Fates Supports/Dwyer Kana(F)

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C Support

Kana(F): Dwyer! Dwyer! Dwyer!

Dwyer: Uh, er, whuh?

Kana(F): You're good in a fight, right?

Dwyer: Depends.

Kana(F): Depends on what?

Dwyer: On whom you ask. Are you asking me? Then, yes—I'm good in a fight. I'm a master of flailing wildly. But one must use that power wisely.

Kana(F): Aw, come on. I heard you were trained in martial arts. Teach me! Teach me!

Dwyer: Must I?

Kana(F): I want to be strong enough to protect everyone. You have to!

Dwyer: Well then, here's the one thing I have to teach. Never confront anyone in battle. Stay back. Out of harm's way. Think long and hard before you get involved. Only then will you be enlightened... to let others do the dirty work.

Kana(F): Are you saying I should be a tactician? But I want to battle! Please, Dwyer? Teach me. I'll be the best martial-arts dragon ever!

Dwyer: You don't take a hint, do you? I don't want to get involved with this.

Kana(F): Pretty please? I know I can do it, whatever you throw at me!

Dwyer: Whatever, eh?

Kana(F): Anything to be a master of the martial arts!

Dwyer: You're not going to let this go, are you? Then it is time that I step out of the shadows and take a student.

Kana(F): Yay, thanks! See you tomorrow!

B Support

Kana(F): Master Dwyer! Master Dwyer! I'm ready for my first martial-arts lesson!

Dwyer: Heh. Then commence running.

Kana(F): Sure thing, Master Dwyer! How far?

Dwyer: Until you get tired?

Kana(F): Until I get tired! Yes, Master! See you later, Master!

(Dwyer leaves)

Kana(F): I'm...I'm...I'm back, Master!

Dwyer: Zzzzzz...

Kana(F): Master? Are you sleeping?

Dwyer: Zzz-znorfle?! Wha-wha—? Are you back already?

Kana(F): You were napping!

Dwyer: No, my student. I was practicing the ancient art of maximum shut-eye.

Kana(F): What? How's that not a nap?

Dwyer: Napping anywhere is easy. But on a battlefield? That takes practice. That was today's lesson.

Kana(F): I see! You're the best, Master! I can't wait to learn even more!

Dwyer: Wait! Is it past dinner? How did it get SO late?!

Kana(F): You said to run until I got tired. It's been...hours.

Dwyer: Hmm. You really follow orders to the letter, don't you?

Kana(F): Yes, Master! To the letter!

Dwyer: That changes everything. You'll be ready to learn slappyface sooner than I thought.

Kana(F): Slappyface? Is that a martial-arts technique?

Dwyer: Uh, yes. And yet, no. One thing you must learn, Kana, is that slappyface is neither slappy nor face.

Kana(F): Yes, Master!

Dwyer: You are well on your way. Next time, I will reveal more.

Kana(F): Thank you, Master Dwyer!

A Support

Kana(F): Master Dwyer! Master Dwyer!

Dwyer: You again?

Kana(F): I'm ready for my next lesson.

Dwyer: Listen closely, Kana. You have already achieved all you need to. Today is your last day of training.

Kana(F): Yes, Master. But no, Master! I've hardly learned a thing yet.

Dwyer: You have. And yet you haven't. Do you see now? Have your eyes opened?

Kana(F): No! They haven't. I won't stand for this. You've got to teach me the martial arts.

Dwyer: Huh. You're smarter than you look.

Kana(F): Yes! So start my next lesson.

Dwyer: Ah, the lesson has already begun. I put up a wall of indifference. You broke through it. Now you're one step closer to being ready to learn slappyface. It is a technique passed from master to student for ages untold. My father taught it to me. I will teach it to you.

Kana(F): Ready, Master.

Dwyer: Oh, not today.

Kana(F): Whatever it takes! Whatever steps I must climb, Master! I appreciate you taking the time to help me.

Dwyer: It does cut into my nap time. But you're worth it.

Kana(F): I'll do my best.

Dwyer: Good, good—I know you will. Now, begin running.

Kana(F): Wait a second. Are you just going to take another nap?

Dwyer: Running is the key to the door that is you being elsewhere. As soon as you return though, I'll teach you something or another.

Kana(F): Yes, Master. I'll go run around the lake once. Back in a flash.

Dwyer: Make it twice, Kana... No, three times... Or even...zzzzz...

S Support

Dwyer: Hi, Kana.

Kana(F): What's wrong, Master Dwyer? You look more...?

Dwyer: More shady than usual? Well, it's been quite a lesson getting to know you. You're just too nice to keep fooling. I'm really sort of a lazy fool.

Kana(F): No, Master!

Dwyer: Drop that Master stuff. You're not my student. I've been deceiving you.

Kana(F): I know.

Dwyer: You do? Then why did you do all that running to learn slappyface?

Kana(F): I'm hoping that if we become real friends, maybe you'll teach me real things.

Dwyer: Really? Oh, look, Kana! There's a giant house made of candy over there!

Kana(F): Candy house? Where?!

Dwyer: Yes, see? Made you look. I'm a liar. I won't teach you real things.

Kana(F): You didn't make me look. I decided to look to make you feel like a jerk.

Dwyer: You what now?

Kana(F): Did it work?

Dwyer: Hmm, yes. It did.

Kana(F): Sorry. I said that I wanted to protect everyone. I'm starting with you.

Dwyer: Protecting me from what?

Kana(F): Yourself! You're your own worst enemy. You need a good friend.

Dwyer: And, what, you think you can do the job?!

Kana(F): I have been. You feel like a big jerk for making me run laps for no point, right?

Dwyer: Yes, I admit it!

Kana(F): There then. You'll be less of a jerk from now on.

Dwyer: I didn't realize you were on to me.

Kana(F): Ha! Of course! I can tell there's a heart of gold underneath all that murky goo!

Dwyer: You won't tell anyone, will you?

Kana(F): No, you can act like you're a jerk if you want—just not to me.

Dwyer: It's a deal, Kana.

Kana(F): And I'll be me too. I'm not as ditzy as you thought.

Dwyer: (Wish I'd known that earlier.)

Kana(F): What was that?

Dwyer: Wish I'd known you earlier!

Kana(F): Now let's put away all this master and student silliness, OK? We're best friends from now on.

Dwyer: Was this your plan this whole time? To ensnare me as your bestie?!

Kana(F): Heh. YES!