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C Support

Kaden: Oof, I made it! Hehe! Look at all this fresh fruit!

(Kaden leaves)

Hayato: Hmm? I hear a voice nearby. Who could that be? Wait is that...Kaden? What are you doing up in that tree?

Kaden: Hello, Hayato! Don't mind me. I'm just picking a few apples. You should climb up here and grab some! They're really juicy and delicious.

Hayato: Thanks, but I think I'll stay down here. I wouldn't want to get caught acting like a monkey.

Kaden: What do you mean? Wait a second. Have you never climbed a tree before?

Hayato: Obviously not. Why would I bother?

Kaden: Oh, I understand. You're just scared to climb a few branches, huh?

Hayato: Hey! Are you making fun of me?!

Kaden: Well, that wasn't my aim exactly. But you set yourself up for it. I can't do anything about that.

Hayato: Do you think I'm scared of a stupid tree? I'll climb it right now! Wait right there, Kaden. I'll be up in a minute.

Kaden: Sure you will... Hurry up!

Hayato: Hmmpf... Hnng...

Kaden: That apple by your hand looks awfully good. You should take a bite.

Hayato: Oh? Wow, you're right. I'll grab it. OK, I'm gonna take a bite. *munch munch* Wow! This is delicious!

Kaden: Right? If you'll just climb up a tiny bit higher, there's a bunch more.

Hayato: I'll be up there in no time!

Kaden: Looks like you're enjoying yourself after all.

Hayato: No way! There is nothing fun about this.

Kaden: Whatever. You're clearly having a blast.

Hayato: I said that you're wrong!

B Support

Kaden: Hayato! Wait up!

Hayato: Oh, it's just you, Kaden. Say, what's with all the apples?

Kaden: Well I went back to the orchard to pick again, but I grabbed too many. I thought I'd come and share them with you.

Hayato: Ah, I see... Those apples were quite delicious. I suppose I'll take you up on the offer. Thanks, Kaden.

Kaden: Didn't you have a good time climbing that tree? We could always go ba—

Hayato: Whoa now, hold on! Please, don't say another word.

Kaden: Is something bugging you, Hayato?

Hayato: Listen, you're right. Climbing is fun. But I don't want anyone to know I think that.

Kaden: Th-that doesn't really make sense to me.

Hayato: I'm not a child anymore. The last thing I want is for people to know that I'm running around like a little kid.

Kaden: That doesn't seem like such a big deal. Besides, why would your other friends care anyway?

Hayato: Because I said so!

Kaden: Well if it's childish for you, why does no one ever say anything to me about it? I'm always climbing trees, but no one has ever given me any grief.

Hayato: Well that's because you're... Ya know, you. I look way younger than you, so I would probably get teased.

Kaden: Hmm, I understand. So basically, you don't want people to ever think that you're having fun. Say, I have an idea. What if you you just gather the apples and share them with everyone. That way, your climbing will just make everyone think you're thoughtful.

Hayato: Hmm... I have to admit, that's a smart idea.

Kaden: When we head out next time, let's just say that we're harvesting. We might as well grab a lot of fruit while we're out there.

Hayato: Y-yeah, sure.

Kaden: Great! Next time I get the urge to go climbing, I'll let you know.

Hayato: That sounds good.

A Support

Kaden: Check it out, Hayato! We've nearly made it to the top! This tree is taller than the last one, but I know you can make it!

Hayato: *pant*...*wheeze*... Just...a little...higher!

Kaden: You made it! Take my hand, Hayato!

Hayato: Phew! That was exhausting.

Kaden: You sure are huffing and puffing. But we're here! Take a look around.

Hayato: W-wow! This is amazing!

Kaden: The view is pretty spectacular, right? I wanted you to see this. That's why I asked you to come climb with me.

Hayato: I'm glad you did.

Kaden: Hayato, you didn't just leave the village to become a warrior, right? You wanted to see the world. That's why it was important to show you this. Even though it can be scary, seeing new perspectives is important. It changes how we view the world.

Hayato: Heh... I guess you're right. I had no idea you were so thoughtful, Kaden. Thanks for showing me this.

Kaden: Wow... I don't know if I've ever heard you thank someone before.

Hayato: Just when I'm finally ready to be nice to you...

Kaden: Sorry, sorry. I was just surprised. I'll take your thanks to mean that you enjoyed seeing the view.

Hayato: Listen, if you ever wanted to invite me out here again, I probably wouldn't say no.

Kaden: Heh. I'll keep that in mind. Oh no! We messed up!

Hayato: What's wrong?

Kaden: We completely forgot to pick the apples! Come to think of it, the trees aren't bearing any fruit yet, so... I guess we couldn't have grabbed any even if we did remember!

Hayato: Oh no! What have we done! We spent this whole day climbing trees and playing around like a couple of dumb kids!

Kaden: Hahaha, yep, you're right! We've been goofing around for hours! I guess you can't help looking like a kid sometimes, eh, Hayato?

Hayato: Kadeeeeeeen! This is all your fault!!

Kaden: Ahahahaha!!