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C Support

Hayato: Chieftain Fuga!

Fuga: Well, if it isn't Hayato.

Hayato: I was hoping that if you had some spare time, you might feel like sparring.

Fuga: Certainly. I don't mind.

Hayato: Thank you!

Fuga: You're in awfully high spirits lately. Did something good happen?

Hayato: Not something good exactly. It's just been reassuring to have you fighting alongside us in the army. Maybe I'm just being nostalgic...

Fuga: Hah, so that's why you've been smiling all the time.

Hayato: Just know that someday, I will repay you for everything you've done to help me. If you're willing to spend time with me, maybe I can work off some of that debt.

Fuga: Now I understand. That's why you're always trying to talk my ear off, eh?

Hayato: Hey, it's not like I'm constantly chasing you around the camp or something.

Fuga: Ha. Really? During the war council meeting, you were by my side, no? Same goes for breakfast this morning.

Hayato: Aaaaaaaaaagh! Fine! Sorry that I care! We already trained together yesterday, so there's no point in doing it again today!

Fuga: Heh, is that right? Then I guess I'll just have to wait a bit longer...

Hayato: What are you talking about?

Fuga: Oh, don't worry about it. Just thinking out loud...

Hayato: How could I not worry? Please, explain yourself.

Fuga: I can't tell you quite yet. But I promise eventually we will talk.

Hayato: Hmm?

Fuga: You may not feel like training today, but I need to get some work in. Until later...

(Fuga leaves)

Hayato: Chieftain Fuga? Don't leave!

B Support

Fuga: Hayato, there you are. I have something to tell you.

Hayato: Oh? What is it, Chieftain Fuga?

Fuga: Remember when you were so curious about what I had to say yesterday? I thought I would tell you about that. There is a secret technique you must learn.

Hayato: R-really? That's amazing!

Fuga: I've been observing you lately. It's obvious how much your skills have grown since joining the army. You've become much stronger since your days in the village.

Hayato: Really? You mean it?

Fuga: Therefore, from this day forward, I won't hold back during our sparring sessions. Those days are over. It's the only way for you to truly perfect your skills.

Hayato: O-OK! I'm honored!

Fuga: As a surrogate parent and master, it's important to pass on this technique to you. Now prove that you can keep up!

Hayato: Yes, sir! Sorry, it's just that I'm so excited. I can't stop shaking!

Fuga: Hahaha, I see. Good then. It's healthy to have a desire to improve. It took some time to fully appreciate how much you've grown as a warrior. I look forward to sparring with you.

Hayato: I'm going to pick up your technique faster than you can imagine, Chieftain Fuga! Just watch me!

Fuga: Heheh, I look forward to it.

A Support

Hayato: *pant*... *wheeze*... Ha! I did it!

Fuga: Impressive, Hayato. You gave it your all and bested me. I'm impressed.

Hayato: Yeah! So now will you admit that I've mastered your techniques?

Fuga: Without a doubt. There is no more knowledge that I can impart. All your hard work has paid off.

Hayato: Thank you, Chieftain Fuga!

Fuga: With this strength and skill at your disposal, no enemy will be able to stop you. Though we do not share the same bloodline, I'm proud to call you my son.

Hayato: I couldn't have asked for a better father.

Fuga: That means a great deal to me.

Hayato: I already have a new goal! I'm going to get even stronger to protect you. That's the only way I can repay you for being such a great parent.

Fuga: That's a very kind thought. But I don't think I'm so enfeebled as to need protection quite yet.

Hayato: I... I just meant...!

Fuga: You've just now grasped my secret fighting techniques, yes? You still need loads of practice to become a true master. Don't get ahead of yourself.

Hayato: Fine... But please, don't always treat me like I'm a child! One day, I will become stronger than you!

Fuga: You have an unflappable fighting spirit, I'll give you that.

Hayato: Prepare yourself!

Fuga: I'm always prepared. Frankly, I look forward to the day when you surpass me in skill. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.