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C Support

Azama: That should do the trick...

Kaden: Heya, Azama. What's with that silly straw hat of yours? You know it's not raining, right?

Azama: I'm preparing for the inevitable downpour to come. The hat will keep my hair nice and dry.

Kaden: Downpour? But there's not a cloud in the sk— Where did all this rain come from?! It hasn't come down like this in ages!

Azama: Heheh. I told you. Don't worry, this is simply a passing shower. It will stop soon.

Kaden: How can you possibly tell?

Azama: The great one told me what would come to pass.

Kaden: The great one? Who's that?

Azama: He's one of the gods. I've been doing ascetic training up in the mountains for years now. My years of meditation and practice have made me something of a master. Let's just say that all that training has given me certain...abilities.

Kaden: That's amazing, Azama! I didn't even know people like you existed! Ah, and the rain finally stopped. So does that mean you really can hear his voice?

Azama: Of course I can. He said that the rain would simply pass us by after a moment.

Kaden: No way! Listen, if you hear the voice again, be sure to tell me what he says, OK?

Azama: Sure, if you insist.

Kaden: Awesome, I can't wait! Thanks, Azama!

(Kaden leaves)

Azama: Oh, Kaden. What a silly fool. How could he possibly believe all that nonsense?

B Support

Kaden: Azama, wait up! It's so cool how you can hear the great one's voice. I was wondering if there was a way for me to hear his voice too.

Azama: You really want to hear it badly, don't you, Kaden? Hmm. Well, if you dedicated yourself to ascetic training like I did, it could happen. But there's no guarantee, understand? I'll do what I can to help you, of course.

Kaden: Really? You mean it?! Thanks, Azama. You're the best!

Azama: There's a waterfall right nearby. Tell me, have you ever done deep immersion waterfall meditation?

Kaden: Huh? What's that? I didn't even know such a thing existed.

Azama: It's an ancient practice where one sits beneath a waterfall for a long, long time. This meditative period helps to clear one's mind of obstructive thoughts. It's quite effective, if done properly.

Kaden: You have to be crazy! If I sat under a waterfall, I'd just end up getting soaked! Not to mention that it's freezing out. If I caught cold, it'd be bad news. In fact, this whole cockamamie idea sounds like big trouble.

Azama: Did you think reaching a higher spiritual state would be simple? Of course it's a great deal of trouble! If it was easy, everyone would be doing it! Considering how much you're already complaining, maybe we should call this off. I doubt you'll ever hear the great one's voice with that attitude.

Kaden: Fine, OK. I'll give it a try.

Azama: Heheh... Heh.

Kaden: Huh? What are you laughing at?

Azama: You really are a dope, aren't you? How could you possibly believe this nonsense?

Kaden: What are you talking about?

Azama: I made up all this silliness about the great one. You're very gullible.

Kaden: You did?!

Azama: Of course. For example, the other day. I read the clouds' movements. Mountain weather is always shifting, so I simply predicted the downpour. After training in the mountains for ages, it's easy for me to spot a storm coming in.

Kaden: So everything you said about the great one was just made up? It's not true?

Azama: It's nonsense. Total fiction. I've never heard of anyone being able to hear voices. Unless they were totally insane, of course.

Kaden: You tricked me! Made me out to look like some fool! You're the worst, Azama!

Azama: Ahahaha, my humblest apologies. It's just that your reactions were so earnest. I simply couldn't help myself.

A Support

Kaden: We need to talk, Azama.

Azama: Ahaha, Kaden. What brings you out here? Looking to get tricked again already?

Kaden: Yeah yeah, very funny. Listen, the truth is that I still think you're pretty remarkable.

Azama: Hmm? What do you mean?

Kaden: It was easy for you to read the weather just by looking at the sky, right? I've never seen anyone else do that before. Clearly all that training has helped you to become more powerful, right? Which means that you must have actually done super-tough training before! Like the waterfall meditation. That was obviously real. You can't fool me!

Azama: Kaden, wait a minu—

Kaden: You totally are one of a kind! After all that hard work, I know you'll hear the great one's voice someday. All I ask is that you tell me what the voice sounds like when that day comes, OK?

Azama: Listen, Kaden. You're a goofy guy, so I thought it would be fun to tease you, OK? But I realize now that you're exactly the kind of person I can barely stand.

Kaden: Huh? What do you mean by that?

Azama: You can't pick up on sarcasm, and now you're earnestly trying to sing my praises. This conversation is making me feel sick.

Kaden: I'm sorry to hear that. Would teasing me make you feel any better?

Azama: I don't think that will help right now. But I can't let things end like this. When you come by next time, I'm going to trick you in a big way. Just wait and see.

Kaden: Hahaha, that's a first. You're not so bad, Azama!

Azama: Laugh it up while you still can. I'm going to get you, Kaden! You better be prepared!

Kaden: Yay! I can't wait!