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C Support

Midori: Hi there, Dwyer.

Dwyer: Please tell me you didn't just wake me just to say hello.

Midori: Well, the fact is that I did. But as long as you're awake, you should know something. You'll catch a cold if you sleep here. It's drafty and wet.

Dwyer: Here's just fine. Leave me be.

Midori: If you get sick, I'll have to make you drink some bitter medicine.

Dwyer: I'll cross that bridge when I never get to it.

Midori: Oh, Dwyer. So petulant! So lazy!

Dwyer: So sleepy. Good night. Or good day. Or whatever good time it is.

Midori: I could mix you up some medicine that will put the pep back in your step.

Dwyer: I have all the pep I need.

Midori: I think I can tinker with the recipe too. Add something to give you vigor.

Dwyer: You're not listening to me. Besides, aren't vigor and pep the same? Sounds like double the trouble to me.

Midori: Sorry. I need to be going. Research to do! Medicines to mix! I'll have a cure for you soon.

(Midori leaves)

Dwyer: A cure for what? Being me? I'll never drink any sort of anti-Dwyer potion!

B Support

Midori: I've finished your medicine, Dwyer!

Dwyer: What medicine?

Midori: That pep-and-vigor potion!

Dwyer: Oh. You know I have less than zero interest in drinking that.

Midori: You'll be much more interested in drinking it after you've drunk it.

Dwyer: Uh, what? But I'm not going to. Besides, it looks disgusting. What is that color? Gray? Off gray? Off-off gray?

Midori: Don't judge a potion by its color.

Dwyer: The smell—it's putrid. And what's that sticking out of the froth? Are those insect legs?

Midori: Yes, but just the legs, mind you. It's good roughage. Down with it. Here, I'll help!

Dwyer: Midori! NO! Keep back!

Midori: Why? I worked so hard to create this concoction just for you. But if you won't drink it, I'll just drink it myself.

Dwyer: Ugh. Fine. I can't stand to see you blubber, Midori.

Midori: Yay! Then down the hatch!

Dwyer: *sip* Hmm. Not bad. *slurp* *gulp*

Midori: Yes? Yes? Tell me!

Dwyer: Tell you what? How I'm feel— URK!

Midori: Is it working? Sense any extra pep in your step, Dwyer?

Dwyer: My feet feel like they're on FIRE! But...but...in a good way? I feel like I could run around the WORLD!

Midori: That seems...extreme. I'll need to tweak the recipe next time.

Dwyer: No, don't change a thing! Go make me more of this stuff!

Midori: Is the energy only in your feet though?

Dwyer: Yes! I could dance all day and night!

Midori: I meant it to make a more rounded peppiness, actually. Maybe instead of beetle legs, I should use seaweed. Or something. Yes, that's it exactly. Sorry, Dwyer. I need to be going. The next potion will be perfect.

(Midori leaves)

Dwyer: Hurry, Midori. I'm already feeling my medicine wear off...

A Support

Midori: I've got your new and improved medicine, Dwyer!

Dwyer: At last, Midori. Fork it over.

Midori: I figured out just how to tweak the formula.

Dwyer: Yes, yes. Thank you. And gimme.

Midori: I did all the proper research. I'm sure it will be perfect this time.

Dwyer: Let me be the judge of that.

Midori: You might need to...uh...gulp the whole thing down at once.

Dwyer: Why? It doesn't look any more disgusting than last time. The smell is smellier though.

Midori: Take my word for it. Gulp it fast. Don't look too closely.

Dwyer: Oh, wait... Are those...?

Midori: Heh, yes.

Dwyer: There are eyeballs in this.

Midori: That's the secret ingredient. Does it help to think of them as jelly spheres?

Dwyer: Not really. I'm not sure that I'll be able to drink this.

Midori: Oh. I see. Then don't. I understand.

Dwyer: Please, not your blubbering face, Midori. I'll drink it.

Midori: I knew you would!

Dwyer: Here goes... *guh-guh-glurp* Gah! Do I need to...swallow those?! *chew, chew, chew* *pop*

Midori: All done? It should take only a few moments to kick in.

Dwyer: Whoa. It is different this time. I feel all tingly from top to bottom.

Midori: Tingly? Or alert? Zippy?

Dwyer: All of the above. This might be better than coffee for pep factor.

Midori: You don't look very different.

Dwyer: I look just the same whether I'm sleeping or awake.

Midori: Oh, good. As long as it worked. Sorry it was unpleasant.

Dwyer: It's not your fault. I blame the eyeballs for being so...textural.

Midori: Well, the fact is that the most effective medicines are the most icky.

Dwyer: Compliments to the chef then. It was perfect, Midori.

Midori: You're the perfect patient, Dwyer! So, uh... Can I try out all of my new medicines on you from now on?

Dwyer: Your personal test subject, eh? Hmm, yes. Just hold the gross stuff. Maybe I'm being a baby, but I can't stomach eyeballs.

S Support

Dwyer: Excuse me? Midori?

Midori: Oh, Dwyer! Let's get right to it. What are your symptoms?

Dwyer: I'm not sick. I just wanted to ask... I mean, I've just been thinking... I mean, do you like anyone?

Midori: Everyone!

Dwyer: Hmm. Anyone more than everyone else?

Midori: Obviously. My father is the best!

Dwyer: Besides him?

Midori: Well, the fact is that there IS someone. But that's a secret.

Dwyer: Oh. I'll just leave it alone then.

Midori: Leave what alone?

Dwyer: I was hoping that you...I mean... might like... Er, me.

Midori: You?!

Dwyer: Me. I like you—a lot. You're nice. You're caring.

Midori: B-but...Dwyer!

Dwyer: I know. I'm a rat. I'm unlikable. I'm a lazy good-for-nothing. Shall I go on?

Midori: No, don't! That's not what I was saying.

Dwyer: You didn't need to.

Midori: I'm only upset because you're not following proper procedure. You can't just blurt out your feelings like that!

Dwyer: I can't?

Midori: There's a method! A system!

Dwyer: Are those two things or one? I'll do them both. I just need to know.

Midori: Look, it's easy, Dwyer. First you pass me a note today saying "Hi." That's all.

Dwyer: I have to pass you notes? Where? Here? On the battlefield?

Midori: On the second day, you pass a note saying "How's it going?" A month later, maybe you broach the topic of going out on a stroll. But only with all of our friends surrounding us. Then they can all get together and say whether we're a good fit. And then we completely ignore their advice and run off on a date. That's the proper procedure.

Dwyer: That will take a month. And my hand will cramp up from writing all those notes! But if that's what you require, I'll be glad to get things going. I'll just be on my way to fetch paper and pen.

Midori: Yay! I'll write you back, of course. We're going to be the best pen pals ever, Dwyer!