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C Support

Sophie: Hey there, Forrest!

Forrest: Why hello, Sophie.

Sophie: You look amazing today! That's a killer outfit.

Forrest: Heehee. You're too kind, Sophie. You're looking very dear yourself.

Sophie: Hahah, who, me? I'm about as cute as a swamp. Nothing looks good on me but armor. I've tried wearing more casual clothes around camp, but...well...

Forrest: But...?

Sophie: Let's just say my wardrobe is...horse oriented.

Forrest: "Horse oriented"...?

Sophie: Yeah! I'm really into clothes with silhouettes of horses like Avel. Or fabric that's the same color as Avel's coat. You know, stuff like that.

Forrest: That doesn't sound like such a problem to me. There are many fine outfits and accessories with horse patterns on them.

Sophie: That's fine for most people. But when I wear them, everyone busts out laughing! I have no idea why... *sigh* I wish I had your fashion sense so I could pull off outfits like that.

Forrest: If you'd like, I could help you select a few choice ensembles.

Sophie: Really...? I would LOVE that!

Forrest: I'd be happy to help. My services are free to anyone who wants to look cute.

Sophie: You're on! Ooh, this is so exciting!

Forrest: For me too! When I'm through, you'll be cute as a button!

B Support

Sophie: Forrest! Is that offer you made the other day still good?

Forrest: You mean my offer to help you choose a few cute outfits?

Sophie: Yep! How would today work for you? I brought along some clothes I thought were cute for you to take a look at.

Forrest: I have plenty of time. Let's see these outfits of yours.

Sophie: Yay! OK, so what do you think of this shirt? Keep or dump?

Forrest: Th-that horse's face embroidered on the front is...striking... It was very bold of the designer to have it take up almost the entire surface...

Sophie: Doesn't it look just like Avel?! It's so adorable!

Forrest: It's one of a kind, to be sure... I've seen my share of horse-patterned outfits, but none so...audacious...

Sophie: It was on display at the shop, and I bought it before I could think twice! The shopkeeper was pretty surprised. He said he thought he'd never sell it.

Forrest: Y-yes, well...

Sophie: Hey, I have an idea! What if I embroidered the letters A-V-E-L at the bottom here? Wouldn't that be to die for?

Forrest: You're going to sew Avel's name into it?!

Sophie: Bad idea? Ooh, maybe I should sew MY name instead!

Forrest: Go ahead, if you're fine with people thinking the horse is named Sophie...

Sophie: Hmm...I hadn't thought about it like that. But that's not your real objection, is it?

Forrest: Huh? N-no, well, you see...

Sophie: *sigh* I knew it... I thought it would be so cute, but I just don't have an eye for this stuff.

Forrest: It's not a terrible idea, Sophie. It's just that the shirt isn't... Well, it's not...

Sophie: I'm sorry to bug you so much, Forrest. I'll bring something cuter next time. See you!

Forrest: Sophie, wait...

A Support

Forrest: Good day, Sophie!

Sophie: Ah, hey, Forrest. What's up?

Forrest: I have with me some clothes I'd like you to try on.

Sophie: For me? Thanks, Forrest! This should be a big help. Gods know I can't dress myself...

Forrest: Take a look. I think you'll quite like it.

Sophie: Of course I'll like it! I know anything you give me is gonna be the cutest thing I've— Ohmygods! Is that... Is that the shirt with the horse on it I showed you?

Forrest: No, but I used that shirt as a reference when crafting this. See, I've even embroidered Avel's name beneath the image, as you suggested. Do you like it?

Sophie: It's everything I ever wanted! This is the cutest shirt I've ever seen! ...Though I'm probably the only one who'll think so, huh?

Forrest: Heehee. Frankly, I don't totally understand the appeal myself.

Sophie: I knew it...

Forrest: But if you think it's cute, then it's cute.

Sophie: Huh? How do you figure?

Forrest: Everyone has their own idea of what's cute and what's stylish. What you need to do is find what works for you. That's the essence of fashion.

Sophie: Huh...I never thought of it like that!

Forrest: It's true. Finding unique, interesting clothing isn't so hard. It's all in how you wear it and combine it with other things. Wear it with pride, and I think that shirt will look smashing on you.

Sophie: Haha, I wish. But I'll give it a try! Thank you SO much, Forrest!

Forrest: You're very welcome, Sophie.

S Support

Forrest: *sigh* This is a pickle indeed...

Sophie: Wanna talk about it?

Forrest: Sophie? I didn't hear you approach...

Sophie: You probably wouldn't guess it, but I'm a great listener! I mean...I can listen, but I'm crummy at coming up with a solution... But sometimes that's all you need, right!

Forrest: Hmhm...very true. So you don't mind if I unburden a bit?

Sophie: Not at all! Let's hear it!

Forrest: This is a secret, but...I'm in love.

Sophie: Holy moly! With who?! No, no, let me guess! Um...umm... Gosh, I give up! I have no idea who your type would be!

Forrest: I'll give you one hint. It's a girl.

Sophie: A girl! OK, that narrows it down. Not that much, though... There's like, hundreds of girls in the army...and I only know a few of them!

Forrest: My problem is, I want to tell this girl how I feel. But I've never done this before, and I'm not sure what the best way is...

Sophie: Yeah, that makes sense. I can understand how that would bother you.

Forrest: ...

Sophie: ...What?

Forrest: Um...is that all? You don't have any advice on the subject?

Sophie: Haha, didn't I tell you? I'm a great listener, but I'm hopeless at figuring out what to do after that.

Forrest: Ah, right, you did mention that.

Sophie: Sorry! You've been so good to me that I wish I could help...

Forrest: Oh, you helped quite a bit. With you as a sounding board, I managed to work through my feelings...

Sophie: Really? Did I miss it?

Forrest: I always thought of myself as a prince riding a white steed. Someday, I assumed, I would come across the princess of my heart.

Sophie: That's so...poetic.

Forrest: But as it happens, I had it all wrong. The rider of that steed wasn't me, but my princess. And it wasn't a noble white mount, but a cantankerous, unruly horse...

Sophie: Wait...you don't mean...

Forrest: I do. You are the princess of my heart, Sophie.

Sophie: M-ME?! Your princess?!

Forrest: I love you, Sophie. Heehee! I finally got the words out.

Sophie: ... No way... I always thought you were amazing too, Forrest! So when you just said you were in love before... I couldn't give you any advice because I was so jealous. Sorry about that...

Forrest: Oh, Sophie... I'm so glad that things worked out between us. I was rather nervous for a moment!

Sophie: And I'm glad I was worried over nothing. I'm excited for our life together, Forrest...

Forrest: So am I. I look forward to spending the rest of my days with you...