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C Support

Rhajat: Hmph.

Forrest: Hello, Rhajat. Is something the matter?

Rhajat: Your clothes are adorable.

Forrest: Well, thank you very much!

Rhajat: I hate you.

Forrest: What?! What did I ever do to you?

Rhajat: I mean...I could never pull off a style like that. And it's not fair that you can!

Forrest: Aw, that's just not true. First of all, I really like your style. It's so exotic and yet...familiar...at the same time. And secondly, you could totally pull this off. You're gorgeous.

Rhajat: Pfft. Empty flattery.

Forrest: No, I mean it! I've always admired your confident beauty. You can make anything look good.

Rhajat: Whatever. I'm so tired of wearing the same thing all the time.

Forrest: Well, why don't we go into town and shop for some new clothes for you?

Rhajat: And be upstaged by your outfit? No thanks.

Forrest: Upstaged? Please! Rhajat—

Rhajat: ...I'm leaving now.

(Rhajat leaves)

Forrest: Yeesh!

B Support

Forrest: Hello, Rhajat. I know we got off to a weird start the other day... And I wanted to try to make it up to you. So I made you this.

Rhajat: You made an entire outfit for me?

Forrest: Yeah, well...you mentioned the other day that you didn't have any clothes you liked. And that made me sad, so...here we are.

Rhajat: Have you been spying on me? How would you know what size I wear?

Forrest: Of course not! I've just got an excellent eye for sizing, if I do say so myself...

Rhajat: OK, where were you yesterday at 7:18 in the morning?

Forrest: I...uh...I was asleep, I guess?

Rhajat: Asleep? A likely story. You were spying on me, weren't you? You're trying to figure out the secret ingredients to my spells...is that it?

Forrest: No! I promise you, I haven't been spying on you. And I have no interest in spells!

Rhajat: I don't believe you. But I will take these clothes.

Forrest: Well, that's...something.

Rhajat: Thank you, Forrest.

Forrest: You're welcome...I guess...

A Support

Rhajat: Hey, Forrest. Sorry for being weird the other day. And thank you for the clothes.

Forrest: Oh, you're welcome. I'm relieved to hear you say that. How did the clothes fit?

Rhajat: They fit perfectly. Almost as if you had been spying on me. But I know that you weren't. Because I caught the person who actually WAS spying on me. Heh. Heh. Let's just say...she won't make that mistake again...

Forrest: Riiight. Anyway, I'm glad you liked the clothes.

Rhajat: Oh, yes. They're just my style. But again, I have to ask—why did you bother making them for me? You barely knew me at the time.

Forrest: Well, like I said...it made me sad that you didn't have any that you liked. And, you know...I just love making clothes.

Rhajat: But our styles are so different. You're so bright, and I'm so dark and dreary.

Forrest: I disagree! You say dark and dreary... I say bold and sassy!

Rhajat: Hah! All right, I like you. We can be friends. IF you can handle my friendship.

Forrest: What's that supposed to mean?

Rhajat: Well, if we become friends and I want to see you, I will hunt you down, day or night. But on the plus side, if you have an enemy, I will gladly hex him into oblivion!

Forrest: Well, I don't think I have any enemies...but that sounds good. And I think I can handle being hunted down from time to time.

Rhajat: Very well. Let our friendship commence! You'll never escape me now. Muhahaha!

Forrest: Yeah? Well you won't escape me either! Heeheehee! Oh. I need to work on that laugh...

S Support

Forrest: Rhajat...I have something important to tell you.

Rhajat: Oh? What's wrong?

Forrest: Brace yourself.

Rhajat: What is this? You're freaking me out!

Forrest: We promised to be friends forever, right?

Rhajat: Yes...

Forrest: Well...that's just not good enough for me anymore.

Rhajat: Unbelievable. I really thought you were special. I never imagined you would betray me like this. I'll curse you! I'll—

Forrest: Rhajat! Hear me out!

Rhajat: This better be good...

Forrest: I...I want to be MORE than just friends, Rhajat! That's why being your friend isn't good enough anymore.

Rhajat: Well, why didn't you say that FIRST?!

Forrest: I'm sorry! It wasn't easy to say. I was nervous that you wouldn't like me that way.

Rhajat: Oh. That makes sense. But I thought I was going to die!

Forrest: Well?

Rhajat: Well, what?

Forrest: Well, do you like me back or what? Now I feel like I'M going to die!

Rhajat: Oh. Haha... Yes. I like you back. But I'm mad that you waited this long to tell me. As punishment, I sentence you to a life of caring for me.

Forrest: I suppose I can live with that...