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C Support

Kiragi: Phew. I guess I should finish up for today pretty soon. Man, butchering animals is dirty work. This tent's gotten pretty filthy. Oh well. It'll be fine. I'll clean it up after dinner. Now-time is chow-time!

Dwyer: ...Yo.

Kiragi: Oh, Dwyer! What's up?

Dwyer: ... It stinks like dead animal in here.

Kiragi: Oh, right. Sorry about that. I was just butchering today's spoils. But I'll clean it up right after dinner. Don't worry! Be riiiiight back.

(Kiragi leaves)

Dwyer: Wait.

Kiragi: Huh?

Dwyer: You won't be back after dinner. You're just going to fall asleep.

Kiragi: What? N-no, I promise! I'll be back to straighten everything up after dinner.

Dwyer: Nope. You're going to sleep. No doubt about it. I can see into the future, y'know.

Kiragi: Knock it off, Dwyer.

Dwyer: All right. I can't. But you know what they say. A man's character is his fate. All that. And your character says you're gonna saw some logs after dinner. So let's just give the tent a quick once-over, huh?

Kiragi: What? Hang on! No! I'm going to have dinner first.

Dwyer: Shut it! You're not having dinner at all if you don't clean your tent first. Got it?

Kiragi: Fine, whatever, MOTHER.

Kiragi: There. It's all done. Finally. Now, time for dinner.

Dwyer: Nope.

Kiragi: Wh-what?

Dwyer: Strip.

Kiragi: WHAT?

Dwyer: Then head straight for the baths. Your clothes need washing.

Kiragi: Oh. B-but what about dinner?

Dwyer: You can eat after you're clean. Don't you even think of going to dinner smelling like that.

Kiragi: Hey, come on! This isn't fair! I cleaned up just like you told me to. And since when are my affairs any of your business, huh?

Dwyer: Stop complaining. You are a prince, and you had best begin to act like it. Every good prince needs a good butler. I intend to fill this function.

Kiragi: What?! Why? Since when?

Dwyer: Since now. Your slovenly lifestyle has convinced me you are in need of my aid. Call it my butler senses. You can blame my father for them. He always taught me never to put up with this kind of behavior in nobles.

Kiragi: Grrrr. Well, fine then! But if you're going to buttle me, you'd best buttle right! Which right now means getting me food! I'm starving!

Dwyer: That's not how this works. To the baths with you. Now.

Kiragi: O-OK. Yes, sir.

B Support

Kiragi: All right, I think I'm just about ready to go hunting. Bow is strung...food and water are packed...snares are good... Oh! That's right! I forgot to grab some bait!

Dwyer: ...

Kiragi: Oh, Dwyer! I was just about to go hunting. Did you want to tag along?

Dwyer: You're leaving? Don't you think you should clean up a bit first?

Kiragi: Huh? No, I wasn't really planning on it. Uh...your butler senses aren't getting overactive again, are they? ...Dwyer?

Dwyer: Bingo. You're not going hunting until this place has been cleaned.

Kiragi: But it's not even messy! My tools are all just out like this because it's how I like them. There's a method to the madness, I swear!

Dwyer: Yes, yes. A favorite excuse of slovenly princes the world over. Now, it's time to begin! I will have this room sparkling in no time!

Kiragi: Um...OK... And while you're doing that, I'll just be out hunting...

Dwyer: Oh, no. I am only here to direct you. You will be doing the cleaning.

Kiragi: What?! You just said that YOU'D be the one to have the room cleaned!

Dwyer: Yes, and I will. We do not credit the hands with the work of the mind. Besides, you need to learn how to do this kind of thing for yourself.

Kiragi: I— But I— I don't want to! This is so dumb! Lazy old grumpy snot-breathing—

Dwyer: What did you say?!

Kiragi: N-nothing, sir!

A Support

Kiragi: All right, just need to get this back on the shelf, and I should be just about done.

Dwyer: ...Yo.

Kiragi: Hey, Dwyer.

Dwyer: Your tent appears to be clean today. You did this yourself?

Kiragi: Oh, yeah. Thanks to you, I think I'm getting the hang of this neatness stuff. DWYER RULE NO. 1: Discard all items you have not touched for six months. DWYER RULE NO. 2: Especially food. DWYER RULE NO. 3: All items you do use must be returned to their original places. DWYER RULE NO. 4: Do not interrupt Dwyer's nap time. Heh. I memorized all of them, just like you said!

Dwyer: Very good.

Kiragi: You know, I never thought I'd say it, but it's made preparing for a hunt way better! It's not just easier. It's so...relaxing now.

Dwyer: Of course. Enrich your environment, and you enrich your soul.

Kiragi: I'm sorry if I frustrated you. If I'd just listened to you from the start, I'd have saved myself a lot of pain.

Dwyer: No worries. You understand now. That's enough. I've also learned something in this process. You aren't who I thought you were. I hereby revoke your title of Slovenly Prince. You are now...the Immaculate Prince!

Kiragi: Woohoo! Thanks! You know, you might come off as gruff, but I bet you're a softie on the inside.

Dwyer: D-don't be such an idiot.

Kiragi: Ha! I knew it! You're turning red!