Fates Supports/Charlotte Kana(F)(PC)

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C Support

Kana(F): Mama! Hey, Mama!

Charlotte: Yeah? What is it?

Kana(F): Look! I picked some pretty flowers for you! They're yellow like the sun!

Charlotte: Oh! Um. Thank you, Kana. They're cute.

Kana(F): Do you really like them?

Charlotte: Yeah, I do. Really, thanks. You've been bringing me a lot of flowers lately, though. What's got into you?

Kana(F): I just remembered that when I was real little, we'd go looking at flowers together. So I bring you flowers because you always smile when I do. I love your smile, Mama!

Charlotte: You remember that, huh? Well...that's actually pretty touching, Kana. ...But...uh...you shouldn't pick so many flowers, sweetie!

Kana(F): Why not?

Charlotte: ...Because...um...it's not nice, dearie!

Kana(F): Why not?

Charlotte: Because...it hurts them, and hurting things is bad!

Kana(F): So does that mean I should stop hurting bad guys?

Charlotte: No, no, it's OK to hurt THEM!

Kana(F): Why?

Charlotte: Because I said so, you little—er. I mean... Because they're not innocent like the flowers are, dearest. Flowers don't deserve to die a terrible death on the battlefield. Unlike our foes.

Kana(F): Oh...I'm so sorry, flowers! I didn't mean to, I promise! I promise!

Charlotte: Shhh, Kana, it's all right. I'm sure the flowers know that you didn't mean to. You just need to promise not to pick any more, OK? And also to never question your mother again. OK, sweetie-pookums?

Kana(F): OK! But...if I don't pick them, how can I show you all the neat flowers I find?

Charlotte: Hmmm... Next time you find some, just come and get me. Then we'll go look at them together, OK?

Kana(F): Really? You won't be too busy?

Charlotte: I wouldn't be the perfect mother I am if I was too busy for my Kana, now would I?

Kana(F): OK! Then it's a deal, Mama!

Charlotte: You know it, sugar-lump!

B Support

Kana(F): La la lalala-la-la ♪ And now it's Mama time!

Charlotte: What's got you looking so cheerful today, Kana?

Kana(F): I just found some great flowers for us to go look at! You're going to love them, I'm sure of it!

Charlotte: Oh, right. I suppose I did promise... OK, let's make this quick.

Kana(F): Look! There they are, Mama!

Charlotte: Oh! I've never seen a plant with two colors of flowers growing off the same stem! Bloodred and white... It's a beautiful contrast.

Kana(F): I know—I love these flowers! They reminded me of you, Mama.

Charlotte: O-of me?! Well...this isn't the type of flower I'm normally compared to... Usually it's all roses and lilies and all that cliché crap. But being told I'm like one of these... Heehee...it's a nice change! I like it.

Kana(F): Don't worry, though, Mama! Flowers are pretty, but not as pretty as you!

Charlotte: A-and you've mastered the art of flattery! Are you sure you're not playing me? Well, there's no way I'm going to lose at my own game! I-I love your smile even more, my most beautiful little Kana!

Kana(F): Really? Yay!

Charlotte: Oh, that reminds me: I have something to show you. It's a special treat!

Kana(F): Oooh, is it something good? Can I see it right now? What is it?

Charlotte: Heehee. Are you sure you want to know? Welllllll, it's—

Kana(F): Ah! Wait! Don't tell me! I don't want to ruin the surprise!

Charlotte: Haha. OK, I'll save it for next time, then!

Kana(F): Oh boy! I can't wait!

A Support

Kana(F): Mama, I'm here! Where is that thing you wanted to show me?

Charlotte: Right here, darling. Come take a look.

Kana(F): Oh wow! This is such a big book! And look at all these flowers! Where did you get them?

Charlotte: These are all of the flowers you've been bringing me! I dried them all out and pressed them between the pages to preserve them. I thought it would be the perfect way for me to keep all your little gifts safe.

Kana(F): This is amazing! Like, really, really amazing! I hadn't realized how many flowers I'd brought you, either. Look! There are the yellow daisies I gave you the other day! Mama, thank you for taking such good care of them.

Charlotte: What? I should be thanking you, kiddo! You're the one who gave me the flowers! You don't know how much they've helped. Getting chased around by all those stupid men all of the time gets pretty exhausting... But at the end of the day, it's comforting to look at these and just think of you. Thank you so much, Kana.

Kana(F): You're welcome!

Charlotte: You know, we didn't pick the ones we saw the other day... But we did make some nice memories, didn't we? I hope we have many, many more just like them. How about you?

Kana(F): Me too! I love you so much, Mama!

Charlotte: I love you too, Kana.