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C Support

Orochi: Why, hello there, Hinata. Spare a moment?

Hinata: Hmm. For you? Sure.

Orochi: I see you've got a handful of herbs there.

Hinata: Good eye! I just picked 'em up in the mountains.

Orochi: May I have some? I use herbs as ingredients for my divinations.

Hinata: These things? I picked 'em thinking they were good for medicine.

Orochi: As far as I know, those specific herbs have marginal use in medicine. But for incense, which I use, they have potent properties.

Hinata: Huh—who knew? But I'm not gonna let 'em go for free. I want my future told. Yeah, tell me how strong I'm going to get!

Orochi: A good question, and quickly answered. One divination, coming up. *mumblty, mumble*

Hinata: Whoa. You all right? Got something stuck in your throat?

Orochi: AH! YES!

Hinata: What is it—chicken bone?

Orochi: No, no, no. I was communing with the gods. I have the tiding you seek. But you're not going to be happy. You won't get stronger.

Hinata: What?! Then you have to do something to change my future!

Orochi: I...don't know if I can.

Hinata: Please, Orochi. Please!

Orochi: There may be a way. I'll need to make preparations. This is not going to be easy. Next time we meet, I'll be ready to begin.

Hinata: Got it. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Orochi: Nothing for now. But you're in good hands. I won't fail you.

B Support

Orochi: All right, Hinata. I know what to do. I've made preparations. Your future at present shows that you'll never get any stronger. But we will change your fate.

Hinata: I'll do anything, Orochi!

Orochi: You've got a good heart, Hinata. I think we can fix this. I've communed with higher sources. Your focus is the problem. You dwell too much on your sword. You must broaden your interests. Do you...lack the confidence to try other things?

Hinata: Huh. Never thought that I was short on confidence.

Orochi: Yet it seems so. What you need to do is this—help me with my tasks.

Hinata: Er, really? How's helping you... help me?

Orochi: You focus on yourself too much—what you already know. Helping others will give you the confidence to do anything.

Hinata: I don't know about this.

Orochi: Let's begin. The first test is one of empathy. Look at my face. What do I want? Be exact.

Hinata: All right. Your face tells me... It tells me...

Orochi: Yes, yes? Here's a hint. What are my eyes looking at?

Hinata: Er, empty teacup?

Orochi: Empty...? Tea...? So maybe I want you to...?

Hinata: Get you some tea?!

Orochi: I'm sorry. I didn't choose the test. It was a divine revelation. I don't need the tea. The test requires that you fetch it. Blame the gods if you like. I'll just be on my way.

Hinata: Ugh, fine. Anything to change my fate. I'll get your tea.

Orochi: Bravely faced, Hinata. My shoulders are feeling stiff too. So the gods tell me.

Hinata: All right. Cup of tea, back rub. Anything else?

Orochi: The gods say nothing else for now. Except—hop to it.

A Support

Hinata: Oh, hey...Orochi.

Orochi: If it isn't my brave friend Hinata!

Hinata: About fixing my fate by doing tasks, like getting you some tea... and giving you that really, really, REALLY long back rub... You were just pulling my leg, right?

Orochi: You know me too well, Hinata. Ooh, and may I just say... I think that back rub was the best I've ever had. Exquisite!

Hinata: Hmpf.

Orochi: Don't pout, Hinata. Why, you must have gotten something out of it.

Hinata: Maybe. It wasn't half-bad to see you so happy. But next time, don't—

Orochi: Next time? There's no need for that. You passed the test! You sensed what I needed then delivered the goods. Which means...you now possess what you lacked before.

Hinata: What? Your riddles are wearing me out, Orochi.

Orochi: You have gained perspective. Before, you were one man and a sword. You sensed only what the old Hinata could see. The new Hinata sees more. Senses better. Observes, then acts. You will never be caught off guard by foes again.

Hinata: All because I got you a cup of tea?

Orochi: Because you sensed I wanted one!

Hinata: Ugh, my head hurts.

Orochi: That, my dear Hinata, is the sensation of your awareness growing.

Hinata: Fine, I'll admit I got something out of this. Even if it's just a headache. So, heh, thanks.

Orochi: How about you repay the favor... by giving me a back rub?

Hinata: Ugh. Now you're just taking advantage of me, Orochi.

Orochi: Heh! You see? Your senses detect things you never saw before. Well done, Hinata.

S Support

Orochi: Oooh, Hinata. There's the spot. Your back rubs are the best. Lower, please... Hey! Did I say stop?

Hinata: ......

Orochi: What's wrong? Upset about your new role as Orochi's massager?

Hinata: Huh? No. Just thinking.

Orochi: About?

Hinata: You know, when we first met, I thought I had you figured out. Sort of a charmer. But you're different than I thought.

Orochi: Ah! I sensed you were enticed by my carefully cultivated image. But, wait! Are you saying you don't find Orochi alluring now?

Hinata: That's not what I'm saying. I mean that I thought you were all image—nothing else. But then you open your mouth, and all sorts of interesting comes out.

Orochi: Of course! Orochi is deep as an ocean. Her mysteries, fathomless.

Hinata: Yeah, I know...

Orochi: Hinata, you're keeping something from me. What's this all about?

Hinata: I can't figure out what you really think...about me.

Orochi: Ah, well. So it goes.

Hinata: That's that? All right. I'm fine leaving things the way they are. Back to the back rub then. How's this feel?

Orochi: Ohmygosh. Right there. I love—

Hinata: R-really?

Orochi: —the way you massage my back. But, all right, Hinata. I love you too. You got it out of me. You're adorable when you battle. And you're kinder than I would have given you credit for.

Hinata: ......

Orochi: You can't clam up after I say something like that, Hinata.

Hinata: Sorry, thinking again. The way you blushed when you confessed your love—I could almost melt.

Orochi: Who's this talking to me? What have you done with my Hinata! Give me back my adorable clod!

Hinata: Hey, Orochi. I'm a sensitive guy now. You brought it out of me. You and I—we're lovebirds now. Coo, coo!

Orochi: You're a lovebird. I'm more a cat. And we all know how THAT ends. So, get back to my back rub. Or else, lovebird.