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C Support

Ophelia: Is that Hisame over there? What in all the heavens is he doing?!

Hisame: Good day, Ophelia.

Ophelia: What IS that you're doting upon?!

Hisame: Doting? Er, would you mind taking a step back? You're...a little close.

Ophelia: Infinite apologies. I was drawn to the extraordinary aura of THAT.

Hisame: This? My bonsai tree?

Ophelia: From what miniature pocket of existence did you pluck this tiny tree? Is there a whole forest of likewise infinitesimally smaller trees there?

Hisame: I...I think you've gotten the wrong idea. It's a normal tree, trained to be miniature. It takes many years to grow a bonsai. This bonsai was a gift from a pickling master I buy all my pickled foods from.

Ophelia: Amazing! And what a gift. A tree so tiny, yet greater than the most giant of pines! This tree is a tree that all other trees must aspire to become!

Hisame: Er, yes. I suppose. I'm surprised that you like it so much. Not everyone likes bonsais.

Ophelia: It has a radiance bright as the stars. How could I resist its divine power?

Hisame: Divine—

Ophelia: Power, yes! The power to win eyes! And hearts!

Hisame: Then it's yours.

Ophelia: Mine? This smallified wonder?!

Hisame: I'm sure you'll take even better care of it than I would. Besides, you clearly look like you're more than a little interested in it.

Ophelia: I didn't mean to let it show. But if you're sure...?

Hisame: I'm sure. Here—all yours.

Ophelia: Thank you, Hisame. Ah! Just touching it makes my inner power well to overflowing! I must return to my chamber and commune with its miniature gigantitude!

(Ophelia leaves)

Hisame: I don't understand half of what that Ophelia says... But she liked the bonsai. That's all that really matters.

B Support

Ophelia: Hisame!

Hisame: Why so flustered, Ophelia?

Ophelia: That Spiral Drastique you gave me the other day is in grave danger!

Hisame: The what now? Do you mean the bonsai tree?

Ophelia: The Spiral Drastique, yes! Its branches spiral toward the heavens in the patters of death and rebirth. I gave it a more fitting name. What do you think of it?

Hisame: It's a bit too colorful for my tastes. But tell me—what's happened to the bonsai?

Ophelia: After I put it in my room, its branches began to grow in weird directions. I've never cared for a bonsai, so I didn't know what to do. That is, short of surrounding it with magical gemstones—but that didn't help!

Hisame: Shall I prune the bonsai for you? Then you'll see how.

Ophelia: Yes, please. I've brought it with me.

Hisame: Ah, I see. It is getting unruly, isn't it? You need to consider the balance of the left and right branches. Prune as little as you can, with an eye for preserving the balance. If maintained properly, a bonsai can ward off disease.

Ophelia: Wow! Really?

Hisame: The fellow who gave it to me said so.

Ophelia: It's already looking much better, Hisame. The Spiral Drastique is already regaining its power! Oh! And that's that? You did so little. But it made such a huge difference! Thank you! Thank you! A million times over—thank you!

Hisame: Please, just one thanks will do. And don't grab my hands!

Ophelia: Ah, what? Oh, sorry! You don't like that. I forgot. If I have further trouble with it, can I come back for more help?

Hisame: Uh, yes. Certainly.

Ophelia: Then I'll be off! My eyes will patrol the balance of my bonsai like twin hawks of vengeance! Never again will the Spiral Drastique fall out of whack—not on my watch!

(Ophelia leaves)

Hisame: That Ophelia's heart in the right place. But standing near her... It's like being in an earthquake.

A Support

Hisame: May I trouble you for a moment, Ophelia?

Ophelia: You're never any trouble, Hisame. What is it?

Hisame: I was concerned about the problems you had training your bonsai tree. So I got you this...

Ophelia: But this is—

Hisame: Yes, a book about how to care for bonsais.

Ophelia: So basically you're saying... This is a legendary tome that divulges the secrets of the Spiral Drastique!

Hisame: Er, yes?

Ophelia: Such a precious tome, Hisame!

Hisame: I'm glad you like it. I searched long and hard for that book. I know you'll put it to good use.

Ophelia: I vow to you that I will. You've given me two gifts now. I'm twice as delighted!

Hisame: It makes me happy to see you so happy, Ophelia. You're quite cute when you're in such high spirits.

Ophelia: Heh. Am I? Cute? I don't know about that, but I am infinitely grateful for what you've done here. Thank you for introducing me to the power of the Spiral Drastique.

Hisame: You're quite welcome.

Ophelia: Though I have this tome, would you still help me care for this miraculous tree? I sense that the Spiral Drastique's power grows when you're near it.

Hisame: Ha! Yes, of course.

Ophelia: I'll look forward to your visits, Hisame. And now...I must consume this tome!

(Ophelia leaves)

Hisame: With that book, she'll hardly need me to come around very often. Hmm. I suppose I'll just have to learn even more about bonsais then. How else could I spend time with someone as strangely enchanting as Ophelia?

S Support

Ophelia: Hisame! I've brought the Spiral Drastique. Isn't it doing wonderfully? I think I've achieved perfect balance among its branches.

Hisame: Yes...yes...I see... Yes! Your bonsai is beautiful from every direction. Well done, Ophelia.

Ophelia: I've also added some touches of my own. Note the starshine quartz in the soil! That has been absorbing power from the stars and giving it to my tree.

Hisame: Oh? That shiny stone. I see. Very pretty. Hmm? But what is that there? Is that... a miniature house?

Ophelia: I found it at the market. It's a bit of whimsy, I know. But I couldn't resist. Doesn't it seem like a little scene? Like a big house under a HUGE tree? I'd love to live somewhere like this, sitting in that room there... looking out the window, gazing up at the stars.

Hisame: ......

Ophelia: Why so quiet, Hisame?

Hisame: If you ever discover such a big house, under such a huge tree...?

Ophelia: Uh, yes?

Hisame: Could I live with you there?

Ophelia: What? But you're so...so...

Hisame: I know. I'm solitary. And I get anxious when I'm too near others. But to be out in the woods, in a solitary house, with you... I can think of nothing more wonderful than to be alone...with you.

Ophelia: Hisame...

Hisame: No need to say anything. I know someone as vivacious as you has no use for me.

Ophelia: But, Hisame, I'm so flattered that you'd think of me like that. I had no idea!

Hisame: Just speaking from the heart.

Ophelia: I'll do the same. Some say you're aloof, but they don't know you like I do! You thought nothing of giving me your tree and helping me with it. But when you gave me that legendary tome, I realized who you really were!

Hisame: I'm...I'm just Hisame. There's no secret side to me. No special name.

Ophelia: Leave the naming to me. Already I can see that you're not a Hisame. But your true name will take years to discover. Maybe decades! I think we will first need to find our house under the tree. And then we must live there for an eternity before I discover your magical name.

Hisame: That...that would be lovely.

Ophelia: Oh, I can already feel the sensitivity swirling in your soul, Hisame! Already I believe you're attuned to the balance of the heavens!

Hisame: If you mean that I will live for your happiness...then yes. That I am.