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C Support

Ignatius: How can I protect everyone? I must be their shield.

Avatar: Ignatius? Are you OK? What are you muttering about?

Ignatius: Avatar? Sorry. It's nothing.

Avatar: It doesn't look like nothing. You're shivering! Are you feeling OK?

Ignatius: Of course. I'm not shivering. Like I said, it's nothing. Let's change the subject. How are you?

Avatar: Well, I'm fine. Thanks for asking.

Ignatius: We'll be heading into battle again soon. Are you prepared?

Avatar: Yes. It's difficult, but I'm always ready to fight.

Ignatius: Do you ever think about all the split-second decisions we have to make? One wrong move can be the difference between life and death. I just don't know if I can protect everyone. Excuse me.

(Ignatius leaves)

Avatar: Wait! Ignatius! You dropped something.

B Support

Ignatius: Ugh...

Avatar: Hey, Ignatius! I've got something for you.

Ignatius: Hmm? What is it?

Avatar: You dropped this the other day. I've been meaning to return it.

Ignatius: Oh! That. I was just going to throw that out.

Avatar: It's a good-luck charm, isn't it? Why were you going to toss it?

Ignatius: Because I'm a failure.

Avatar: What are you talking about?

Ignatius: Relying on good-luck charms is the sign of a weak-willed coward. And that's precisely what I am.

Avatar: Shut up, Ignatius.

Ignatius: Huh?

Avatar: It's called tough love. You're not a failure. You fight hard, and you have protected all of us.

Ignatius: You don't need to lie to comfort me.

Avatar: I'm telling the truth. Here. Please take this charm back. It appears valuable.

Ignatius: I wish I could believe you. Please dispose of the charm, and never speak of it again.

Avatar: Ignatius...

A Support

Ignatius: No one will die on my watch...

Avatar: Hello, Ignatius. I trust you're feeling better?

Ignatius: Not exactly, I'm afraid. I apologize. I'm a pitiful sight again... Sitting here trying to psych myself up.

Avatar: Well, I'm sorry to hear you're still upset. But if it makes a difference, you appear perfectly fine to me.

Ignatius: Thank you for the kind words, but my problem persists. I am afraid every time I step onto the battlefield. What kind of warrior has feelings like this before each and every fight?

Avatar: Ignatius, every warrior I've ever known has felt the same way. Including myself. It's normal to be afraid. Fear can keep you alive. Fear can protect your loved ones.

Ignatius: Nonsense. A grown man, fondling a good- luck totem? Pathetic. At least I've had the fortitude to dispose of that ridiculous charm.

Avatar: Ignatius, you're far from pathetic. You're a hero in my eyes. I'm proud to step on the battlefield with you, because I know you have my back.

Ignatius: Do you really mean that, Avatar?

Avatar: Of course. That's why I saved this.

Ignatius: My charm? I thought I told you to throw it away.

Avatar: How could I throw something like this away? It looks old enough to have been in your family for generations.

Ignatius: It is true. My father made it for me when I was very young. Thank you, Avatar. I've gained a great deal of confidence today. And I'll be even stronger tomorrow. That I promise.

Avatar: I know you will, Ignatius. I'm counting on it.