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C Support

Mozu: *sob*

Jakob: Mozu? Are you all right?

Mozu: Y-yes. I'm fine. I just had a dream about my hometown. Before the Faceless came. I saw them all. I talked to them. My family, my friends, all the townspeople. Then I woke up. And it's like they were taken from me a second time... WHY?! Why did it have to happen to them? What did any of them DO?!

Jakob: Mozu...I'm so sorry. But crying won't bring them back.

Mozu: I know that. I do, but— *sob* I...I can't help it...

Jakob: Hm. In that case...I suppose you should cry as long as you need. One day, you will find you have been emptied of tears. And on that day, you'll have the strength to move on. But no sooner.

Mozu: I-I hope so. *sob*

B Support

Mozu: *sob*

Jakob: Mozu? Thinking of your hometown again?

Mozu: Y-yeah. I don't want you to get the wrong impression, though. I'm not always crying. I just keep remembering it by accident. Little things keep setting me off. Like just now I saw a soldier who reminded me of one of the boys back home. He was so sweet... He helped us out that time my ma got sick. I'll never forget it.

Jakob: I see. I'm almost jealous of you.

Mozu: Jealous? Of me? How can you say that?!

Jakob: I do not suffer as you do, from having lost something precious. Because there is no part of my past that I can recall with fondness.

Mozu: Huh?

Jakob: I was given over to the palace at a young age. I never saw my parents again. "Given over" is perhaps a euphemism. I was thrown away at the first opportunity. I have no good memories of my parents. They were cruel beyond measure. Nor did they live in anything resembling a loving community.

Mozu: Jakob...

Jakob: If I hadn't met Lord/Lady Avatar, I believe my life would still be a perpetual torment.

Mozu: I'm sorry...

Jakob: Yes. So I think you are, in some ways, blessed. You have good memories of your village. And no one can take that from you.

Mozu: You're right. I should be more grateful for the things I do have. Thank you, Jakob. I feel a little better now.

A Support

Mozu: Haaa! Yaaaaa!

Jakob: Mozu? Are you training?

Mozu: Yep! That's right. I wanna be stronger, so I can help protect everyone else!

Jakob: Oh? You seem a changed person. Are you through with your crying now?

Mozu: No. I still cry sometimes. But I know I can't cry forever. I need to keep living my life. And to fight. For the sake of everyone I've lost.

Jakob: Oh? Are you sure you're not going to start crying right now?

Mozu: Hey! Don't be cruel! It's too late for that... I already know you're a good man.

Jakob: Oh? You think you know me, then?

Mozu: Yeah. I reckon I do. You're always talking to me when I'm crying. And I know you've been watching out for me this whole time.

Jakob: I just happened to be around. Don't get the wrong idea.

Mozu: Ahaha! You're not the honest type, are you?

Jakob: Tsk. How frustrating you country folk can be sometimes. Barbarians, all.

Mozu: Thank you. For caring about me. And helping me. I'll keep trying to be useful to everyone here. You just keep watching out for me, OK, Jakob? I could still use the help.

Jakob: Hmph! Perhaps. If I feel like it.

S Support

Jakob: Mozu. Would you help me with something?

Mozu: Help you? With what?

Jakob: Do you remember what I told you before about my childhood? That I didn't have any memories worth cherishing?

Mozu: Yes, I remember.

Jakob: I was hoping that you would help me to make new memories. Good memories.

Mozu: Aw, I'd be glad to. Did you have any particular types of memories in mind?

Jakob: Yes, actually. What I mean is...I want you to share in my life with me.

Mozu: Jakob, do you mean...?

Jakob: So what do you say? Will you help me?

Mozu: I would love to help you. But first, could you tell me—exactly—what you mean?

Jakob: I am offering myself to you, Mozu. I want to be yours. When I'm with you, I feel more at ease than at any other time. So, please, will you marry me?

Mozu: Are you sure? Wouldn't you prefer a wife who was more...sophisticated?

Jakob: Mozu, please, you mustn't think that way. You are the most exquisite lady I know.

Mozu: Th-then yes! I'll be yours. I love you, Jakob.

Jakob: Truly? Oh, Mozu! I love you too! May we be together to the end of our days!

Mozu: Teehee. I hope we are too!