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C Support

Kiragi: Ah, the great outdoors. What a perfect day to do some hunting! The mountains look very appealing... But I did see a lot of game in that field the other day. So many choices!

Camilla: Kiragi! Stop right there!

Kiragi: Yikes! H-hey, Mom. You sure are good at sneaking these days.

Camilla: Don't greet me that way. It's very rude.

Kiragi: I can't help it. You look like you're about to attack!

Camilla: You're a silly boy. What are you doing out here? I asked you to stay home and get to work. I just don't know what I'm going to do with you...

Kiragi: I'm sorry... I promise I'll do some work as soon as I get home, OK?

Camilla: Oh no, I don't think so. You always just eat and fall asleep the second you get home from hunting. Don't you try and trick me.

Kiragi: B-but... I'm awful at math and history.

Camilla: Which is exactly why you need to devote more time to studying them!

Kiragi: I can survive being bad at math and history. I don't see what the big deal is.

Camilla: Sweetie, it's not just math and history. You need to be well rounded in order to survive in this world! I admit, your father and I should have been around to help with your education... I'm very sorry we weren't. But that's why it's so important to work hard now.

Kiragi: *grumble*

Camilla: I need you to cut back on the hunting. Studying needs to be your priority, OK?

Kiragi: No! This isn't fair! Hunting is the only thing I have to look forward to! Don't try and take that away from me! You may be my mother, but you can't force me to do anything. I'm going hunting, and I don't care whether you like it or not.

(Kiragi leaves)

Camilla: Kiragi, get back here! *sigh* He's even more stubborn than his father...

B Support

Kiragi: What an amazing day! No one will be going hungry anytime soon. That bird sure gave me a lot of trouble. I should look it up when I get home. Maybe I need to build some new traps, too.

(Kiragi leaves)

Kiragi: OK, careful... Easy does it. I can't let Mom know that I was out hunting instead of resting. "Work harder on your studies!" That's all she ever thinks about. Like I need math or history to be a good tracker.

(Kiragi leaves)

Camilla: Hmm. Maybe I should rewrite this one...

(Camilla leaves)

Kiragi: Huh? It looks like she's writing something.

(Kiragi leaves)

Camilla: I bet he'd find this equation simpler if we compared it to the flight of an arrow.

(Camilla leaves)

Kiragi: What is she doing?

(Kiragi leaves)

Camilla: The timeline in this book is just awful. There must be a better one around here. I guess I'll have to run down to the library to track down a different copy.

(Camilla leaves)

Kiragi: Geez, she's working really hard.

(Kiragi leaves)

Camilla: It's not that he's bad at studying. He just gets overwhelmed by dealing with so much information all at once. We need to take things slowly. I know he can catch up.

Kiragi: Hey, Mom.

Camilla: Ah, Kiragi, welcome home. Why are you just standing there?

Kiragi: I-I'm sorry, Mom. You're putting so much energy into helping me learn, and I keep running off to hunt. I'm really sorry.

Camilla: Kiragi, sweetie. Don't say another word. I'm not upset with you. It's important for us to understand each other's positions. Will you try to give up some hunting time to work on your studies though?

Kiragi: I will! I didn't realize how much this mattered until I saw you just now. Please, teach me! I want to learn about math and history!

Camilla: Heehee, that makes me so happy. Would you like to start now?

Kiragi: OK! But wait. I'm totally covered in mud. Let me change real quick—then we can start! Wait right here!

(Kiragi leaves)

Camilla: I'll grab the books!

A Support

Kiragi: All right! I solved it! Take that, math problem!

Camilla: Wow, that was quick, sweetie. Show me your work. Hmm... Well, the answer is correct. But how did reach that conclusion?

Kiragi: Ah, yeah. I know you normally start on the right. But if you make an assumption here, you can skip a bunch of extra calculations. I think the book called it an advanced method, but it wasn't that tough.

Camilla: Oh, you're so clever!

Kiragi: Hehheh!

Camilla: You did an excellent job with your history assignment as well. All the years, places, and important events are in the right spots. You didn't miss anything at all!

Kiragi: It was so much easier once I started thinking of them as fantastic stories. Boring random facts are so much harder to remember. And it helps to have a great teacher, too!

Camilla: You're the one putting in all the effort, sweetie. I'm so proud of you!

Kiragi: Stop, Mom! You're going to make me blush.

Camilla: It looks like you've already finished up all your work for the day. Why don't you take the afternoon off? Go enjoy some hunting!

Kiragi: Umm, thanks. That's all right.

Camilla: What?

Kiragi: I mean, hunting is great and all. But I'd love to study some more with you.

Camilla: Awww. Sweetie, are you sure?

Kiragi: You made me understand that learning can be so much fun! I can't believe that I used to dread it. We can keep going, right?

Camilla: Well of course we can, if you really want to. Spending time with you makes me happy as can be!

Kiragi: I've been having a great time too! Thanks, Mom!