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C Support

Hayato: OK, steel yourself, Hayato. Here we go... HRRRGH!

Effie: Hayato! Do you need some help with that?

Hayato: What, this trifling load? *hrrrrgh* No, of course not. *huff* *huff*

Effie: Here, let me just help a little bit. HYAH!

Hayato: Gods! You made that look easy!

Effie: So, where do you want this? Over in the storehouse?

Hayato: Well, sure. I mean, now that you're already carrying it, you might as well...

Effie: Are you supposed to move all this stuff? Because I think I can get it in one trip...

(Effie leaves)

Hayato: One trip? All right, I'm not going to lie. It usually takes me at least five trips.

Effie: And there you go. All done!

Hayato: Thanks. I owe you one.

Effie: What's the matter? Did I put it in the wrong place?

Hayato: No, it's just... I can't believe you're that much stronger than me. It's a little embarrassing, to be honest.

Effie: Oh, Hayato. I'm stronger than everyone! It's kind of my thing. Besides, do you even need much strength to cast spells?

Hayato: No, I suppose I don't NEED to be any stronger. But I'm a grown man! I'm tired of being treated as a child. Maybe bulking up a bit would get me the respect I deserve.

Effie: Well, I respect you, Hayato. But I'd also be happy to help you with training.

Hayato: Oh? That sounds good. Especially after that display of raw power...

Effie: Ha! That was nothing. Really. REALLY. I can't wait to show you how strong I am. Uh, I mean...I can't wait to show you how strong YOU can be.

Hayato: Thanks, Effie. I'm looking forward to it.

B Support

Hayato: *huff* *huff* *huff* Whew...

Effie: Hayato...are you OK?

Hayato: Yes, yes, of course. I just didn't realize that your training would be this intense. You do this every day?

Effie: Today's actually my easy day. But after I warm up with a couple hundred more squats, we'll get into it.

Hayato: No...I can't take any more!

Effie: But you looked so good at the start! Now you've just got to push through the pain.

Hayato: Effie, if I push any harder, you will have to push ME back to camp in a barrow. But believe me, I will persist in the long term. I'll be back for more!

Effie: That's the right attitude! You're going to be a pretty scary opponent when you're all beefed up. Just imagine... Raw physical power, plus your magical skills... I'm actually jealous. All I have to offer is my brute strength.

Hayato: Effie, that's hardly a trivial offering. You're almost incomprehensibly strong.

Effie: Sure, but sometimes I feel...lost...in combat. I envy our tacticians.

Hayato: But surely you realize that the mind can be trained—just like a muscle! And I'd be more than willing to help. It would seem a natural exchange.

Effie: You'd do that for me? Thank you, Hayato! I'll definitely take you up on your offer. But I think it's about time we got back to the business at hand—your workout!

Hayato: If we must.

A Support

Hayato: Ugh...please tell me that's it for today. I can't take any more lunges.

Effie: Yes, that's it. Stretch those quads, and we'll call it a day. You're making a ton of progress, you know.

Hayato: Yes, I'm quite pleased. I have more energy, and I've been sleeping soundly at night. Who knows... Maybe someday I'll be known more for my strength than my smarts.

Effie: Oh, Hayato. You'll be known for both.

Hayato: Well, thank you, Effie. Speaking of smarts, we're about due for a lesson, aren't we?

Effie: I suppose so. Although I didn't come away feeling very confident from the last one.

Hayato: Nonsense! You were a fine pupil and showed adequate progress. And besides, I think I have something queued up that will pique your interest. War games!

Effie: Do you think I'm ready for that? I struggled so much last time...

Hayato: Hey, I wasn't ready to do a thousand lunges. But you made me do them anyway.

Effie: Well played. All right, Hayato. I'm game. Let's do it! It's an excuse to spend more time together, if nothing else.

Hayato: Er...

Effie: Did I say something wrong? What is it?

Hayato: No, no. Of course not. I enjoy spending time with you too, Effie. I suppose, as an adult, it's only natural to speak freely about such things.

Effie: Right! There's nothing to be ashamed of. Now, let's get down to battle!

S Support

Hayato: Behold, Effie! This morning, I was able to complete your training regimen with energy to spare.

Effie: That's great, Hayato! You're looking strong.

Hayato: Yes, much stronger than before. I finally feel like an able-bodied adult. And look at you! Your battle tactics have never been sharper. You're formidable!

Effie: Well, I'm learning from the best.

Hayato: You really think I'm the best? That means a lot to me. I suppose all the preparation I've been putting into our lessons has paid off.

Effie: Preparation? I didn't know you were going to those lengths.

Hayato: It's nothing—and I'm happy to do it. Anything to impress a lady such as—

Effie: Lady? Impress? What are you getting at, Hayato?

Hayato: Er...I didn't mean to... *sigh* No use beating around the bush at this point, I suppose. Effie... I like you.

Effie: What?

Hayato: I...uh...that was not the reaction I had hoped for.

Effie: What reaction?

Hayato: You...you just crushed that gauntlet you were holding!

Effie: Oh, I'm sorry... I was just excited!

Hayato: Does that mean you're interested?

Effie: Yes! I...I think I'm actually in love with you, Hayato.

Hayato: Seriously?

Effie: Yes. I can't stop thinking about you, and I'm guessing that the feeling is mutual. I was wondering when you were ever going to get around to letting me know. But now that everything is out in the open, we can just relax and enjoy it!

Hayato: You're so direct. But...I think I like it.

Effie: This is what adults do, Hayato. And we are both adults.

Hayato: Finally! Someone noticed!