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C Support

Hisame: Hey-ha! Ya! Hey-ha!

Kana(F): Can I watch you practice, Hisame?

Hisame: Of course, Kana. Hey-ha! Ya! Hey-ha!

Kana(F): Hisame? Sorry to be a pest. You're really good with a katana.

Hisame: I'm fair. I hope to get better.

Kana(F): Let's have a sword fight.

Hisame: What? But I'm in the middle of practice.

Kana(F): Aw, come on. Just for a little while? If you win, I'll leave you alone.

Hisame: All right. Just this once.

Kana(F): Yay! All right, let me get ready... This shouldn't take long...

Hisame: W-wait, Kana!

Kana(F): What? Why?

Hisame: You were getting ready to turn into a dragon, weren't you!

Kana(F): How else are we going to play dragons and knights?

Hisame: You said a sword fight.

Kana(F): You'll be fighting me with a sword. Just like in this storybook I saw yesterday. There was a picture of a dragon and a knight—but the knight was winning. Storybooks always show the knight beating the dragon. But I'm going to WIN my battle with you!

Hisame: I said I'd do one quick sword fight with you, Kana. Not...not... Not this dragon and knights game.

Kana(F): We'd just be playing, Hisame. I won't really hurt you.

Hisame: I'm not playing this game, Kana.

(Hisame leaves)

Kana(F): Hey! Don't just walk away!

B Support

Kana(F): I found you, Hisame! All right then, ready for our sword fight?

Hisame: I thought I made myself clear. I'm not playing your game. If we both have swords, yes. But I won't play out some scene you saw in a storybook. Dragons and knights, indeed. That is simply courting trouble.

Kana(F): But knights always beat dragons in stories. I want the story to go my way for once!

Hisame: But stories are only stories.

Kana(F): What?

Hisame: A story of a knight is one that leads him through ever increasing challenges. Until he faces his ultimate one—slaying a dragon. It's just how stories of knights go. It's not real—only a story of courage. You shouldn't take it personally.

Kana(F): What?! Easy for you to say. You're not a dragon.

Hisame: In any case, if you want to act out that scene from a storybook, I can't. I would never attack you with such zeal. Even that is only the stuff of stories. I'm a real person. So are you. End of story.

Kana(F): Wow, thanks for explaining all that for me, Hisame!

Hisame: You're...you're not disappointed?

Kana(F): You're just looking out for me. That's sort of neat.

Hisame: Er, really?

Kana(F): But now it's time for our sword fight.

Hisame: Wait, but I just explained—

Kana(F): Come on. I'll show you how the story really ends.

Hisame: But I don't want to. Besides, you're... you're going to go full dragon on me!

Kana(F): How else will I change the way things turn out?

Hisame: But I don't want to fight you, Kana. Not today.

Kana(F): OK, then next time. I'll give you a little more time to practice for our battle!

A Support

Kana(F): Time for our sword fight, Hisame!

Hisame: How many times do I have to say it? I won't fight you if you're in dragon form.

Kana(F): But it has to be you.

Hisame: Me? Why me?

Kana(F): Wait, didn't I explain that part?

Hisame: No. You said you saw some story in a book about a knight and a dragon. Which has made you unhinged. But why me? There are others here who might not refuse.

Kana(F): Because you look like the knight from the picture in my book.

Hisame: I do?

Kana(F): You look exactly as dashing as he does! So swingy with your blade!

Hisame: You...think I look dashing?

Kana(F): As much as he is, anyway. So it has to be me-dragon against you-knight! Now that you know everything, you've got to agree to do it.

Hisame: Me...dashing? All right then, Kana. I'll give you your sword fight.

Kana(F): Yay!

Hisame: But you have to use a katana too. You can't turn into a dragon.

Kana(F): I have to! I want to prove that the story can end with the dragon winning.

Hisame: I will show you a different story. Knight versus knight. That story has a bitter end too. Someone always loses.

Kana(F): Well, it's a start.

Hisame: We will use special blades used in practice. No one gets hurt.

Kana(F): OK! No one gets hurt.

Hisame: Now this isn't a trick, right? You're not going to turn into a dragon?

Kana(F): No, not this time. It's nice just to play a game with you instead of arguing.

Hisame: Agreed. Let's go find those practice blades, Kana.

Kana(F): Right behind you, Hisame!

S Support

Kana(F): Thanks for that sword fight the other day, Hisame.

Hisame: It was fun, wasn't it? More fun than practice normally is.

Kana(F): I wanted to show you that storybook I keep mentioning. See, look!

Hisame: Ah, the picture of the knight slaying the dragon that's got you so upset...

Kana(F): See? That's you! And that's me!

Hisame: Didn't you say I looked like him? I'm...not half as dashing as he is.

Kana(F): You're twice as dashing, Hisame! No! Five hundred times more! Still, it makes me sad looking at pictures like this. The knight ALWAYS wins.

Hisame: I think I finally understand. I feel...less than I am, looking at that knight. But, Kana! Look! There's another role in this picture! On the side!

Kana(F): Where? Oh, you mean that girl stuck in the tower.

Hisame: Yes! The princess who waits to be rescued by her knight! You're a princess, Kana. Why not think of yourself as her—not the dragon?

Kana(F): Are you crazy? Being a dragon is great! Who'd want to be trapped in a tower?

Hisame: Ha! I see what you mean.

Kana(F): Then again, the princess gets to live happily ever after with her knight.

Hisame: That's how the story in this book ends anyway. Hmm.

Kana(F): But what if the dragon was the one trying to save the girl from the tower?

Hisame: And the knight was evil...?

Kana(F): And it's a boy in the tower! Then I could come and save you! Happy ending!

Hisame: Wh-whoa, I didn't imagine it turning out that way.

Kana(F): Don't you like that ending?

Hisame: I...I... That is... That ending is amazing. How'd you even think of that?

Kana(F): I don't know. I just did! It was such a sad ending the way it was. I mean, dragons have to win some of the time—somehow.

Hisame: And you save me... I didn't see that coming.

Kana(F): So, you liked it? I'm glad! I didn't think you would!

Hisame: I guess your father would like it too, Avatar also being a dragon.

Kana(F): Should I, uh, tell you more stories my way?

Hisame: I think I'll savor that ending today. But from now on, let's not bother with the swordplay.

Kana(F): Then what will we do?

Hisame: More stories. I'll just sit and listen. Better yet, maybe I'll write them all down.

Kana(F): And we can make our own book? That could take the rest of our lives! But I'm up for it if you are.

Hisame: I'll bring the quill and paper, Kana. Now this IS a happy ending.