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C Support

Avatar: Hello, Beruka. What are you up to?

Beruka: ...

Avatar: ...Beruka?

Beruka: It is obvious. I'm repairing my weapon.

Avatar: Oh. Right. I suppose that is obvious. You know, I very much admire the care with which you treat your weapons. Which reminds me—the other day, when I saw you on the battlefield—

Beruka: State your business. Quickly.

Avatar: Huh? I don't really have any "business." I just thought it would be nice to chat.

Beruka: Why?

Avatar: Do I need a reason?

Beruka: If you do not have business, do not speak to me.

Avatar: Beruka... Very well. I'm sorry for bothering you.

Beruka: Thank you. I'll never understand how people enjoy such meaningless chatter.

Avatar: Well...I guess I'd say it's because people want to get to know one another. Even now, I feel I've gotten to know you just a little bit better.

Beruka: Why do you feel the need to get to know me?

Avatar: Because I'd like for us to be friends.

Beruka: Why?

Avatar: I...ah...I don't know. It sounds nice?

Beruka: You are strange. May I resume my task now?

Avatar: S-sure. Sorry to bother you. Maybe we can talk about this some other time...

B Support

Avatar: Working on your weapon again, Beruka?

Beruka: You again. I suppose this is good timing. I need to discuss something with you.

Avatar: Really? You want to talk with me? About what?

Beruka: Our conversation the other day confirmed my hatred of conversations. Yet you seemed to think it was a good thing, as it helped you "get to know" me. What benefit do you think there is to be had in getting to know one another?

Avatar: As I said before, it's because I would like for us to be friends.

Beruka: Friends? Hmph. These are things people have said about me: "Beruka is a monster. She does not feel. She is barely human." "Beruka is a peerless assassin. And there is a reason for that." "She'd murder her own mother if given the order." "She's a puppet. A sad, murderous little tool with no will of her own."

Avatar: Beruka...

Beruka: I do not tell you these things to defend myself against them. I am telling you because they are accurate descriptions. Do you understand now what kind of person I am?

Avatar: ...

Beruka: I had a mentor who taught me how to kill. I returned that generosity with violence. My mentor died by my hand. I did not hesitate for even a moment.

Avatar: What? Why would you do such a thing?

Beruka: Why? What a foolish question. I was ordered to. Nothing more, nothing less.

Avatar: ...

Beruka: I hope this has been enlightening. No good will come of "getting to know me" better. Now, excuse me. Milord.

(Beruka leaves)

Avatar: ...

A Support

Beruka: What are you doing here?

Avatar: Just came by to chat.

Beruka: Even after our last conversation? You are strange.

Avatar: Yep! That's me!

Beruka: So? What is it this time?

Avatar: Hm. Let's see... How about we talk about your family?

Beruka: My family? I don't remember them.

Avatar: Why not?

Beruka: I was abandoned before I was old enough to retain any memories. I don't even know who they were.

Avatar: I'm sorry. It sounds like I hit on a sensitive subject.

Beruka: Don't worry about it. It is what it is. I cannot blame them. They were neither good nor bad. Few in the slums even believed in such concepts. A man who was kind enough to give me bread was also a murderer. Was he "good"? Was he "evil"? Neither. He fed me. He killed. That is all. In the same way, my parents left me. In the same way, I kill. That is all.

Avatar: I see...

Beruka: May we be done now? This was pointless. Continuing it would only be more pointless.

Avatar: I disagree. You're an important ally, and I am grateful I've gotten to learn more about you.

Beruka: Ally? You think me an ally?

Avatar: Yes. Why wouldn't I?

Beruka: I told you I killed my mentor, correct? If given the order, I might kill you as quickly.

Avatar: Ha. Bring it on! I'll take you on with all I've got.

Beruka: You think you could defeat me?

Avatar: I don't know. But at the very least, I'd certainly make you work for it.

Beruka: ...Heh. You really are a strange one. But you're all right.

S Support

Avatar: Ah. There you are, Beruka.

Beruka: More questions?

Avatar: Not quite. Today, I wanted to tell you something.

Beruka: Yes?

Avatar: I'll cut straight to the chase. I want to build a family with you.

Beruka: Please repeat your order. I do not understand.

Avatar: It's not an order, Beruka. Here, let me put it another way. I love you. Will you marry me?

Beruka: I...

Avatar: Yes?

Beruka: I understand the words you are saying, but I think you must be mistaken. Are you well, milord?

Avatar: Yes. And I'm not mistaken. You're the one I want to spend my life with.

Beruka: I see. Then I am sorry. I'm not interested in marriage.

Avatar: You aren't? Why not?

Beruka: I cannot say I even truly understand what a family is. I was not raised in one. I cannot make something I don't understand.

Avatar: I wouldn't worry about that. I mean, I don't really know either.

Beruka: What do you mean?

Avatar: I've always had people who loved me and called me family, it's true. But I don't know what a normal family is like. Ones where the parents and children all live in the same place. Where they're all close and loving, and they see each other every day... That's why I want to have one. I think it would be a beautiful adventure for us both. So, will you reconsider?

Beruka: Is that—

Avatar: A wedding ring. Yes. I had it made especially for you.

Beruka: Hm.

Avatar: Beruka? What's wrong?

Beruka: I...don't know what to do.

Avatar: You can do whatever you want. I only ask you don't reject it out of fear that you won't be able to handle it. I will be by your side every step of the way. We'll help each other through it.

Beruka: I suppose I will hold on to it for now, then.

Avatar: Thank you.

Beruka: I also have one request.

Avatar: Anything.

Beruka: Up until now, we've mostly talked about me. But I want to learn more about you. I want you to tell me everything about yourself.

Avatar: I would be happy to. We have a great deal of talking to do, I think. But now we also have all the time in the world to do it.

Beruka: Yes. We do.

(Confession Scene)

Beruka: This warm, cozy feeling... Is this happiness? I only now realize that I love you...