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C Support

Hayato: Hmmm...

Hana: Hi, Hayato. Oh, why are you making a weird face?

Hayato: What do you mean "a weird face"? I'm doing some serious thinking here!

Hana: Oh, sorry. It's just, your eyebrows were all screwed up when I first looked. What are you thinking about?

Hayato: Folks from the Wind Tribe sometimes send me boxes full of provisions.

Hana: Wow, that's really thoughtful of them!

Hayato: No, it's not. Some of them get the wrong idea about what stuff I can actually make use of.

Hana: You mean like things you don't need? What're they sending you?

Hayato: Like...this.

Hana: Whoa! Look at the size of this box! Purses, dolls, accessories... Ooh, flowers on everything! These are really cute!

Hayato: Yes, they are... They'd be great for a small child. I'm not one, though! I think I'll just send it all back to them...

Hana: What?! No way, that would be such a waste! If you don't want it, I'll take the whole box!

Hayato: You want this stuff that badly?

Hana: Why not? I like collecting things with flowers on them. The purses all have that pattern. I think they're really cute!

Hayato: Well, if you want them that badly, go ahead and take everything.

Hana: Really?! Are you sure?! That's very generous, Hayato! I'll take it all!

Hayato: No problem.

Hana: Oh...I love this...and that...and that! What shall I put in all these purses?

(Hana leaves)

Hayato: Wow, she looked really happy...

B Support

Hana: Hey, Hayato! Thanks again for those purses the other day! I'm using one of them a lot—it's cute and really handy!

Hayato: Well then, I guess it went to a good home.

Hana: Heehee. I'd love to meet the ladies from the Wind Tribe. I feel like we have the same taste!

Hayato: You really think that they would be anything like you? You're giving them a lot of credit...

Hana: No, we definitely have things in common! For example, I really admire the way they used the flowers on this.

Hayato: That's not something all women like? I thought flowers were a thing that were just normal for girls to enjoy... Personally I don't understand the appeal.

Hana: What?! You mean you aren't in the least bit interested in floral patterns? Not at all?

Hayato: Is that so surprising?

Hana: No, it's just... Oh dear. So the other day I was sort of showing off the cute purses you gave me... and I shared a few with some of the girls in the army.

Hayato: OK...

Hana: Well, I didn't have enough for everyone, and I may have possibly kinda... implied that they could get lots of flowery things from you since you love that stuff.

Hayato: Wh-what?!

Hana: I'm sorry! I can explain to everyone—you'll see! I can totally fix this!

Hayato: It's too late! What would make you think that I'd ever be into cute things like that?!

Hana: Don't get upset over something so trivial! It's just stuff you got from your hometown!

Hayato: Hrgh! I get teased for looking like a child as it is... Now they all believe I like little flowers... I'm feeling nauseated just thinking about this! No...nonono... This is a disaster.

Hana: Hayato? Please, calm down! It's not that bad!

A Support

Hana: Hey, Hayato. About the other day...

Hayato: What is it?

Hana: ...Are you still mad? I told everyone that you don't actually like flowers, you know.

Hayato: Oh yeah? And what was their reaction?

Hana: Well, there weren't many who thought you liked flowers before I said anything... They just kind of shrugged when I told them I was mistaken. ... You look like you're still angry...

Hayato: All right...as long as they don't still think I like flowers, I can forgive you.

Hana: Thank you, Hayato!

Hayato: But! To make things up to me, you'll have to keep helping me get rid of purses.

Hana: What do you mean?

Hayato: They...uh...they sent me more. Apparently, making purses is a fad back home right now. It's getting ridiculous. See, this one here...

Hana: Oh my, it's so adorable!

Hayato: I just don't see it.

Hana: Oh, by the way... Did you notice any purses that had a cherry-blossom pattern?

Hayato: I didn't see any in this box, but I'm sure there are more to come.

Hana: Well if you see one with that pattern, I call it, OK? Don't keep it for yourself!

Hayato: Why would I?!

Hana: Heehee!

Hayato: I get it... Anyway, why cherry blossoms?

Hana: I'm Lady Sakura's retainer, and that's what her name means. I was planning to give her one with that pattern but didn't see any...

Hayato: I see. So, you want to show your loyalty and appreciation?

Hana: Yep! Oh, and what about a camellia-flower pattern for Subaki? Wait...he's a guy, so he might be like you and hate the floral thing, too. Never mind that, then—just the cherry blossoms!

Hayato: I'll try to remember for you.

Hana: Thanks so much!

S Support

Hana: Heehee... Heeheehee...

Hayato: Hana, your laughter is unnerving.

Hana: Are you saying you don't like my laugh?

Hayato: No! I mean, it's just... Ever since I gave you that cherry-blossom purse, you've been giggling to yourself.

Hana: It's just wonderful that there are two of them—one for me and one for Lady Sakura! Lady Sakura and I match... Heehee... I'm so happy...

Hayato: Your constant giggling is drowning out my own thoughts...

Hana: Hey, it's not nice to speak that way to someone! I mean...you're the one who gave it to me, yet for some reason you're being grumpy.

Hayato: I guess I'm just not amused that a woman I like is more interested in a purse than me.

Hana: ...Pardon?

Hayato: Uh... Nothing! I mean...

Hana: Did you say..."woman you like"? Or did I have something in my ear?

Hayato: ...No, you heard me correctly. I have to confess—I've developed strong feelings for you.

Hana: Hayato!

Hayato: Before, I'd only ever seen your fierce side in battle... But now I've also seen your softer side, and the two combined have really struck me.

Hana: But...you never showed those emotions to me!

Hayato: I was embarrassed. Anyway...you only think of me as a delivery boy for purses, don't you? How could I reveal my feelings when I appear so silly and useless?

Hana: That's not true—at all! I also like you! A lot!

Hayato: What?

Hana: Of course I was obsessed with the purses when you first gave them to me, but... I know that you asked your hometown to make purses with a cherry-blossom pattern. That you went out of your way to do something so nice for me...

Hayato: How did you know about that?!

Hana: Heehee, they sent me a letter of course! I was right that I'd get along with them. And then I finally understood how kind a person you are... I'd already been spending a lot of time with you, but at that moment I understood why. Oh, and I wasn't giggling because Lady Sakura and I had matching purses. It was because YOU gave them to me... I was filled with joy.

Hayato: Hana...

Hana: So...maybe we can actually go out now?

Hayato: Yes, of course!

Hana: Excellent! And we can figure out who in the army these purses match best with.

Hayato: ...

Hana: Heehee, I'm kidding!