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C Support

Jakob: Beruka. I hear you used to be a hired killer.

Beruka: Yes. Do you have a problem with that?

Jakob: No, no, quite the opposite. In fact, I have a job for you.

Beruka: Is this a joke? I don't like jokers, Jakob.

Jakob: It's not a joke. I have some killing I want you to do for me. Will you accept the job?

Beruka: ...I'll hear what you have to say.

Jakob: Lately some pesky insects have found their way into our food stores. I want you to kill them. Every last one of them.

Beruka: ...

Jakob: So? Will you take the job?

Beruka: I already told you I don't care for jests. Do not push me further.

Jakob: This is no joke! These pests must be eradicated! Why should it matter, anyway? Killing is killing, whether they're bugs or people. If anything, it should be even easier for you!

Beruka: This discussion is over. Good day.

B Support

Beruka: ...

Jakob: Beruka, well met. Have you changed your mind?

Beruka: I have not. Even if I wanted to, I do not know how to kill insects.

Jakob: What?

Beruka: I only know how to kill people. It was all I ever needed to know.

Jakob: Heh. You had a pretty unbalanced education then, didn't you? How'd you manage to grow up without learning how to deal with bugs? Were you raised under a rock?

Beruka: No. I was raised in a slum. The people who raised me trained me for one thing, and that alone.

Jakob: I see. Interesting.

Beruka: If you say so.

Jakob: Well, in any case, you can rest easy now. I won't ask you to kill any more bugs. I guess I've no choice but to do my own chores this week. So much for delegation. *sigh*

Beruka: You mean this task had already been assigned to you? Then why did you ask me to do it?

Jakob: Isn't that what all of your jobs were? Something that someone wanted done but didn't want to do themselves?

Beruka: Heh. A fair point. But please: do not try to pawn your chores off on me again.

Jakob: As long as you promise not to stick a knife in me for this, it's a deal!

Beruka: You need not worry on that account. I will only kill you if the money is good enough. Butlers, however, are rarely important enough to merit that kind of pay. Good day.

Jakob: ...

A Support

Beruka: ...

Jakob: Would it be so terrible for you to look a bit less hostile now and then? That dour look of yours makes it difficult for me to maintain my cheerful demeanor!

Beruka: Your what?

Jakob: I'm not asking you to smile. Just, perhaps, ease up a little on the glowering?

Beruka: I could say the same to you.

Jakob: What are you talking about? I always wear a pleasant expression on my face!

Beruka: Heh. You're the only one who thinks that.

Jakob: Hmph. In any case, did you need something?

Beruka: I was scared and thought you could help.

Jakob: Oh? And what does someone as skilled as yourself have to be afraid of?

Beruka: I feel as if I am changing.

Jakob: What do you mean?

Beruka: Until recently, my life followed one pattern, repeated endlessly. I would take a job and kill my target. Then I would return, eat, and sleep. I did nothing else. I saw no one else. But here, things are different. I do not know if I will be able to go back to that life. And if I cannot...I do not know who—or what—I will have to become.

Jakob: I see. You went from living a solitary life to one very much spent surrounded by others. And you are concerned because it has changed you in ways you don't understand.

Beruka: Precisely.

Jakob: Well, that's only natural. I think there is only one question to ask then. How much value do you find in your old self?

Beruka: What do you mean?

Jakob: What I mean is that you must look back on your life and make a judgment. If you don't think your old way of life was valuable, you should rejoice and cast it off. That's all I'm saying. There is no need to fear change. It can be rejuvenating.

Beruka: Heh. You are right. It might be best that I trust myself to the flow of things. Thank you, Jakob.

Jakob: No need to thank me. I am always glad to be of service.

S Support

Jakob: Good day, Beruka!

Beruka: Jakob? How are you?

Jakob: Huh? You certainly seem more chipper than normal.

Beruka: I do? I wonder why that would be.

Jakob: Could it be that you're just happy to see me?

Beruka: Hmph.

Jakob: I'm right, aren't I?

Beruka: Well...maybe a little.

Jakob: Heh. I knew it! Well, I am delighted to let you know that I'm happy to see you too.

Beruka: Oh?

Jakob: Yes! And now I would like to put you in an even better mood. Beruka...I love you.

Beruka: What?

Jakob: That's odd. You seem angrier, not happier. Maybe I was wrong...

Beruka: That is the worst joke I have ever heard. It is not funny at all.

Jakob: It's not a joke. I'm serious.

Beruka: ...

Jakob: Remember how you told me that being here has changed you?

Beruka: I do.

Jakob: The same goes for me too. As I got to know you, I felt a new emotion grow in me. It was, as you know now, my love for you.

Beruka: Jakob...

Jakob: Once I realized this, I reflected on my life as it was before I met you. And I realized it had changed for the better. So I accepted this change, Beruka. And now, I am asking you...have you felt anything similar change in your heart?

Beruka: ...

Jakob: Please. Don't be cruel. If you don't love me, you need only say so.

Beruka: Even if I did love you, you must know that I can't change who I am immediately. I will still have trouble being close with others. And I will still not be one to smile often. Even so, do you wish to be mine?

Jakob: Of course. We have plenty of time. There's no need to rush change. Just let me stand next to you. I want to be by your side as you enter your new life.

Beruka: Well. In that case... In the time we've known each other, you've helped me more than you could ever know. You have been a friend to me and accepted me for who I was when so few seem to. Jakob...I love you. I love you so, so much.

Jakob: And I you, my darling.