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C Support

Hana: Sakura? Lady Sakura?!

Avatar: Hana, are you looking for Sakura?

Hana: Eek!! Oh, it's you. Do you need me for something?

Avatar: Wait, did you say "eek" when you saw me? That's not a reaction I get very often... Never mind. Sakura isn't over here.

Hana: Oh. Well, thanks for letting me know. Good-bye, then.

(Hana leaves)

Avatar: Hang on—just like that?! Wait a minute, Hana!

Hana: What is it? I really need to find Lady Sakura...

Avatar: I feel like there's some pretty intense animosity coming from you. Did I do something to slight you in some way?

Hana: ... Yes, you did.

Avatar: I can't think of what it could be, but I apologize for it just the same...

Hana: Lady Sakura has spent years being sad over your kidnapping. I've watched her try and hide the tears countless times. And I don't like someone who makes my best friend cry!

Avatar: What?! Sakura cried because of me? She's never said anything to me...

Hana: It's pointless to ask her—I doubt she'd talk to you about it anyway... Really, I feel like I'm wasting my time even explaining this to you.

Avatar: Sheesh...

Hana: However, as you are commander of this army, I will still obey your orders. ...No matter what my personal feelings toward you are. Good-bye.

(Hana leaves)

Avatar: That...was unexpected.

B Support

Hana: Hyah! Hah! Hiyaaaah!!

Avatar: Hello, Miss Hana—in the middle of some intense training?

Hana: *Huff...puff...* Lord Avatar. If you're here to ask about Lady Sakura, then you can stop right now. It's an issue between you and Lady Sakura. Don't try to get any information from me.

Avatar: That's not what I'm here for. I'm here because I wanted to talk to you.

Hana: ... Hrah!!!

Avatar: Whoa whoa!! ...That's dangerous! Even with a wooden sword, you could do some serious damage!

Hana: Well dodged. All right. You can ask me one question.

Avatar: What? Are you... Are you seriously only letting me ask because I dodged that attack?

Hana: Hurry up if you have a question. Otherwise I need to get back to my training.

Avatar: OK... If I'm correct, you come from a family of samurai that served the Hoshido kingdom.

Hana: That's right. So what?

Avatar: So you'd say that a large part of why you work hard to train your mind and spirit... is to pay respect to your family's samurai history, right?

Hana: Of course.

Avatar: I think that's terrific.

Hana: What do you mean?

Avatar: I grew up locked away in a remote castle. I didn't know why I was there, and I had no ambition because I was isolated from life... So I'm fascinated by someone like you, who always knew where they were headed.

Hana: I have someone who inspired me—my father. He was a model samurai.

Avatar: What kind of person was he?

Hana: He devoted everything to King Sumeragi, who ruled Hoshido at the time. More than once he saved the king's life... either by slaying those who threatened the king, or by protecting him from danger. He gave the king everything he could, whenever he could.

Avatar: ...

Hana: The stories of my father's accomplishments fill me with pride... He passed from this world while he was protecting the king. But even in death he fulfilled his purpose— his devotion to the king symbolized his life. For a samurai, to die in service is really the best possible death.

Avatar: ...I see.

Hana: I live my life the way I do because I want to honor everything my father stood for.

Avatar: I understand your mindset much better. Sorry if this sounds rude, but I don't think dying itself is something to be respected. Even if you protect your master, I don't think it's wise to throw your life away.

Hana: What?! Are you saying my father was foolish to do what he did?!

Avatar: No, I wasn't trying to say that at all! Your father was very admirable. He protected King Sumeragi to the very end... But I wouldn't want you to follow in his exact footsteps.

Hana: Well, it's easy to criticize someone's actions after they've made them! I'll never forgive you for ridiculing my father's honorable sacrifice!

(Hana leaves)

Avatar: Wait, Hana!!

A Support

Avatar: Oh... Hello, Hana.

Hana: Lord Avatar.

Avatar: Sorry about what I said the other day.

Hana: No need to apologize. I'm over it now. You are my commander after all, Lord Avatar. I respect your leadership.

Avatar: No...I want to apologize. It was simply rude of me to not even consider your feelings before speaking.

Hana: Stop it! You're just making me look like someone deserving of pity!

Avatar: No...that's not what I'm trying to say... I just thought that Sakura might be crushed if you did what your father did... That's all!

Hana: Lady Sakura?! What are you talking about now?

Avatar: Before, you were mad at me for making Sakura cry... I can see why you'd respect your father for his sacrifice and want to honor him. But imagine if you died protecting your liege. Sakura would be crushed. She would never want that to happen, and she'd probably have trouble moving on. I can't stand thinking about a future like that, and I bet that you can't either. Right?

Hana: Well...I hadn't considered that...

Avatar: I understand it's a really important thing for a samurai to protect her master. But...isn't there more to protecting your master than just the physical act?

Hana: You're right. I don't want to see Sakura cry anymore either...

Avatar: Hana...that's all I was trying to convey before. I'm sorry I didn't do it well.

Hana: It's OK, Lord Avatar. Thank you for this conversation. I'm sorry I was so hostile toward you.

Avatar: No, it's fine... I think we've both grown from this.

S Support

Hana: Hello, Lord Avatar.

Avatar: Oh, hello there, Hana.

Hana: What's the matter? You look really anxious. Don't worry—I promise I won't get mad at you anymore!

Avatar: Oh, good. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried about that...

Hana: I wanted to thank you again for showing me a better way to lead my life as a samurai. That's why I came to see you.

Avatar: I don't know if I actually deserve your thanks, really.

Hana: Why would you say that? You have such a strange expression on your face. Do you need to use the chamber pot?

Avatar: What?! No!

Hana: Heehee. Then what's the matter?

Avatar: I was hoping you'd be able to guess, but I'll go ahead and just tell you. Hana, listen closely. I told you the other day that I didn't want you to die. But I realized later, as I thought about what I said, that I had more reasons... More than just for the well-being of you or Sakura.

Hana: What is that supposed to mean?!

Avatar: Part of why I said what I said was selfish. Because I like you. I don't want you to die...because I have feelings for you.

Hana: Y-you do?!

Avatar: I said some high and mighty stuff the other day, and I'm sorry about that. Afterward... I realized in my heart of hearts...I was just selfishly thinking of my feelings for you.

Hana: Oh, I never knew... ... Oh jeez, this is so embarrassing! I mean, for me! This is the first time anyone has confessed their feelings for me!

Avatar: Imagine how I feel!

Hana: But I'm happy. I'm so happy.

Avatar: Then...you like me too?

Hana: Yes, I like you a lot. I mean, you taught me something about being a good samurai. I love you, in fact!

Avatar: Just like you've protected Sakura all this time, I'd like to be able to protect you now.

Hana: I'll protect you too! Oh, are we going to make this a competition? I won't lose! I'll protect you just like I protect Sakura, because you're important to me!

Avatar: Oh, that reminds me. You'll basically be an older sister to her now... I hope you can handle that responsibility!

Hana: Uh... Oh, gosh! She...she'd be my little sister!

Avatar: Is that going to make things awkward?

Hana: No. Sorry, that was excitement, not terror! I mean, not only are you and I connected to each other in such a wonderful way, but... now I'll share a new and amazing connection with Sakura, too! Because of you, two really great things have happened today...

Avatar: Hana...I'm glad you're happy. I love you more than anyone.

Hana: Lord Avatar...

(Confession Scene)

Hana: I'm so glad you told me so... I love you, too! We'll be the best couple in the world.