Fates Supports/Azura Selkie(PC)

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C Support

Selkie: Hey, Mom! What are you doing? Wanna go outside and play?

Azura: Oh, Selkie! You're covered in mud! And is that blood on your legs?

Selkie: Yep! I was exploring in the forest, and I think I fell off a cliff or two. Heehee!

Azura: Are you all right? Did you hit your head?

Selkie: Aww, I'm fine. I just scraped my knees a little bit. Everything still works the way it's supposed to. See?

Azura: Honey, I'm glad you're OK, but please stop doing cartwheels in here. You're flinging mud all over the place! Also, can you try to be a little bit more careful out there?

Selkie: Grr, that's no fun! What am I supposed to do?

Azura: Oh, we could play indoors. We could sing a song together! There are so many fun things that don't involve climbing trees or falling off of cliffs.

Selkie: I dunno...sounds boring. Oh! I have an idea! Let's play dress-up! We can put on makeup and everything.

Azura: Hey, that's a great idea! I've always wanted to teach you how to use makeup.

Selkie: Yay! Let's do it! Gimme that lipstick!

Azura: Whoa, hold on just a second. Let me get some things together first.

Selkie: All right...this is gonna be great!

B Support

Azura: All right, Selkie. Are you ready to learn how to use makeup?

Selkie: Oh yeah! Bring it on!

Azura: Oh, I've been looking forward to this for years... So, the first thing you want to do is—

Selkie: War paint! Right under the eyes with lipstick! I want green—do you have green?

Azura: Are...are you sure? I was going to say we should start with a little foundation.

Selkie: You mean this powdery stuff? I think it's gonna make me sneeze. AH-CHOO! Oh no...it's everywhere!

Azura: Ack! That stuff is expensive...be careful!

Selkie: *sniff* I'm sorry, Mom. I'm screwing everything up, aren't I?

Azura: No, no...it just takes practice is all. Here, why don't you let me do your makeup today... You can just watch what I'm doing and learn. And then next time you can do it yourself! What do you say?

Selkie: Really? OK...that sounds good.

Azura: All right, here we go. You're so pretty...I'll just use a light touch and make you look extra—

Selkie: Fierce! I want to look like I could rip your head off with my teeth. Rawr! I mean, not YOUR head, Mom. Anyway, make me look fierce!

Azura: That's my girl.

A Support

Selkie: Hey, Mom! Guess what?

Azura: What is it, Selkie? You seem ecstatic!

Selkie: Yeah! Well, I got so many compliments on the makeup you did for me. People said that I looked terrifying!

Azura: Oh, that's...good?

Selkie: Uh-huh! There's just one problem...

Azura: Oh? What's that?

Selkie: Well, I loved the makeup, but it took so long to put on. I'd kind of rather spend that time outside playing and running.

Azura: I see...

Selkie: Oh! But that doesn't mean I didn't like being with you. It was really fun to see how you put it all together. I guess what I'm saying is... Sometimes I want to do makeup with you, but other times... I want to run and play outside with you!

Azura: Well, that sounds absolutely perfect to me, dear.

Selkie: It does? Yay!

Azura: How about we go climb a tree right now? I know a great one not too far from here.

Selkie: Aww, you're the best! I'm so glad you're my mom!