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C Support

Hayato: Hmmm... What is that strange sound? I can't tell where it's coming from...

Setsuna: Hayato... Watching you twist and turn is making me really dizzy.

Hayato: Ah, hello, Setsuna. Did you hear that strange sound just now?

Setsuna: Oh, yeah. That was probably my humming.

Hayato: Your...humming?! There is no way that was a sound you were making. It sounded absolutely nothing like humming.

Setsuna: Yes, it was definitely me, then. People often have that reaction to how I hum.

Hayato: I see. I've never heard such an unusual kind of hum before. It was as though the waves of sound themselves were being warped.

Setsuna: Are you asking me to keep humming or to stop? I can't really tell...

Hayato: Oh, sorry. I'm not demanding you stop— it's just so unusual. Look, I've even got goose bumps!

Setsuna: Oh cool. Those are amazing...

Hayato: Most people wouldn't call goose bumps all that amazing... I think it's more amazing that you can give me goose bumps just by humming.

Setsuna: My humming does come in handy, though... You might not believe me, but I can prove it. Not today though...

Hayato: Hm... I really can't imagine how humming could come in handy... Let me know when you're ready to prove it.

Setsuna: Hehehe, OK...

B Support

Hayato: Hello, Setsuna! Are you ready to show me how your humming can come in handy? You said to meet you out here in the forest so that you could.

Setsuna: Yes...this area should be perfect. Wait right there... *hum*

Hayato: Even though I was expecting it, it's still such a strange sound. What's going to happen, I wonder... Ah, I have goose bumps again!

Setsuna: *hum*

Hayato: Hey, did you hear that? I could barely hear it over your humming... Oh no, does...does your humming attract wilderness spirits?!

Setsuna: Shhh... Look over there... *hum*

Hayato: Is that a deer? Is it your humming that attracted it? It's just standing at the edge of the woods. It doesn't look like it wants to move closer.

Setsuna: And... Now!

Hayato: Ah! Oh, that was your bow and arrow! Amazing, Setsuna! You took it down with a single arrow.

Setsuna: I believe today's hunt has been a success, don't you? And now you see my humming works as a lure to forest animals.

Hayato: I understand now... Once you've drawn them in, it's easy to take one down. I just can't imagine why your humming draws them to you so well.

Setsuna: I have no idea either, but not knowing is no reason not to use it. And what's even better, they'll only come so close before stopping. That means I can repel wild animals when I get caught in traps.

Hayato: Wouldn't it be easier to just not get caught in traps in the first place?

Setsuna: That's a good idea...

A Support

Hayato: Setsuna.

Setsuna: Ah... Hello, Hayato. Do you need something?

Hayato: I was wondering... I understand now that your humming can be useful, but... It still makes me uneasy. Do you think you could limit how often you do it?

Setsuna: Aw, does my humming scare you?

Hayato: N-no! I'm not scared!

Setsuna: Heehee, if you say so. But you know that people just sometimes hum without thinking, right?

Hayato: Maybe you could try a happy tune, instead? One that doesn't give me goose bumps...

Setsuna: Happy... OK, I'll try. How about this? *hum*

Hayato: Oh, this is...completely different from that other tune. It's...really quite good. Wow, Setsuna! I didn't know someone could hum so well!

Setsuna: Oh, it's nothing. I'm really not thinking too hard about it while I hum... And anyway, it's nothing compared to Lady Azura's songs.

Hayato: You shouldn't compare yourself to her. Her singing is a special case all its own. I'm just curious how that humming was so different from your other tune.

Setsuna: I don't think it has anything to do with my skill. I have to admit, though, I really like the song that calls the animals better. I'm sure you'll get used to it eventually. Maybe you'll even come to like it! You know, I feel like humming it again right now.

Hayato: Ahhh... I guess I can't stop you, but still...

Setsuna: Thank you for your permission, Hayato... *hum*

Hayato: Now my goose bumps have goose bumps!! Ugh... I don't know if I can actually get used to hearing this.

S Support

Hayato: Setsuna.

Setsuna: Ah... Hayato. I didn't notice you there...

Hayato: If you're not too busy, would you hum for me? Oh, not the creepy song, though.

Setsuna: No problem... But do you really like it so much that you've come to hear it?

Hayato: I do! So long as it isn't that eerie tune, I really enjoy it a lot. That reminds me—I asked around, and no one knows about your happy humming.

Setsuna: That seems right... I suppose only Lady Hinoka has heard me hum that way.

Hayato: Really? How come?

Setsuna: It's a tune I only hum when I'm feeling really good, or...

Hayato: Or? Setsuna, you trailed off there.

Setsuna: Or if someone I really like asks me to.

Hayato: Ah, I see. Hang on, no I don't. You mean... You like me?

Setsuna: Yes... I like you, Hayato...

Hayato: You say it so casually! Do you mean...you like me as a friend? Or as someone you'd like to be with?

Setsuna: As someone I would want to be with... You're making strange faces...

Hayato: I am? Sorry! Hearing you say those words made me realize something about myself. All these times I've started conversations with you about your humming... It was actually just because I wanted to talk to you.

Setsuna: Really?

Hayato: Yes! Setsuna, let's be together.

Setsuna: I'm so happy to hear you say that. I can't help myself... *hum*

Hayato: Wait, that's the creepy tune! Why are you humming the creepy tune?! I really am going to have to get used to it, aren't I?

Setsuna: Heehee... Only kidding. I'll hum the happy song...

Hayato: No, no, hum whichever you like, as much as you want.