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C Support

Selkie: Hey, Mom! What are you doing? Wanna go outside and play?

Hana: Selkie, you naughty girl! Look at all that mud! Have you been rolling in it?!

Selkie: Yep! I was exploring in the forest, and I think I fell off a cliff or two. Heehee!

Hana: A CLIFF?! Are you hurt? How many fingers am I holding up?!

Selkie: Aww, I'm fine. I just scraped my knees a little bit. Everything still works the way it's supposed to. See?

Hana: Whew...don't scare me like that! I know you love playing outside, but maybe you should stay inside for a while. At least until you learn to be careful...

Selkie: Grr, that's no fun! What am I supposed to do?

Hana: Oh, I don't know. What do girls your age like? Writing poetry? Arranging flowers?

Selkie: I dunno...sounds boring. Oh! I have an idea! Let's play dress-up! We can put on makeup and everything.

Hana: Makeup, huh? Hmm. I don't know THAT much about it, but... If you give me a little time to study up, maybe I can teach you!

Selkie: Yay! Let's do it! Gimme that lipstick!

Hana: D-didn't you hear what I just said...? Let me learn enough to teach, or else we'll both be sitting here scratching our heads.

Selkie: All right...this is gonna be great!

B Support

Hana: OK! I asked around and did some practicing, so I think I'm ready! Makeup class is in session! Roll-call time! Selkie?

Selkie: Present!

Hana: Heehee! Hana? "Present!" Ooh, this is so exciting! What should we cover first? I know, let's try putting on—

Selkie: War paint! Right under the eyes with lipstick! I want green—do you have green?

Hana: I do! You can have that, and I'll take, hmm...this orange color I borrowed. We're supposed to start with foundation. Have you seen it anywhere?

Selkie: You mean this powdery stuff? I think it's gonna make me sneeze. AH-CHOO! Oh no...it's everywhere!

Hana: Oh, um, don't panic! We'll be fine without it! I think.

Selkie: *sniff* I'm sorry, Mom. I'm screwing everything up, aren't I?

Hana: Hey, don't cry, Selkie. Your mom's learning this for the first time too. We'll get better with practice! Why don't I go first? We'll figure it out as we go.

Selkie: Really? OK...that sounds good.

Hana: So...we need to decide on an approach for this whole thing. Any ideas?

Selkie: Fierce! I want to look like I could rip your head off with my teeth. Rawr! I mean, not YOUR head, Mom. Anyway, make me look fierce!

Hana: Heehee, great idea! And I think I know just the thing!

A Support

Selkie: Hey, Mom! Guess what?

Hana: Selkie! You look chipper today.

Selkie: Yeah! Well, I got so many compliments on the makeup you did for me. People said that I looked terrifying!

Hana: Wow, really?

Selkie: Uh-huh! There's just one problem...

Hana: Uh-oh. Did I mess something up?

Selkie: Well, I loved the makeup, but it took so long to put on. I'd kind of rather spend that time outside playing and running.

Hana: Huh? Oh...

Selkie: But that doesn't mean I didn't like being with you! It was really fun to see how you put it all together. I guess what I'm saying is... Sometimes I want to do makeup with you, but other times... I want to run and play outside with you!

Hana: Truth be told, Selkie...so do I! You remind me a lot of myself as a kid. Or heck, as an adult.

Selkie: I do? Yay!

Hana: Let's ditch the makeup and the studies and find a big puddle of mud! We can take turns trying to make the biggest splash!

Selkie: Aww, you're the best! I'm so glad you're my mom!