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C Support

Selkie: Grrrrr!

Avatar: Selkie?! Why are you growling at me like that?

Selkie: RAWR!

Avatar: OK, I can see that you're upset. But can we talk this through?

Selkie: Ugh, FINE. I just want to know why you interrupted me in that battle!

Avatar: You mean when you were about to finish off that opponent?

Selkie: Yeah! We're supposed to be on the same team. What were you thinking?

Avatar: Selkie, that opponent was already defeated. I stopped you out of mercy.

Selkie: Defeated? He was still alive. He could have healed and attacked any one of us! Besides, when I'm in my animal form, it's not easy to just pull back like that. You of all people should understand.

Avatar: I'm afraid that I don't have the same kind of hunting instinct that you do. But I must ask you, for all of our sakes, to remain focused on the battlefield. Think about how your actions are impacting the greater cause.

Selkie: Meh, I don't get it. You're going to have to do better than that.

Avatar: *sigh*

B Support

Selkie: Oh, Avatar... Avatar!

Avatar: Selkie? What's the matter? And what's that in your mouth?

Selkie: *nom* *nom* *nom* It was a bird, of course! I was going to see if you wanted one. So...do you? It'd only take me a minute to catch another.

Avatar: Thanks, but no thanks.

Selkie: Your loss! Bird meat is delicious because it's so fatty. Mmm... I may need to catch another one for myself...

Avatar: You must be a pretty good hunter if it's that easy for you to catch a bird.

Selkie: Well, I don't mean to brag, but I once caught 50 birds in a day. But...I don't catch that many anymore.

Avatar: Oh? Why's that?

Selkie: Well, my dad told me that if I keep on catching that many, they'll disappear. So, I usually only catch one or two if I'm hungry or if I want to sell one at market.

Avatar: That seems quite reasonable. And...it sort of relates to what we were talking about the other day.

Selkie: I don't remember... What were we talking about?

Avatar: Remember the soldier you felled in battle? You were going in for the coup de grace, and I stopped you.

Selkie: The coup de what now?

Avatar: You were going to kill him, Selkie. Even though he no longer posed a threat. Sometimes it's important to show a little mercy. You never know... It could come back and benefit you later.

Selkie: Or HE could come back from his injury and stab me when I'm not looking!

Avatar: It's possible...but unlikely, given that both of his arms were broken. Anyway, the point is that that soldier could have offered us information. And what if you found yourself in a similar situation? Disarmed, disabled, but still alive... Would you want a second chance?

Selkie: Hmm...

Avatar: There's a certain balance to the world, I think. We'd do well not to disrupt it.

Selkie: Balance, eh? All right, got it. Thanks, Avatar!

(Selkie leaves)

Avatar: I hope I got through...

A Support

Selkie: Avatar! Avatar! Did you see me?

Avatar: Hi, Selkie. Did I see you...when?

Selkie: In the last battle, silly!

Avatar: Ah. I did! You stopped attacking the moment the enemy lost the will to fight. I was extremely proud of your judgment.

Selkie: Yay! I told you I understood your lesson. And I knew you'd be proud.

Avatar: So, how did it feel? Were you worried about a fallen enemy springing back to life?

Selkie: A little bit, to be honest. And I also really like fighting, so it was hard to stop when I was having fun... But what you said makes a lot of sense. If I catch all the birds at once, I won't have the fun of catching them later!

Avatar: Excellent. I'm sure glad you're on my side, Selkie.

Selkie: Me too, Avatar! See you later!

(Selkie leaves)

Avatar: I wish I could be that carefree at the end of a bloody battle...

S Support

Selkie: Hey, Avatar! Get over here! *pounce*

Avatar: Selkie! What are you doing? Get off of me!

Selkie: What? What's the big deal? You don't wanna wrestle?

Avatar: No! I...I don't think it's appropriate.

Selkie: Pfft. Appropriate? I wrestle like this with all of my friends!

Avatar: Well...I guess I've been starting to think of us as more than just friends, Selkie.

Selkie: Oh, yeah! You're totally like my BEST friend these days. And you're also kinda like a teacher. I've learned a ton from you.

Avatar: Er, I'd rather that you didn't think of me that way...

Selkie: Heehee! Too bad, teach! Now, try and get out of this headlock!

Avatar: Selkie! I said stop!

Selkie: Aww, you really mean it, huh?

Avatar: Yes, Selkie. I do. I'm sorry for pushing you away like that.

Selkie: No, I'm sorry for being so wild and goofy. Do...do you hate me?

Avatar: No! Just the opposite! I mean... Ugh...why is this so hard?

Selkie: Just say whatever it is you're trying to say, silly! As long as you don't hate me, I promise I won't get offended.

Avatar: OK. Here goes. I...I think you're really cute, Selkie.

Selkie: Is that it? 'Cause I think you're kinda cute too, dum-dum.

Avatar: But...it's more than that. When you're around, my heart starts racing and I get flustered...

Selkie: Well, that sounds like...

Avatar: I'm in love with you. There, I said it. Now I guess you can go ahead and put me in that headlock...

Selkie: Aww, if I put you in a headlock, it's going to be a headlock of love.

Avatar: So, er...somewhat like a hug?

Selkie: Yeah! I think I'm in love with you, too. This is great!

Avatar: Is this really happening? Surely love can't be this easy...

Selkie: Why not? It should be the easiest thing in the world, shouldn't it?

Avatar: Well, it seems you're the one who should be offering me lessons. Because I think you're right.

(Confession Scene)

Selkie: Aww, you're the best! Get ready for a love tackle!