Fates Supports/Camilla Midori(PC)

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C Support

Midori: Mother?

Camilla: Oh, Midori. What is that you're holding?

Midori: Remember how your knee was bothering you the other day? Well, I made a special ointment. It should help out with the pain. It took me a couple of days to track down the right herbs, but I did it!

Camilla: Oh, my, you did that for me? Why, thank you, Midori.

Midori: Heehee. Why don't you take a seat and get comfortable. I will apply it for you, OK? Shoo, pain—stop bothering Mother!

Camilla: Your special medicines are always so potent. My pain is already gone!

Midori: Really? Yaaaay! Err, I mean, I'm glad that it helped.

Camilla: Did your father help you create this ointment?

Midori: He sure did! I mentioned that you'd been in pain, and he gave me a few ideas. I still had to do a ton of research though.

Camilla: You're so studious, Midori. I bet your father was happy. He loves to share his knowledge.

Midori: Heehee, I hope so! He's always pleased when I come to him with a new herb.

Camilla: Well of course he is! Your father and I are both so proud of you.

Midori: Heeheehee! Thank you. I love you, Mother!

Camilla: I love you too, Midori.

B Support

Midori: *sniffle*

Camilla: Midori, what happened? Did someone bully you?

Midori: Nothing... Nothing, I'm fine. *sniffle*

Camilla: Tell me who was mean to you. I'll teach them a lesson they won't forget.

Midori: Well... I was in the forest collecting a few herbs, and some kids came up to me. They asked where my parents were and laughed when I said I was an adult. Then they said they were going deeper into the forest. I tried to stop them... But they turned to me and said, "Kids can't tell us what to do!" and ran off.

Camilla: Oh, how terribly rude. Did you see if the children got home safely?

Midori: Yes, they did. I watched them carefully to make sure they made it back OK.

Camilla: They sound like very mean children. But I'm relieved that everyone made it back home unharmed. It was thoughtful of you to look out for them even though they were rude.

Midori: I guess...

Camilla: Midori, don't make that face. You did the right thing. Oftentimes, people won't appreciate you, even when you're watching out for them. But that's no reason to stop being thoughtful and kind to others.

Midori: You're right. I won't stop helping people.

Camilla: That's wonderful to hear. Even if people don't always understand your intentions, I will. I believe in you, no matter what. Just relax, and follow your instincts.

Midori: *sniffle* Thanks, Mother.

A Support

Midori: Mother!

Camilla: Why hello, Midori. You seem to be in a good mood today.

Midori: I am! You remember those kids who I met while I was in the forest the other day?

Camilla: The ones who were so mean to you? Of course, I remember.

Midori: Yeah! Well, I ran into them in town earlier, and they were so nice. They apologized for being rude to me.

Camilla: Oh really? What a pleasant surprise. So did they understand that you were just trying to help?

Midori: They did! Well, that and I think their parents yelled at them for being mean. But it still made me feel better.

Camilla: I'm glad to hear that! Maybe those children aren't so terrible after all.

Midori: I think we're friends now. But, um... They invited me to go back into the deep forest with them... They said we'd be safe if I came along, but I'm not so sure. We probably shouldn't go without a grown-up, right?

Camilla: The deep forest is a perilous place for children and adults alike. It's filled with danger around every corner. I'd feel much better if you stayed away from there.

Midori: OK, Mother. I actually suggested that the kids come with me to collect some rare herbs. I told them it'd be a lot more fun than wandering around some scary forest.

Camilla: That sounds like a great plan. Now you go enjoy the afternoon with your friends.

Midori: OK! Thanks, Mother!