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C Support

Fuga: Hiyah! Aiyah!

(Fuga leaves)

Avatar: Wow. Is that Chieftain Fuga over there? He broke that tree trunk in half with his fist!

Fuga: Avatar? I see you hiding over there! Come out and show yourself!

Avatar: Oh, hello, Chieftain Fuga. I didn't mean to interrupt.

Fuga: Do not apologize. Distractions teach us to stay focused.

Avatar: That's so wise! Sometimes I wish I could follow you around and take notes.

Fuga: I have a better idea. Why don't we train together? I'll give you some exercises.

Avatar: Really?! You'd do that for me?

Fuga: Of course! Don't sound so surprised! Training is most effective in teams.

Avatar: I'm sure you're right, but wouldn't you like to train with someone more...advanced?

Fuga: I'd rather train with you, Avatar. After all, that's a legendary katana you have. Follow my training regimen, and you'll improve. I wish Hayato had not given up so soon.

Avatar: I promise to take it seriously!

Fuga: That's what I like to hear!

B Support

Fuga: All right! That's enough for now. Let's rest.

Avatar: Whew! Thank goodness. That workout was intense!

Fuga: Here. Drink this water.

Avatar: *glug* *glug* Ahhh! ...Thanks again for training me.

Fuga: Few people can keep up with my program... Push-ups. Burpees. Yoga under a waterfall. You've made a strong showing, but then again, you're King Sumeragi's daughter.

Avatar: You were friends with my father, weren't you?

Fuga: He was more than my friend. He was my brother-in-arms... But I failed him at the end. I don't deserve to call him my friend.

Avatar: That's not true! You can't blame yourself for his death! He wouldn't want that. Besides, we both know he died because of me! If he was here, he'd be happy to see you fighting alongside us, working for peace!

Fuga: Avatar—

Avatar: *gasp* I can't believe I blurted all that out! I shouldn't talk about stuff I don't know.

Fuga: I'm pleased to hear you say those things.

Avatar: You are?

Fuga: Yes. You remind me of your father sometimes. He'd be proud of you. You shouldn't blame yourself. We all grieve his loss, but he wanted to protect you.

Avatar: Thanks, Chieftain Fuga.

Fuga: Are you rested now? We should continue training.

Avatar: I'm ready!

A Support

Avatar: Chieftain Fuga! Guess what? My friend just asked if I've been working out!

Fuga: Ah. That is good to hear.

Avatar: Well, it's all thanks to you.

Fuga: No need to thank me. You did the work. I just gave you guidance. Soon you will not need my help anymore.

Avatar: What?! You're not giving up on our training, are you?

Fuga: I did not expect you to be so upset.

Avatar: I get it. You have better things to do with your time.

Fuga: That's not it. I enjoy training you. But I thought you'd want to train on your own.

Avatar: No! I like working out with you. I even look forward to the push-ups!

Fuga: Do you? And what about the burpees?

Avatar: Well, no. Not so much.

Fuga: And how about the training under the waterfall?

Avatar: Actually, I really hate that part. ...But I like spending time with you!

Fuga: ...And I with you. Years ago, I made a vow to King Sumeragi. Now, I swear it to you. Avatar, I give you my strength always. Together, we will protect this world.

Avatar: Thank you, Chieftain Fuga!

Fuga: Don't forget. You have many friends by your side. You do not fight alone.

S Support

Fuga: Ah. Hello, Avatar.

Avatar: I was just looking for you. Do you have time for another training session today?

Fuga: I suppose so.

Avatar: Why do you look so disappointed? Did I do something wrong?

Fuga: No. It's just...I hoped that one day our visits would not center around training.

Avatar: Huh?

Fuga: I enjoy sparring with you, Avatar, but I fear you come only for my help.

Avatar: That's not true! Fuga, at first, I did come to you hoping to get stronger. But your training regimen is over-the-top! I only stuck with it so we could hang out!

Fuga: Really?

Avatar: Yes! My arms are sore. My legs are sore. My back is sore. I'm exhausted!

Fuga: Ah, then I am even more impressed. You never complained.

Avatar: I didn't want to disappoint you, Fuga! I'm a little bit in awe of you.

Fuga: ...And I am in awe of you.

Avatar: Really?

Fuga: Yes. I was drawn to your strength, but I have learned you are gentle as well. Your kind words mended some old wounds I never thought would heal.

Avatar: I'm so glad! Fuga, I want you by my side... always.

Fuga: Then that is where I shall remain. I promise to never leave you.

(Confession Scene)

Fuga: You are a remarkable human being. Let us be joined forever.