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C Support

Sophie: Whoa! Whoa there! STOOOP! Come on, Avel—play along!

(Sophie leaves)

Avatar: Having trouble with your horse there, Sophie?

(Avatar leaves)

Sophie: I told you, that place is off limits! Be a good boy and LISTEN!

Avatar: Uh-oh...he's coming this way...! Wh— AAAAGH! OW!

Sophie: H-hey! Avel! Avatar's not for eating! Let him go or you'll spoil your meal!

Avatar: Somebody...help...! Sophie, do something!

Sophie: Um, sorry, Avatar! Avel's not in a very cooperative mood today. We might just have to wait until he gets bored of chewing on you.

Avatar: You mean...you're just going to stand there and let him bite me?!

Sophie: That's about the size of it... ... ... There we go! He's running off to do something else! Good thing for you, huh, Avatar?

Avatar: *shudder* I'm going to have nightmares about those teeth...

Sophie: It's my fault... Argh! I'll never be a real knight if I can't control my horse!

Avatar: Don't be so down. You might not have it down yet, but someday—

Sophie: No! If I haven't gotten it by now, I'm never going to! *sob*

(Sophie leaves)

Avatar: Sophie! *sigh* Poor girl. Wait... If she left...who's keeping Avel in check?! Oh, gods! Here he comes again!

B Support

Avatar: Avel isn't with you today, Sophie? Good...I'm still recovering from our last run-in.

Sophie: I'm still really sorry about that... *sigh*

Avatar: What's wrong, Sophie? You're usually more brimming with energy.

Sophie: Yeah...usually I stop thinking about stuff after I've had a good night's sleep... But my Avel problems are always still there in the morning.

Avatar: Avel's quite headstrong, isn't he?

Sophie: He has his good days when he'll listen and behave. But other days... Well, just yesterday he bit a villager and then ate all the food in a market stall.

Avatar: Oh, yes, I'd heard someone was putting together a food drive for those poor folk. I didn't realize that was Avel's doing...

Sophie: Times like this, shutting myself away in my tent and counting sand isn't cutting it.

Avatar: You count sand...? Does it help?

Sophie: Eh, sometimes it helps me through things. Like yesterday, I counted up to 23,510.

Avatar: There's got to be a better use of your time than that.

Sophie: Avel's not bad—he's just special. I got him from my daddy, and I love him so much. But if he won't listen when I beg him to stop kicking over old ladies... what if he ignores me in the middle of a fight when it counts?

Avatar: Kicking over old ladies? That was Avel too...?!

Sophie: He always listens to Daddy! Why not me?

Avatar: I bet if Avel could see you now, he'd regret being so willful. It sounds like your relationship with him is a bit...fraught. You might be better off treating him as a friend, rather than a problem to be solved. You'll get better results with a smile than a frown. That goes for people and horses.

Sophie: Avatar... You're right! If Avel sees me afraid of him, it might make him act even crazier! Thanks, Avatar! You've given me a new angle on this!

Avatar: Now you're sounding more like the Sophie we all know.

Sophie: I'm gonna go try this on Avel! See you around, Avatar!

A Support

Sophie: Avatar!

Avatar: Sophie? Oh...you're with Avel today... N-no...Avel, stay back...! I taste terrible! Aaaaah!

Sophie: Avel, whoa!

Avatar: He...stopped? But Avel never stops...

Sophie: Avatar is a friend. FRIEND! We don't eat friends, Avel.

Avatar: He's actually listening to you!

Sophie: Heehee, yep! Avel's a good boy today. That advice you gave me has helped us both a whole lot. I've tried to smile around him whenever I can, even when I'm nervous.

Avatar: I'm glad it's having an effect.

Sophie: Daddy gave me another tip, too. He said if I come across as hesitant, Avel will just ignore me. But if I stand firm and give clear, loud commands, he'll do what I say.

Avatar: Avel sounds like a very proud horse.

Sophie: He totally is! Though I gotta admit... Sometimes, even when I do all that stuff, he still doesn't listen.

Avatar: Don't worry about it. You'll have him eating out of your hand in no time.

Sophie: Haha, I hope so. I'll try, at any rate!

Avatar: Wait... Speaking of Avel, where did he go?

Sophie: Huh? That's a good question... Aaaaaaaaah! Avel, NO! Get out of that pottery shop this instant! Don't you break those vases at me, young horse!

(Sophie leaves)

Avatar: This seems like a good chance to slip away quietly...

S Support

Avatar: Sophie, I wanted to—

Sophie: Give me juuuust a second, Avatar. I'm dealing with Avel problems right now. Bad horse! Whose clothes are these?! Give them back right now, or whoever's going around in the buff will catch a cold!

Avatar: He's still giving you trouble, is he?

Sophie: Yeah...it never ends. So, you were saying?

Avatar: Right. I have a very special gift for— Avel! Please don't swallow, I— Argh! He ate it!

Sophie: Avel!! I can't believe you!

Avatar: We have to get that box back! Do you know a way to, um...

Sophie: S-sorry, but I've never found a way to get him to cough things up. If it's really important, you might have to wait until...well...

Avatar: Ugh. This is a disaster.

Sophie: I tell you what—I'll make it up to you. He's my horse, after all. What was in that little box? Some sweets? A charm? Haha, was it a wedding ring?

Avatar: Ngh...

Sophie: Oh my gods...it was! You were totally going to propose to me, weren't you!

Avatar: That was my intent...though I'm ashamed to say I no longer have a ring to do it with.

Sophie: That's OK! You don't need a ring to show me you care. I knew that already.

Avatar: You did?

Sophie: Yeah. You always give me good advice and cheer me up when I'm feeling down. You're a great guy, Avatar. If you still had that ring, I'd definitely accept it. Although that's the problem, huh?

Avatar: What do you mean?

Sophie: Avel messed up your big moment. I know you and he haven't gotten along so well... But the two of us are a package deal. I can't leave my horse behind. No matter how much he acts up, he's my partner for life.

Avatar: Oh, I understand fully. There's a place for Avel in my heart, too.

Sophie: Th-there is? Even when he's about to chomp down on your hand...?

Avatar: GAH... This... This is nothing, haha... I can withstand any pain so long as I'm with you...no matter how...excruciating... I'll be fine! Gaaaaah...

Sophie: Avatar...that means a lot to me. In that case, I'd be happy to be your bride! And hey, look—I think Avel's passing the ring right now. Good boy, Avel!

Avatar: Leave it. I'll get you a new one...

(Confession Scene)

Sophie: I love you! I'm sure you, me, and our children will make a perfect family. Oh, and Avel too, of course.