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C Support

Mozu: Now why in the heck is it like that...

Hinata: Hey, Mozu. What's the matter?

Mozu: Ah, Hinata. Perfect! I was gonna come find you. I have a question for ya.

Hinata: Glad to help! If I have the answer, I'll tell you whatever you need to know!

Mozu: Here, take a gander at this page. This is the logbook for food costs. When you're the one to go buy supplies...

Hinata: Oh wow, that's a pretty big number.

Mozu: Sure is, and you aren't even buying things all that expensive...

Hinata: That's strange. I'm going to the usual store, and I only buy what they suggest...

Mozu: Hang on, now. Who suggests these things to you?

Hinata: The store owner, of course! She's this really pretty lady who is always super helpful when I come in. She helps me find things I didn't even know the camp needed!

Mozu: *sigh* I'm guessing you buy all these things, no questions asked?

Hinata: Well, yeah...

Mozu: What a naive... How often are pretty women able to trick you?

Hinata: Trick me?! Oh no, she just wants to help me do what's best for the camp! There's no way she'd lie to me!

Mozu: That's a pretty bold thing to say about someone you hardly know!

Hinata: Anyway! Was there anything actually wrong with the things I bought?

Mozu: Well, no. But...

Hinata: See! No harm done. And my point still stands.

Mozu: I don't... *sigh* OK. The price is still bad, though. You need to at least haggle a bit...

Hinata: Haggle? Why do I need a haggle?

Mozu: What? Do you even know what haggling is? It means that you get the store to sell to you at a lower price.

Hinata: That's possible?! I thought you had to buy something for the price listed...

Mozu: That settles it, then. I'll be coming with you the next time you go shopping. I'll teach ya all my secrets to making the most of a trip!

Hinata: Oh, OK! That sounds good!

B Support

Mozu: So what do you think, Hinata? How'd that trip seem to go? Do you understand how to haggle, now that you've seen it in action?

Hinata: Well...

Mozu: Nothing to say? Do ya think my way of shopping is wrong?

Hinata: I was absolutely moved!

Mozu: Pardon?

Hinata: Mozu, that was amazing! To think that haggling could make things so cheap! The way you handled that shopkeeper, I thought he'd sell his store to you! I've seen a completely different side of you.

Mozu: It's nothing that special... I just enjoy haggling is all.

Hinata: I need to give it a shot next time. You must teach me all the tricks you know!

Mozu: Lemme see... You must always remember to look at who you're haggling with, first off.

Hinata: That's easy! I'm always looking at a pretty shopkeeper.

Mozu: That's not what I mean at all. You need to look at their nature, not their appearance. Everyone has a unique personality, OK? Even shopkeepers. You have to match your haggling to their mood, or it'll go bad for sure. Some people will bend when you push hard, but others will buckle down. Some will give you a deal if you look indifferent to the whole experience... There are tons of types of people!

Hinata: So...how do I tell who is who?

Mozu: Well, there are a lot of different ways. For me, I like to ask lots of questions. How they answer them can tell me a lot about the person. You have to talk to them to figure them out—that's my point.

Hinata: I see. Well, that sounds like plenty of fun, even without haggling. But I'll try and combine talking to them and haggling next time!

Mozu: You're still only going to go to shops run by pretty women, aren't you...

Hinata: Of course! I refuse to budge on that.

Mozu: *sigh* Well, at least talking to someone you want to be talking to might help you. Good luck!

Hinata: Leave it to me!

A Support

Mozu: Hey there, Hinata! I noticed that your shopping trip was a ton less expensive than normal!

Hinata: I know! I went and haggled for each and every item! I couldn't get the prices down as low as you could, though... Eventually the shopkeeper just said "this is just the price it has to be." She was a lovely girl, and I just couldn't say no to her at that point...

Mozu: She is a merchant, after all. She's had a bit of experience haggling, I'd bet.

Hinata: Experience? I never thought of it like that... Heheheh...

Mozu: Hey, why are ya laughing?

Hinata: Just...talking about experience reminds me of the battlefield. Haggling or fighting—it all comes down to being able to read your opponent.

Mozu: Putting it that way, they are pretty similar, aren't they?

Hinata: And if they are, then you're a master of haggling, just like I'm a master fighter. Master Haggler, please teach me more of the ways of your art!

Mozu: Hey, s-stop it! I'm no master!

Hinata: No need to be so humble! Just one lesson from you really helped me out! You have to keep teaching me about haggling!

Mozu: I suppose if you want to learn that much...

S Support

Hinata: Hi, Mozu. Do you have a minute?

Mozu: What do ya need, Hinata? Wait a sec, let me guess—you're planning on going shopping somewhere?

Hinata: No, that's not it. Ever since you told me to watch people so I could learn to haggle with them... I've started to look at everyone with a new perspective.

Mozu: Everyone? Not the pretty shopkeepers?

Hinata: Well, of course still the pretty shopkeepers. But also other people. A pretty woman in particular, actually.

Mozu: Hah, of course. You can't really change that much, can ya?

Hinata: I've changed some, I think. And it's really thanks to you! And that's why I wanted to ask you something...

Mozu: Well, if it's something I can do, I'm happy to help ya.

Hinata: You're the only one who could help, really. Can we go out together? Be together?

Mozu: Wha... Huh... Wa... Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Wh-wh-where did this come from?!

Hinata: I said so before—you taught me to look at people differently.

Mozu: I thought you were talking about a pretty shopkeeper!

Hinata: No, I'm talking about a pretty haggle master! Mozu, after you taught me about haggling, I realized I'd been looking at you wrong. You really opened my eyes. I want to be with you for as long as you'll have me.

Mozu: I don't know what to say...

Hinata: You mean... You don't want to be with me?

Mozu: Oh no, not that at all! From our first shopping trip together, I thought that I wanted to be with you. I couldn't tell if you felt the same way, no matter how hard I tried.

Hinata: But now you know! We can go forward together now, can't we?

Mozu: Yes! Yes, of course!

Hinata: I'm so happy, Mozu. You're the prettiest woman I've ever seen.

Mozu: *blush* Thank you, Hinata. You're very handsome yourself.