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C Support

Benny: ...Hi.

Beruka: ...

Benny: Hi...?

Beruka: Do you need something?

Benny: No...not really. I noticed you're not very talkative.

Beruka: No. I speak when spoken to. Otherwise, I stay silent.

Benny: OK.

Beruka: Besides, I could say the same about you.

Benny: There's a difference, though. I want to talk. I'm just no good at it.

Beruka: I see. You have the desire, but lack the ability.

Benny: Right.

Beruka: That's never been my problem.

Benny: No.

Beruka: Stimulating as this is, I'm leaving now.

Benny: Next time...

Beruka: What?

Benny: Next time, I'll think of something for us to talk about.

Beruka: ...If that's what you want.

B Support

Benny: You're so...blank, Beruka.

Beruka: ... This is it? This is the conversation topic you said you'd think of?

Benny: A nonstarter, huh?

Beruka: *shrug* I don't care what we talk about.

Benny: You'd think that would make it easy to talk to you. And yet...

Beruka: ... So I'm hard to read. What of it?

Benny: I didn't mean anything by it. Just a thing I realized.

Beruka: Noted. ... Was there anything else, or is that it?

Benny: Um…

Beruka: Benny. You clearly don't have anything to talk about. So why do you want to talk to me?

Benny: No reason...

Beruka: You want to talk to me for no reason?

Benny: Is that strange?

Beruka: You'd have to ask someone else. I'm not a good barometer of "strange."

Benny: We're allies. Is that an OK reason?

Beruka: Is that what you're going with? You want to talk...because we're allies?

Benny: Yeah...yeah, let's go with that.

Beruka: Then you're a fool. I won't hesitate to kill anyone at all if that's the assignment given to me. Even my "allies." It's a waste of my time chatting with someone I might someday have to kill.

Benny: OK. So...I'll just be going now...

A Support

Benny: Beruka? Are you OK?

Beruka: Leave me. You're a distraction.

Benny: A distraction from what?

Beruka: You just...talk to me all the time. For no reason. You said it yourself.

Benny: Uh... Are you feeling OK?

Beruka: Weren't you listening to me? I'm not good at the "feeling" thing. So leave me be.

Benny: Not good at it, huh? It sounds more like you're just not used to it.

Beruka: Huh?

Benny: You need practice. Don't worry, though. I'm strong.

Beruka: So?

Benny: I'm not trying to brag. What I mean is... even if you had an assignment to kill me, I wouldn't go down so easy.

Beruka: ...

Benny: Are you OK? Say something...

Beruka: ... I'm fine. Nothing wrong worth mentioning.

Benny: Good. That's good.

Beruka: Heh. I need to get used to it, huh? Maybe so... This isn't the life I used to live, after all.

Benny: So...do you want to keep talking about nothing with me? For no reason?

Beruka: Sure, Benny.

S Support

Benny: ...

Beruka: ...

Benny: ...

Beruka: ...

Benny: Oh. There goes the bird.

Beruka: Yeah. So long, bird.

Benny: ...

Beruka: ...

Benny: Beruka, will you marry me?

Beruka: ...

Benny: I love you, you know...

Beruka: Hmm. I've never loved anyone.

Benny: Really?

Beruka: It's true. But when I'm with you, I'm not as tense as I always am. You make me feel safe to relax.

Benny: That's me with you too.

Beruka: We don't even have to talk. I'm happy just to sit quietly next to you.

Benny: Yeah...that's me too. Again.

Beruka: When I'm not with you and I think about you, my pulse runs faster.

Benny: Same...

Beruka: ... I guess all of that is what it's like to love someone.

Benny: Yeah...

Beruka: I love you, Benny. And let me guess... "It's the same for me."

Benny: It's true, though.

Beruka: ...

Benny: ...

Beruka: The answer is yes. I'll marry you.

Benny: OK.

Beruka: Loving someone, having them love me back... It'll take some getting used to. But I'm happier right now that I can ever remember being.

Benny: Yep. It's the same for me.

Beruka: You're a good man, Benny.