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C Support

Selena: Hey, Benny! Come see!

Benny: What's wrong? Is there some emergency?

Selena: I heard all about that stunt of yours!

Benny: Stunt...?

Selena: They say you stopped a wild bull in its tracks with just one hand. And you know what I say to that? Child's play. It's such an easy task that I'm almost falling asleep thinking about it. And I'll prove it to you! I brought a wild bull to demonstrate. He's just over there. So let's do this!

Benny: A wild bull...?

Selena: Yeah! He's an ornery one, too! But that won't keep me from stopping his charge with one hand. You'll see!

Benny: This seems dangerous... Please don't do it. Besides, I don't remember doing anything like what you're talking about...

Selena: I'll be fine! Don't worry about it! Just keep watching me so you can tell people how great I was!

Benny: A-all right...

B Support

Selena: I don't believe it! What happened?! Where did I go wrong?!

Benny: I told you it was a bad idea...

Selena: If I couldn't stop that charging bull with one hand, no one could! You were obviously fibbing when you told people you did it!

Benny: I didn't lie to anyone.

Selena: So, what then? Everyone who told me about your stunt was lying?

Benny: I wouldn't call it a lie. More like a big misunderstanding. I've never stopped a charging bull with one hand...or even with two...

Selena: Whaaaaaat?!

Benny: What I actually did was hold down a cow while a farmer helped deliver a calf.

Selena: Wh...what?! That's not heroic at all! Not even a little bit legendary!

Benny: The story got bigger in the telling, I guess.

Selena: I don't believe this! You're saying I put my life on the line over a tall tale?!

Benny: You could say that. Yeah.

Selena: One wrong move and I could have been trampled! Or gored! Or who knows what!

Benny: S-sorry...

Selena: Why are you apologizing?! It's not YOUR fault! Besides...you saved me from the bull.

Benny: It was pretty close. You, um, almost had it though?

Selena: I wasn't even close. But nice try.

Benny: Just trying to help...

A Support

Selena: Hey, Benny! You'd better thank me!

Benny: OK...thanks.

Selena: Not YET, numskull! I haven't told you what you should thank me for!

Benny: That's true. Why should I thank you?

Selena: I put a stop to that tall tale going around.

Benny: The one about me and the wild bull?

Selena: What other one is there?! So now everyone knows you never stopped any charging bull. With any number of hands.

Benny: Oh. You're right... I should thank you for that.

Selena: Let me tell you, it wasn't easy. For some stupid reason, everyone was absolutely convinced you'd done it. It wouldn't shock me if there are STILL people who believe the story and not me.

Benny: I'm sorry you had to go to all that trouble just for me.

Selena: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I never said I did it for you!

Benny: Didn't you...?

Selena: People talking up your fake legends makes it harder for my REAL legend to spread. So really, I didn't have a choice. I had to make it crystal clear to everyone that you never did anything cool.

Benny: Um...

Selena: Don't get the wrong idea... I wasn't thanking you for saving me from the bull. This just had to be cleared up.

Benny: Heh...OK.

Selena: What was that laugh about?! I demand answers!

Benny: I was just thinking you were sweet.

Selena: Of course I am! Nobody's sweeter than me! NOBODY! But make no mistake—I'm not sweet to just anyone! You're not going anywhere until you understand that, OK?!

Benny: OK. I get it...

S Support

Benny: Hmm. Selena...you're pretty weird.

Selena: Where do you get off calling me "weird" out of the blue?! Talk about rude! I challenge you to name one weird thing about me! Go on—try it!

Benny: Well, um. You're selfish and brash. That's two. You're harsh to people. That's three... And you're arrogant—four...

Selena: None of that is "weird." You're just being insulting! Why, I oughtta—

Benny: But behind it all, you're really sweet. That's the weirdest thing.

Selena: ...Am I?

Benny: Yeah. You're sweet.

Selena: Hmph. I get a good head of steam going, and then you spring that on me. What's a girl to say?

Benny: It's that sweetness that, um...attracts me...

Selena: Huh? Speak up, Benny! Gods, it's like pulling teeth, getting you to say anything.

Benny: OK. *ahem* Selena...will you marry me?

Selena: What?! That's what you were mumbling about? You want me to marry you? Not five minutes ago, you were telling me how rude and arrogant and brash I was!

Benny: S-sorry...I guess that's a no.

Selena: I never said that! Don't put words in my mouth! You caught me off guard, that's all. I need time to vent before I give you an answer!

Benny: That's true. It's OK if you want to wait until some other day to answer...

Selena: I didn't say I needed THAT long! You and your assumptions! Geez!

Benny: You're sure...? If you need more time, I don't—

Selena: If I say I'm sure, then I'm sure! Why does no one listen to me?! I know how I feel without having to think about it! It's completely obvious!

Benny: I'm confused now.

Selena: UGGGH! Pay attention, Benny! I'm telling you I like you too!

Benny: ...Were you? That's not what I was getting out of that...

Selena: Now you're telling me I'm lying?! About MY OWN FEELINGS for you?!

Benny: No! I-I just thought...you wouldn't feel that way about me...

Selena: Boy, were YOU wrong! I love you! Probably WAY more than you love me! I can't BELIEVE I even have to say this!

Benny: Heh...

Selena: I hope you're up to the job of loving me. It's a big deal! Not everyone can do it!

Benny: Leave it to me... I think I can make you happy.

Selena: Good. I'm not asking a lot, you know! Just a little happiness with you...