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C Support

Hinata: Ha! Hai-yah!

Selena: Oy, Hinata! Could you keep it down? I want to take a nap, but there's no way I'll fall asleep with your stupid yelling.

Hinata: If you can't sleep, you should come spar with me instead!

Selena: What? It's because of your training that I can't sleep! Why would I come spar with you instead when I just want you to shut up?

Hinata: But...it's impossible to train quietly... And anyway! You're the one who's trying to sleep in the middle of training!

Selena: What's wrong with that?! Are you saying I'm the one in the wrong?

Hinata: Jeez, you got angry fast! Better settle this in the sparring ring, huh.

Selena: You better believe we're gonna settle this! You'll regret interrupting my nap!

Hinata: Perfect, just what I wanted! Bring it on!

Selena: Hai-ya! Oh damn it, you wanted to get me sparring, didn't you!

B Support

Hinata: Hey there, Selena! You look like you're not doing anything at the moment.

Selena: What? I'll have you know I'm actually incredibly busy!

Hinata: Oh really? In that case, let me help you wrap up whatever you're doing!

Selena: I don't need any help! I'm just planning on going shopping! Why are you so determined to free me up, anyway?

Hinata: I figured—if you weren't busy—we'd be able to spar some more.

Selena: I see... There are a ton of fighters in the camp... Why me specifically?

Hinata: Because you're a skilled fighter, of course! I can only improve by fighting the best.

Selena: Heehee, you think I'm skilled? I suppose since you're saying such nice things, I could make some time to spar...

Hinata: And with you as my opponent, I can go all out without worrying!

Selena: What do you mean by that?!

Hinata: Just... Since we're always fighting on the battlefield... a few nicks or cuts in training won't be that big of a deal.

Selena: You asked to spar with me because it won't matter if you beat me up? What the...

Hinata: No! That's not what I meant!

Selena: You moron! You're awful. I don't like getting beat up any more than anyone else! I'll never spar with you after this. Unbelievable!

Hinata: I-I'm sorry... I didn't realize what I was doing was so bad...

Selena: No! It's too late to apologize!

Hinata: I understand... Hey, how about we go shopping together? I'll even cover whatever you pick out!

Selena: Hrmph... Well, you said it, not me. I may do some serious damage to your wallet.

Hinata: Really? Oh no... Please go a little easy on me?

Selena: I suppose, since you asked so nicely... OK, I'll let you off the hook this time. But you still have to come along with me! And don't you forget how generous I was!

Hinata: *phew* I'll remember!

A Support

Hinata: Hey there, Selena! Today we absolutely have to spar!

Selena: I suppose I can't avoid it forever. All right, fine—today we can spar.

Hinata: Awww, come on! We can... Wait, really? Awesome! I need someone as strong as you to help me train, honestly. I'm hardly even sore after I spar with anyone else!

Selena: That's to be expected. I am one of the best sword fighters there is, after all.

Hinata: And then we'll cool down with some impulse shopping, yeah? You're number one in that, too!

Selena: You're at fault for that, though! You're the one who got me so worked up last time!

Hinata: Hahaha, that might be true... I didn't realize that you bought so much useless stuff, though. That was a shock.

Selena: It's not useless stuff! And shopping just helps me relieve stress.

Hinata: I see, I see. Anyway, let's get started!

Selena: Hold on a second, I have something... This! Here, I wanted to give this to you.

Hinata: Hmmm? What's this? Some kind of medicine?

Selena: I realized the other day, when you bought all those things for me... Well, we're always sparring, and it's important to treat your injuries. I want to make sure you're always at your best.

Hinata: Hahaha. Thanks, Selena. It's very nice that you're concerned for my well-being.

Selena: What?! No, I-I mean... Never mind! I take all that back! I just mean that you're gonna take a beating from me when we spar! You'll be glad to have that when I'm done with you!

Hinata: That still makes me happy. I'm always up for a good challenge! Now that I've got the medicine, let's get to sparring!

Selena: I suppose I have the time to spar... But only because I feel like it!

S Support

Hinata: Selena, there you are! I was curious... What do you think of me?

Selena: Excuse me? Where is this coming from all of a sudden?

Hinata: Nowhere. I just want to know. Please, what do you think of me?

Selena: I-I... You're just...you. You're Hinata. You're all of this.

Hinata: You pointed at all of me. I want to know what you think, when you picture me in your mind.

Selena: Hm. I suppose I think of someone crude... a little slow... Very free spirited... You're quick to fight, and you fall easily for a pretty girl.

Hinata: Hrm.

Selena: Why are you asking me, anyway? Normally you're all "hey, let's spar!" and that's it.

Hinata: I was just wondering, is all... Do you really have nothing good to say about me?

Selena: I can't really think of anything...

Hinata: I... OK.

Selena: I guess you do have strengths, though... You've got a good sword arm, for one thing. You're also pretty reliable; I can count on you to do what you say you'll do. You think of your friends. Everyone can rely on you to be able to help them.

Hinata: I knew you'd think of a few things! And nice things, too. Thanks, Selena.

Selena: Don't misunderstand, though! I only said those things because you looked sad! Now answer my question—why were you asking your questions?

Hinata: Obviously it's because I like you. I wanted to know how you felt about me.

Selena: Y-you like me?!

Hinata: Is that so weird?

Selena: N-no...it's not weird at all, in fact! I mean, I AM an attractive woman. It would be strange if you didn't fall for me! It seems very normal for you.

Hinata: Exactly. You really are quite an attractive woman. You're someone that I could see myself marrying someday.

Selena: Y-you don't beat around the bush at all, do you?!

Hinata: I can get confused when people aren't direct, so I try to be direct myself.

Selena: That makes sense... Fine! I'll marry you!

Hinata: What?! I mean, r-really? That seems so sudden!

Selena: Are you doubting my commitment? You just said yourself that I'm someone you'd want to marry!

Hinata: N-no, I just meant... Everything you said before didn't sound like you like me...

Selena: Oh, did it come across like that? Sorry! I like you. There, I said it! Now we can get married! Nothing at all weird about it.

Hinata: Yeah, you're right!