold back, Daddy!

Kaden: Heheh! You asked for it!

Selkie: Aaaah...I love this. I feel so peaceful when you hug me, Daddy.

Kaden: Feeling better now?

Selkie: Uh-huh!

Kaden: Great! You're my only daughter, after all. I'm gonna spoil you rotten!

Selkie: Heehee! I'm fine, though, really I am! Look, watch this!

Kaden: Whoa there! I can tell you're fine without you charging off into the woods again.

Selkie: If you say so!

A Support

Kaden: Hey, Selkie! I got a present for you. Check it out!

Selkie: A flower? It's pretty... I've never seen any like this one before.

Kaden: Heheh, I know. It only blooms on really steep mountains, like the one where I used to live.

Selkie: Are you saying this is a flower from the kitsune hamlet?!

Kaden: Yep! You find them all over where I'm from. Not so much around here, though. I thought if I showed it to you, it might feel like you were there, at least a little. That was the idea, anyway.

Selkie: Wow...! Thanks, Daddy! This is great!

Kaden: Ack! Easy there, Selkie. You almost knocked me over! I'm glad you like it, though, heheh.

Selkie: I'll keep it forever! Or...as long as flowers last, I guess.

Kaden: I intend to keep that promise, by the way. When the war's over, I'll show you around the kitsune hamlet. You can meet all my good friends! You'll have so many new playmates once they hear you're my daughter.

Selkie: I can't wait! I love you so much, Daddy! And you love me too, riiiiight?

Kaden: Of course I do!

Selkie: Yaaaay!