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C Support

Kiragi: Ah, the great outdoors. What a perfect day to do some hunting! The mountains look very appealing... But I did see a lot of game in that field the other day. So many choices!

Hana: Wait just a minute, Kiragi!

Kiragi: Yikes! H-hey, Mom. You sure are good at sneaking these days.

Hana: Well thank you. But don't look at me like that—it's very rude.

Kiragi: I can't help it. You look like you're about to attack!

Hana: Don't be ridiculous. I thought I told you to stay home today. What am I gonna do with you?

Kiragi: I'm sorry... I promise I'll do some work as soon as I get home tonight, OK?

Hana: I don't think so! Every time you get back from hunting, you always just eat and fall asleep.

Kiragi: B-but... I'm awful at math and history.

Hana: That is why you need to study them!

Kiragi: I can survive being bad at math and history. I don't see what the big deal is.

Hana: I don't want you to go through life being ignorant. There is so much to learn! I'm sorry that your father and I weren't around while you were growing up... But I would like to help with your education as much as I can.

Kiragi: *grumble*

Hana: You have to cut back on your hunting and spend more time hitting the books.

Kiragi: No! This isn't fair! Hunting is the only thing I have to look forward to! Don't try and take that away from me! You may be my mother, but you can't force me to do anything! I'm going hunting, and I don't care whether you like it or not.

(Kiragi leaves)

Hana: Kiragi, wait!! W-wait! Kiragi!! Ugh... That was a disaster.

B Support

Kiragi: What an amazing day! No one will be going hungry anytime soon. That bird sure gave me a lot of trouble. I should look it up when I get home. Maybe I need to build some new traps, too.

(Kiragi leaves)

Kiragi: OK, careful... Easy does it... I can't let Mom know that I was out hunting instead of resting... "Work harder on your studies!" That's all she ever thinks about... Like I need math or history to be a good tracker.

(Kiragi leaves)

Hana: Hmm... No, that's unrelated. Maybe if I rewrite it like this...

(Hana leaves)

Kiragi: Huh? What's this? It looks like she's writing something down...

(Kiragi leaves)

Hana: Hmm... Maybe if I change these numbers to rabbits in a trap... I bet that would help him understand...

(Hana leaves)

Kiragi: Huh?

(Kiragi leaves)

Hana: Ah, dang! I forgot to find the history book with the clearer timeline... I guess I'll have to look for that later.

(Hana leaves)

Kiragi: Geez, she's working really hard.

(Kiragi leaves)

Hana: I have to help him with his memory. If we go over things nice and slow... I know he will be able to catch up. He just needs a little push.

Kiragi: Hello, Mom...

Hana: Oh, Kiragi... Welcome home! Why are you just standing there?

Kiragi: I-I'm sorry, Mom... You're putting so much energy into helping me learn, and I keep running off to hunt. I'm really sorry.

Hana: Kiragi, don't worry. I'm not upset. The most important thing is that we understand each other. Will you try to balance out hunting with some study time though?

Kiragi: I will! I didn't realize how much this mattered until I saw you just now... Please, teach me! I want to learn about math and history!

Hana: That makes me so happy. Are you ready to start?

Kiragi: OK! But wait. I'm totally covered in mud. Let me change real quick—then we can start! Wait right here!

(Kiragi leaves)

Hana: Hee hee... I'll grab the books!

A Support

Kiragi: All right! I solved it! Take that, math problem!

Hana: Already? That was so fast. Let me take a peek... Your answer is correct. But how did you...?

Kiragi: Oh, yeah... I know you normally start on the right... But if you make an assumption here, you can skip a bunch of extra calculations. I think the book called it an advanced method, but it wasn't that tough.

Hana: Wow, that's amazing. You're already on advanced methods... You're such a quick study!

Kiragi: Hehheh!

Hana: Looks like your history assignment was perfect too! All the years, places, and important events are in the right spots. You didn't miss anything at all!

Kiragi: It was so much easier once I started thinking of them as fantastic stories. Boring random facts are so much harder to remember. And it helps to have a great teacher, too!

Hana: That's so sweet. You're doing really well, Kiragi. All that hard work is paying off.

Kiragi: Stop, Mom! You're going to make me blush.

Hana: I can't believe I've already covered everything on my syllabus... Why don't you go enjoy the rest of your afternoon, sweetie? I bet you want to go hunting.

Kiragi: Um... Hmm... No, that's all right.

Hana: Huh?

Kiragi: I mean, hunting is great and all. But... I'd love to study some more with you.

Hana: Kiragi, are you sure?

Kiragi: You made me understand that learning can be so much fun! I can't believe that I used to dread it. We can keep going, right?

Hana: Sure, if you really want to. It's been wonderful to spend all this time with you.

Kiragi: I've been having a great time too!