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C Support

Midori: Argh! This is going to take all day...

Ignatius: Hello, Midori. Are you looking for something?

Midori: Ignatius! Yes, I am! Could you do me a big favor? Could you lift up that big rock for a minute?

Ignatius: This one here? No problem. HUP!

Midori: Oh, YES! I've hit the mother lode.

Ignatius: The mother lode of what? Is it something under the rock? I can't really see while I'm holding this thing...

Midori: Oh! Just go ahead and set it down. Sorry! I should have told you that you didn't need to keep holding it. Look, it's just what I needed for my salve!

Ignatius: GAH! Bugs?! Get 'em away! Get 'em away!

Midori: Yep! These bugs contain a type of protein that helps make my medicine work. I've just got to dry them out and then grind them up into powder.

Ignatius: Ugh, that's disgusting. *BLEHHH*

Midori: Oh no! Are you all right? Do you need some medicine? I've got a little bit ready right now.

Ignatius: Does it contain more bugs? Forget it. I'm fine. If you don't need any more help, I'll see you around.

(Ignatius leaves)

Midori: Oh, poor guy.

B Support

Midori: Hey, Ignatius! Are you feeling better?

Ignatius: Midori? Uh, no. You better stay away.

Midori: What? You're still sick? Maybe I can help. Let me take a look.

Ignatius: No, no, it's all right. You have your...ingredients...with you, don't you?

Midori: Of course! You never know when a healing salve or some medicine could be handy.

Ignatius: Yeah. And those are generally made out of bugs?

Midori: Heehee! No, they're not ALL bugs. Although I do have one here that's mostly made out of cockroach legs. If you have a headache, it'll fix you right up. Wanna try it?

Ignatius: No, my head has literally never felt better in my entire life.

Midori: Well, what is it, then? What's bothering you?

Ignatius: It's nothing. Just please stay away.

Midori: Oh! I see. You must be contagious.

Ignatius: Yes. Yes, that's it. I don't want anyone else catching what I've got.

Midori: Well, you're in good hands. I'll have you feeling better in a jiffy!

Ignatius: With medicine? It's really not necessary...

Midori: Please! Trust me. You're looking really pale.

Ignatius: Yes, I know...

Midori: I have just the thing. Hang on—just let me mix up a fresh batch...

Ignatius: I...I have to go. Excuse me.

Midori: But your medicine is almost ready! See? It's bubbling.

Ignatius: No! Get it away!

Midori: What's wrong with you?

A Support

Ignatius: Hello, Midori. I need to speak with you.

Midori: Hi, Ignatius. You look like you're feeling better. What's going on?

Ignatius: I just wanted to apologize for running away from you the other day. I know you were only trying to help.

Midori: Yeah, I was wondering why you just sprinted away all of a sudden. I was really worried about you!

Ignatius: Again, I'm sorry. I feel terrible that you were worried.

Midori: It's no big deal. I'm just glad to see you're feeling better!

Ignatius: Yes. Well, to be honest, I wasn't really sick.

Midori: What?! But you looked awful!

Ignatius: Yes. It was the idea of your medicine that was making me feel ill.

Midori: You're actually starting to look a little pallid again. I've got just the thing.

Ignatius: No, I'm fine...

Midori: Look, if you want to make up for being a jerk and running away... please try some of my special pick-me-up juice!

Ignatius: Is it supposed to be green like that? And what are those chunks?

Midori: Don't worry. It's 100 percent natural!

Ignatius: All right...

Midori: Now, I want you to take a big gulp and swallow it right down. If you feel some chunks, just try chewing a little bit!

Ignatius: Chew it?! I thought this was juice!

Midori: It is! But if you feel something moving, just bite down and swallow quickly.

Ignatius: Gods. Here goes nothing. *gulp* *squish* *squish* *gulp*

Midori: Well? Feel the energy flowing through your body?

Ignatius: I...I'm not sure. Maybe?

Midori: Yay! Just let me know if you want some more. I'd be happy to make it for you anytime.

Ignatius: Thanks. It actually tasted pretty good! What were those chunky things, though?

Midori: Ah! The secret ingredient! Those were raw pill bugs. The same ones you helped me find under that big rock!

Ignatius: Bugs?! *BLAAAAAH*

(Ignatius leaves)

Midori: Oh no! Did I kill him? What kind of medicine should I use to revive him? I don't know if I have the right bugs!

S Support

Ignatius: Hello, Midori.

Midori: Ignatius...you're alive! But you look sick again. What's wrong?

Ignatius: No, I'm fine.

Midori: Are you sure? Your face is bright red. The last time you said you were fine, you passed out in a puddle of your own vomit.

Ignatius: Yes. Unfortunately, I remember it well.

Midori: Well, just sit down so I can take your temperature. You might have a fever.

Ignatius: What are you doing?

Midori: Stop squirming! This is how my mother taught me to take a temperature. I just press my forehead against yours. There! All done. You do feel pretty warm. I should probably check your pulse too.

Ignatius: Um, OK...

Midori: Oh no! Your heart is racing! You must be really sick.

Ignatius: Midori, listen to me. I'm not sick. I'm just...a little nervous.

Midori: Nervous? Why?

Ignatius: Because I promised myself that I'd finally tell you how I feel today.

Midori: What do you mean? How do you feel?

Ignatius: Well, even though you keep bugs in your pockets...I like you.

Midori: What? Where is this coming from? I don't know what to say!

Ignatius: Sorry. I know it's kind of out of the blue.

Midori: No, it's not that. It's just... Well, maybe it IS that. I think I have feelings for you too. But they're unlike anything I've felt before.

Ignatius: I see...

Midori: Oh, my heart is racing! I feel really hot. What's wrong with me? Did I catch whatever you had the other day?

Ignatius: I hope so—because all I was suffering from was a secret crush on you. And moderate-to-severe bug poisoning, of course.

Midori: Oh no. If this is what love feels like, I'm going to need medicine. Why don't we go pick some herbs and get to know each other a little better?

Ignatius: That sounds wonderful. Just no bugs today, all right?

Midori: Fair enough. I already have all the bugs I need, anyway. Right in this pocket. See?