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C Support

Kaden: *yaaaawn* Looks like I've got enough time for a nap if I can just find a good spot...

Sakura: Zzz... Zzz... Mmm...

Kaden: Hmm... Is that Sakura over there? She looks so comfy. I bet there's a nice breeze and plenty of shade under that tree...

Sakura: *yawn*

Kaden: Ah, I think she's waking up. Good morning, Sakura!

Sakura: WHA?!

Kaden: Huh?!

Sakura: Oh... It's just you, Kaden. You surprised me!

Kaden: I must apologize! You were sleeping so soundly, and I disturbed you!

Sakura: Oh...I guess I did fall asleep. Uh...do you think we could keep this...between us?

Kaden: But why? There's nothing wrong with a little nap now and then, right?

Sakura: I didn't mean to take a nap! I just dozed off... I'd be so mortified if people found me like that!

Kaden: ...I have an idea! How about we become napping buddies?

Sakura: What?

Kaden: Next time you need a little shut-eye, come find me and we'll curl up together...

Sakura: U-ummm...WHA?!

Kaden: That way you wouldn't be caught napping alone, right? Don't they say, "Nodding off's not so scary if everyone's dozing together"?

Sakura: I-I've never heard that before!

Kaden: Oh... Well, we say it back at the kitsune hamlet. No worries. I'll come find you soon, Sakura! I'm already looking forward to our nap!

Sakura: O-OK...

B Support

Kaden: Hey, Sakura—are you ready to nap some more?

Sakura: Ah, hello, Kaden. By nap, do you mean accidentally fall asleep under a tree? *sigh* I guess so.

Sakura: Umm...I'm pretty sure it's just down this way. Ah, here it is.

Kaden: The gentle breeze... The soft grass... This really is a great spot. OK, it's nap time!

Sakura: Heehee. Listening to you now, I realize how peaceful this place is.

Kaden: Yeah, we're going to sleep SO well. Oh, but before that...

Sakura: What are you doing?!

Kaden: Sorry, I always groom myself before I take a nap. If you want, you can rub my ears.

Sakura: They look really soft and furry, don't they?

Kaden: You can touch them if you'd like. I love it when someone strokes my ears. Go ahead!

Sakura: OK. ...Wow, they're so fluffy!

Kaden: Aren't they? That's because I always keep myself groomed.

Sakura: You're right. Your fur feels like velvet! I could keep stroking it forever.

Kaden: ...Huh? Sakura? What's wrong? Why'd you stop talking?

Sakura: Zzz...zzz...

Kaden: Huh?! Did she fall asleep? Well, that's what happens when you've got silky-soft fur like mine. Nighty night!

A Support

Kaden: Sakura! Wanna nap together again?

Sakura: Ah, Kaden. Hello. Umm... I can't today...

Kaden: Oh, are you busy? I understand...

Sakura: No, that's not it. I just feel bad taking a nap while everyone's at war.

Kaden: Ah, I see your point... But I think the war is the very reason we should nap.

Sakura: Huh?

Kaden: When everyone's so worried, they get tired more easily, right? If we don't take some time to relax every once in a while, we won't be able to fight.

Sakura: Oh... You might be right about that.

Kaden: That's why naps are so important... I think everyone should nap together!

Sakura: Everyone? T-together? Heehee... It sounds kind of fun!

Kaden: Doesn't it? But we can't all be napping at the same time... That's why I was planning to nap just with you.

Sakura: Heehee, OK...

Kaden: So we're still napping buddies?

Sakura: Heehee! Yes. That's right!

S Support

Sakura: Kaden, is something wrong? You don't look too good.

Kaden: Ah, S-Sakura! Um, it's just...

Sakura: Is it your stomach? Or your head? Here, let me help...

Kaden: N-no. That's not it! I just haven't been sleeping well lately.

Sakura: Trouble sleeping? That's a sure sign of sickness! Do you have a fever?

Kaden: I'm fine... Besides, I know exactly what's wrong.

Sakura: You do?

Kaden: Yeah. The reason I can't sleep is...you!

Sakura: ME?

Kaden: Yeah, I can't sleep unless we're napping together...

Sakura: R-really? ...So you feel like that too?

Kaden: Huh?! You're having the same problem?

Sakura: I can't fall asleep without stroking your ears!

Kaden: Haha! Really? When I'm with you, I feel all warm inside. W-would you be my girlfriend?

Sakura: What?!

Kaden: I wanna be with you when we're napping, eating, sleeping, anything...forever!

Sakura: I want to be with you forever too!

Kaden: Sakura, come over here so I can hug you!

Sakura: A-aaaaaack! Kaden, you're squishing me! I can't breathe!