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C Support

Orochi: Why, here you are, Hayato!

Hayato: Have you been looking for me? What can I do for you, Orochi?

Orochi: You and I share an interest—magic. I'd like to share herbs.

Hayato: Oh, is that all?

Orochi: What could be more important? Let's pool our resources. Imagine the potions we could make! It boggles the mind.

Hayato: Sure, I'm open to the idea.

Orochi: I think you're getting the better end of the deal though. I've got quite a large collection of herbs. You'll be impressed.

Hayato: The size of mine isn't that large. But I bet I have rarer herbs.

Orochi: Why must people always try to one-up each other?

Hayato: Sorry. I didn't mean to. No, wait—I've got to be honest! You were boasting!

Orochi: About the size of my collection? I was merely being factual.

Hayato: How about we see which of us is carrying the rarest herb?

Orochi: I'll win this battle. Behold, leaves of an herb that flowers only in meadows at midnight... And only meadows on the Nohr border. Nowhere else.

Hayato: Oh, yeesh. You're right. That's hard to get, being on the border. But I have something rarer! See? An herb that grows on cliffs in Wind Tribe territory! Few dare gather this herb! Few survive the climb!

Orochi: Oh, no...

Hayato: Oh, yes. Besides, your herb is only used in a basic healing powder. Mine heals—and soothes some of the most ornery fevers!

Orochi: Then I suppose you win this battle, Hayato.

Hayato: Ha! Victory!

Orochi: But are you the better herbalist? Care for another battle?

Hayato: Yes—and I'll win next time too. It's been fun, Orochi.

B Support

Orochi: So, ready for another herbal battle, Hayato?

Hayato: Yes, ready to win.

Orochi: Ooh! How cute. The little man brags before he's done a thing.

Hayato: What? You started this with all your bragging, Orochi!

Orochi: And your win last time showed me how wrong I was. It's a new day. Shall we see which of us is better at concocting?

Hayato: A potion battle?

Orochi: A battle of potency. I have two white cards here. They turn redder the more potent a potion is. So, we concoct our potions, steep these cards—voila, a winner!

Hayato: That's ridiculous. Where did you get these cards? This sounds fishy.

Orochi: No, Hayato. I would get no satisfaction from winning a rigged game. Do I sense that you're scared? Are your potions—?

Hayato: My potions are potent enough, thank you very much. More than yours!

Orochi: Good. And you can count on the accuracy of these cards. They're used in the royal household to gauge that potions are just right. These little darlings will serve the purpose, I promise.

Hayato: F-fine. Let's get started.

Orochi: Heh. That's the spirit. Now, have your stirring rod ready? The challenge—mix a potent cold medicine. And...GO. Whew! Done already. And you, Hayato? Still mixing your potion here?

Hayato: No, I'm done! Easy-peasy! Now you dip your card. I'll dip mine. And we'll see whose is... Whoa. Yours is way redder.

Orochi: Orochi wins!

Hayato: Pr-practice round! Let's try for real!

Orochi: You could have a hundred practice rounds and never win against me. Admit it. Your potency is lacking.

Hayato: No! New challenge—mix a healing potion. I'm good at that! Hang on! One potion, coming right up...

Orochi: Fine. I'll just win again...

Hayato: Done and dipped! Come on, Orochi! You're falling behind!

Orochi: Huh? You won? It must be a fluke. New challenge—a salve for tooth rot!

Hayato: Tooth rot, eh?

Orochi: Shut it, twerp. Get mixing.

A Support

Hayato: So, Orochi...

Orochi: Yes, Hayato? Oh, wait! You know, our last contest was so much fun.

Hayato: Was it? Oh, good. I was worried that I got a little...

Orochi: Competitive? That's why it was so fun. How many challenges did we do?

Hayato: Like a hundred. I...I guess it was fun.

Orochi: Good. We ended up with piles of potions too. We pretty much got stocked up for any malady that comes our way.

Hayato: Right. So, no more contests for a while, huh? No more room for potions.

Orochi: What a pity. Say, I'm sorry for how this all began. You know, with me, boasting about my herb collection. That wasn't very nice. Anyway, I respect you more than I can say now.

Hayato: Really?

Orochi: Really. I think I'd gotten glib about magic...until I met you. I never really had a rival. That made me... get serious again about magic. Hopefully our little rivalry has been just as helpful for you.

Hayato: Of course it has. Now I have someone who will push me to perfect my craft.

Orochi: Then we're no longer rivals. We're partners.

Hayato: I'll shake on that, Orochi.

Orochi: Handshake? That's a new one for Orochi. But yes, I'll shake on that too!

S Support

Hayato: Have I ever told you how much I admire you, Orochi?

Orochi: You're going to make me blush, Hayato. I've been a diviner a long time, but I get surprisingly few compliments. Have I ever told you...? No, I mustn't... No, I will—I've harbored a deep secret for too long. I long to know all the herbal arts that are in your head. I studied Hoshidan techniques. You know those of the Wind Tribe.

Hayato: Oh. That was your secret?

Orochi: Did you expect something else? Wait. What did you want to talk about?

Hayato: Have I ever told you how much I admire you, Orochi?

Orochi: Half a minute ago.

Hayato: Erm, right. So, what I'm getting at is this—you and I are diviners.

Orochi: Scandalous!

Hayato: Oh, please stop. This is hard for me. The fact is...

Orochi: Yes, yes? Out with it, or Orochi will GET it out.

Hayato: I'm smitten with you.

Orochi: Oh, Hayato. I'm sorry. I have that effect on rival diviners from the Wind Tribe. They also have that effect on me. I'm smitten every time.

Hayato: Y-y-you do? Wait, you are? Do you mean... ME?

Orochi: Of course. The only question is... which of us felt the magic between us first?

Hayato: I'm sure I did.

Orochi: No, I did. I claim victory! Though I'm sure you placed a close second.

Hayato: Whew! That's one contest I don't mind losing.

Orochi: Come now. You can't give up that easily— not if we're going to be rivals.

Hayato: R-rivals? But I want to be...

Orochi: Lovers? Same thing. The potion of eternal love requires new ingredients and frequent stirring!

Hayato: Exciting challenges?

Orochi: That too. So, can you promise me all that and more, Hayato? Forever rivals? In love? For each other's affections?

Hayato: Let the contest begin, Orochi!