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C Support

Avatar: Chieftain Fuga, do you have a minute? ...You were friends with my father, right?

Fuga: Yes. King Sumeragi and I were very close.

Avatar: Do you remember any stories about my father? ...I barely remember him.

Fuga: Of course! Your father and I became friends when we were quite young. Our fathers were rulers, so we had much in common. We were both eldest sons, and it was good to have someone to laugh and train with. In fact, I couldn't imagine my future without him. We vowed to protect each other. It was easy to be brave knowing that your father had my back.

Avatar: It sounds like you were best friends.

Fuga: Yes. Best friends and troublemakers! Your father was a bit of a prankster. He loved to play tricks on the royal family's servants.

Avatar: Really?!

Fuga: We got in a lot of trouble back then, but what can I say? We were young.

Avatar: I have a hard time picturing that!

Fuga: Too soon, we were grown-ups. Your father married twice...and then he was gone.

Avatar: ...He died protecting me, right?

Fuga: Yes. He lived a full life. I sometimes wonder which of us got the better deal. I've spent my whole life as a soldier, training and fighting, and he is at peace. Well, I'm not one to get emotional. Is that enough for you today?

Avatar: Oh, yes, Chieftain Fuga! Thank you so much!

B Support

Avatar: Chieftain Fuga, you look upset. Is something wrong?

Fuga: Yes! A young lady asked me on a date. Me! What was she thinking?!

Avatar: You have to tell me what happened! Did you say yes?

Fuga: Of course not! Can you imagine a man my age going on a date?

Avatar: Sure, I can! You're not that old. Besides, it's never too late to fall in love.

Fuga: Wait until you get to be my age, and then see if you feel the same!

Avatar: The other day you said you'd spent your whole life as a soldier... You're the chief of the Wind Tribe! Haven't you considered marriage before?

Fuga: Only once.

Avatar: Well, what happened? Why didn't you marry her?

Fuga: It wasn't meant to be. Before I could tell her how I felt, she married someone else. When she and her husband were killed by Faceless, I raised her son as my own.

Avatar: You're talking about Hayato aren't you? You were in love with his mother!

Fuga: Yes. Pathetic, isn't it?

Avatar: No! I think it's amazing that you raised Hayato as your own! That was brave of you.

Fuga: That is kind of you to say. Please, tell no one else. I am an old man now, and I've managed to keep this a secret all this time.

Avatar: Of course, Chieftain Fuga! I won't tell! I swear to you—from one man to another.

Fuga: Thank you, Avatar. I appreciate it.

A Support

Avatar: Hmm... Is that Fuga over there? ...Hey, Chieftain Fuga! What are you doing?

Fuga: Oh! ...Sorry, Avatar. I was lost in thought.

Avatar: Haha! Even when you're in a daze, you still look intimidating. How do you do that?

Fuga: ...No idea.

Avatar: Chieftain Fuga, are you OK? You seem a bit gloomy.

Fuga: I was thinking I should retire and let you young people finish this fight. It's time for the next generation to step up. King Sumeragi is gone. I should follow him.

Avatar: What?! How can you say that?

Fuga: I didn't think you'd be so upset.

Avatar: Not a day goes by that I don't wish my father was still here! I can't believe you would leave me too!

Fuga: Th-that's not what I meant...

Avatar: I know it's time for my generation to start taking responsibility for the future... But we still need guidance from people like you!

Fuga: Of course, and you shall have it.

Avatar: Good! You have so much wisdom to share with us...to share with me!

Fuga: You're right. These are my twilight years, but the sun hasn't gone down on me yet! It's my duty to carry the burden left by your father and others who have passed on.

Avatar: Thank you, Chieftain Fuga!

Fuga: You know, sometimes I feel like I'm talking with a young Sumeragi.

Avatar: Really?!

Fuga: You are passionate and strong...just like he was. I am honored to be your friend.

Avatar: You consider me a friend?

Fuga: We have fought side by side—just as I did with your father. We are brothers-in-arms.

Avatar: I guess you're right! I look forward to being your friend for many, many years!

Fuga: As do I!