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C Support

Hana: Hya! Yah! Hraaagh!

Kaden: Hey, Hana. Deep in your training?

Hana: Oh hey, Kaden! Yup, I am!

Kaden: Wow, you're out here training every day, rain or shine. You find that fun?

Hana: Well, it's not a matter of it being fun to do. Training is critical, and it is my duty to always be in peak form.

Kaden: Hm, interesting...

Hana: Oh, hey! What if we trained together? I mean, you could use some practice, right?

Kaden: Nah, I think I'm fine. That looks like way too much work anyway.

Hana: But if you don't train, you'll be out of practice and give the enemy an advantage.

Kaden: But if you train too much, you'll use all your energy beating up a target dummy. Enter a battle too fatigued, and you won't be able to concentrate very well.

Hana: Well... I understand your logic, but I've got the endurance to train and to fight!

Kaden: Fortitude, I guess you'd call it? I've got no shortage of that. When it's time to fight, my energy is limitless. But I believe that it's important to relax whenever possible. You have to give your body as much rest as it needs! Speaking of which—I'm going to go nap a bit. You should consider the same!

Hana: ...I don't think so. I'm only halfway through my normal training regime. If you're going to nap, I'm going to get back to training! ...Hyah! Yaaaaah!

Kaden: You sure are a workhorse.

B Support

Kaden: Owowow...

Hana: Kaden! What happened to your arm?! Were you injured in the last battle?

Kaden: Yeah... I guess I wasn't being as careful as I should have been.

Hana: See! I told you! If you don't train regularly, your body will get out of shape and you'll be in danger. Even enemies you're physically stronger than will be able to outperform you!

Kaden: Ugggh... Sorry. I guess I should have listened.

Hana: ...Here, I have some medicine I can share. Let me see your arm.

Kaden: You're going to care for my wound?

Hana: Of course. Don't get me wrong, I sort of think you deserved this, but... you're my friend and a teammate, so I'll help you just the same!

Kaden: Hana...

Hana: OK, I think that about wraps it up. It looks much better now. You shouldn't worry. It's only a light wound, really.

Kaden: Thanks so much! ...Um, sorry to ask, but could you help this little one, too?

Hana: Awww, look at that little bird! Oh no, is its wing hurt?

Kaden: Yeah. I saw it get clipped during the battle, and I felt so sorry for it...

Hana: Kaden...were you injured protecting this little birdie in the middle of a battlefield?

Kaden: That's basically what happened, yeah.

Hana: That was a stupid thing to do.

Kaden: What?! How can you say something like that?

Hana: I'm sorry... I didn't mean for that to sound as rude as it came out. But if you had died in battle trying to protect a little bird... Imagine how you'd feel.

Kaden: Well I'd be dead, so...I don't think I'd be feeling a whole lot of anything.

Hana: You know what I mean. ...Anyway, I'll look after this bird.

Kaden: Thanks! I owe you one!

A Support

Hana: There you are! Hey, Kaden!

Kaden: Hey, Hana. What's going on?

Hana: I was wondering how your injury was healing up.

Kaden: Thanks to you, it's almost like I was never hurt to begin with. I really can't thank you enough.

Hana: I'm glad to hear it. What about our little bird patient?

Kaden: It's doing great, too. Actually, it just flew off a little while ago.

Hana: Oh, so you already said your good-byes? That's so sad...but also great to hear. Um...Kaden...

Kaden: What is it?

Hana: Sorry for what I said while I was taking care of you the other day. I knew you did what you did to protect that birdie...but I couldn't keep my mouth shut.

Kaden: Don't worry about that, Hana. You were right that my focus could be better. A bit less napping, at least. In the end, it was my fault that I got hurt.

Hana: ...You really are a kind person. My opinion of you has totally changed.

Kaden: Wait, what did you think of me before?

Hana: I guess I thought you were just a lazy fox.

Kaden: That's horrible! I've always done my part in battle!

Hana: I know that. Normally you're very relaxed, but when the time comes, you can carry your weight.

Kaden: Exactly! But after what you said, I did decide that it couldn't hurt to train a little more often.

Hana: Really? That's great! Would you mind if I joined you for your training sessions? Ooh, why don't we start right now?

Kaden: Really? OK then, let's get to it. Teach me your warriorly ways, master!

Hana: Heehee, very well. You better watch out— I'm not known for holding back!

S Support

Kaden: *huff...* *puff...* Yes! At last! That round goes to me! I finally won one!

Hana: I lose... You did really well, Kaden. With all those naps, I didn't think you'd be in even remotely good shape... This comes naturally to you!

Kaden: Hah... Are you impressed? Not what you expected, right?

Hana: Not at all—you totally surprised me. But you'll need more than just a single win to prove yourself. I was beating you to a pulp until just at the end there.

Kaden: I suppose you're right... I seem a lot more capable now, don't I?

Hana: Definitely!

Kaden: That's what I thought! Hearing that gives me the confidence to say... Hana, I want you to see me as someone you could be with.

Hana: What do you mean?

Kaden: I like you... You force me to confront the hard truths about myself.

Hana: Huh?!

Kaden: You've taken an interest in helping me to improve who I am. I thought about it, and I realized...I need someone like you in my life.

Hana: This is totally out of the blue!

Kaden: I'm not sure how to read that look on your face. I've never had someone in my life who could help make me a better person. I want you...to be that special someone!

Hana: ...Kaden.

Kaden: I'm almost the opposite of you, in that I'm very laid back... but if you think that you can let me into your life, I think we'll be perfect!

Hana: ... You might be right, Kaden. You might help me see the faults in myself, and thus I can improve as well!

Kaden: Heh heh... OK, so what's your answer?

Hana: Let's give it a shot!