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C Support

Avatar: Hello, Sakura. How's it going?

Sakura: Um, OK... I'm f-fine. I guess.

Avatar: You don't seem too sure about that. Are you feeling unwell?

Sakura: Huh? No! I'm in perfect health.

Avatar: Oh, I see. Then...um, do you just not like me all that much?

Sakura: What?! That's not true! How could anyone dislike you, Avatar?

Avatar: Every time I try to talk to you, you always seem upset.

Sakura: I'm sorry! That's m-my fault. I'm terrible around people!

Avatar: Sakura...is there anything I can do to help? If that's really what's bothering you, maybe you could practice talking to me.

Sakura: D-do you think that would work?

Avatar: I do. In fact, I'll prove it to you!

B Support

Avatar: Sakura, are you ready to start our conversation practice?

Sakura: Y-y-yes!

Avatar: Then, let's begin. *ahem* Sakura, how old were you when you knew you wanted to be a healer?

Sakura: Uh...I d-don't know...

Avatar: Did you do any special training or studying to become a healer?

Sakura: Uh, I mean, I guess... I d-don't know!

Avatar: Sakura... Try to calm yourself. Just calmly answer my questions, OK?

Sakura: I'm sorry, Avatar! I just get so n-nervous all the time...

Avatar: No need to apologize. Besides, I think I've figured out what the problem is... You let other people intimidate you. Do you have any idea how that started?

Sakura: I d-don't know.

Avatar: *sigh* I see.

Sakura: I'm sorry... Thanks for trying to help me anyway...

Avatar: Haha, sweet Sakura. One of these days I'll get you to stop apologizing!

A Support

Sakura: Avatar... Do you have a minute?

Avatar: Of course. What do you need?

Sakura: I didn't tell you this the other day, because I didn't want to hurt your feelings... But I think I know the reason I'm so anxious all the time.

Avatar: You do? Please, go on!

Sakura: W-well...I was really little when you were kidnapped and taken to Nohr... One day, I overheard some maids talking, and they said that Nohr wasn't after YOU. They had originally planned to kidnap me!

Avatar: What?!

Sakura: I know! Later, I realized it was probably just a r-rumor...but I still felt terrible. It was all my fault that my brother got kidnapped!

Avatar: But that's not true! You poor thing... None of this was your fault!

Sakura: You're really kind to say that, Avatar. I still worry that you'll l-leave us again.

Avatar: Don't worry, Sakura. I'm not going anywhere. I'll always protect you.

Sakura: Thank you, Avatar. It's easier to be brave now that we're together again.

S Support

Sakura: Avatar, do you have a m-moment?

Avatar: Sakura, you look upset... You're not dwelling on the past again, are you?

Sakura: Actually, I am.

Avatar: I understand. Those memories aren't happy ones. It will take time to heal.

Sakura: Th-that's not what I'm thinking about! After you were kidnapped, there wasn't a single day that I didn't think of you. I always tried to imagine where you were... what kind of person you were becoming... Maybe you were warm and kindhearted. Maybe you were thinking of me...

Avatar: Sakura...

Sakura: I dreamt about you too. In my dreams, I'd find you again, and we'd be so happy!

Avatar: Did I meet your expectations?

Sakura: You were more than I'd hoped for! From the moment you returned, I loved you instantly. Just...n-not as my brother.

Avatar: Huh?! What are you saying?

Sakura: The real reason I found it so hard to talk to you at first is because...I love you! I mean—look at me now! I've told you how I feel, and I still can't stop talking.

Avatar: Sakura... I appreciate your feelings, but we...

Sakura: I know what you're going to say. That we're half-siblings. But...what if we weren't?

Avatar: What do you mean?

Sakura: After you returned to Hoshido, Mother gave me a letter. She said I should read it if I ever started worrying about the one I loved. At the time, I didn't understand, but... Mother had almost prophetic powers. She must have known how I felt.

Avatar: What did the letter say?

Sakura: It was sh-shocking! It said that we're not blood related...not even a tiny bit.

Avatar: But you and Ryoma and the others... you're all King Sumeragi's children...

Sakura: That's right...but you're not his son. Your mother, Queen Mikoto, came to Hoshido to ask my father for help. She brought along a baby—you. My father knew you weren't his son... but he loved Queen Mikoto, so he raised you as his own. He really did love you.

Avatar: King Sumeragi...must have cared for me a lot to raise me as his own. But if it's not him, then...who is my real father?

Sakura: I'm sorry, but Mother didn't say anything about that in her letter.

Avatar: Oh...

Sakura: I'm s-sorry. It was selfish of me to tell you all this for my own benefit.

Avatar: Don't apologize, Sakura. I'm relieved to learn the truth. As shocking as it is to find out we're not blood related, it makes me happy.

Sakura: It d-does?

Avatar: It does. After all...I love you too. Why do you think I offered to help you with conversation practice? It was just an excuse to spend more time with you.

Sakura: Oh, Avatar! I'm so h-happy!

Avatar: Since we're not siblings, we shouldn't hide our feelings anymore. It may be hard, but we'll cross that bridge together. I promise to protect you.

Sakura: Oh! Then I...I promise to protect you too! Just swear you'll never leave me again.

Avatar: I swear, I won't ever leave your side.

(Confession Scene)

Sakura: I've never felt this way before. My heart is beating so fast! I'm yours forever.