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C Support

Sophie: Whoa, boy! Take it easy!

(Sophie leaves)

Avatar: Sophie's trying to ride Avel again? Must be part of her cavalier training.

(Avatar leaves)

Sophie: Whoa, whoa, whoa! WHOOOA!

(Sophie leaves)

Avatar: Sophie! Is everything OK? Avel's not about to throw you off, is he?

(Avatar leaves)

Sophie: Eeek! Help! Waaaaaaaah!

(Sophie leaves)

Avatar: Sh-she's going to turn to one side before she tramples me, right...?

Sophie: Avatar! Gangway!

Avatar: Aaaaah!

Sophie: Avel's out of control! Run for your life!

Avatar: Gyaaaaah!

Sophie: S-sorry, Avatar! Are you hurt?

Avatar: No, I'm fine. Though it was a very near thing...

Sophie: Whew...thank goodness for that. I'm really, really sorry.

Avatar: Avel seems like a tough horse to master.

Sophie: It comes and goes. Last time he seemed fine... Maybe it's me. *sigh* But I don't think there's anything more I can do today. He'll snatch up any food I prepare and trample on any equipment I work on.

Avatar: You seem very out of sorts...

Sophie: I don't care anymore! I'm gonna go back to my tent for now. I'll pass the time counting the grains of sand on the ground...

Avatar: I-is that really the best use of your time...?

Sophie: If I do anything else, I'll just mess it up somehow! I don't wanna make any trouble for anyone...so I'll just go count sand! *sniff* *sob*

(Sophie leaves)

Avatar: Uh-oh...I hope she'll be all right.

B Support

Sophie: Oh, Avatar.

Avatar: Are you feeling all right, Sophie? You seemed melancholy last time...

Sophie: Was I? Huh.

Avatar: You don't remember? Avel acting up, you moping back to your tent to count grains of sand... None of this is ringing a bell?

Sophie: Haha, oh! I totally forgot! Sorry about that. But I'm touched you were thinking about me! I usually forget whatever gets me down after a good night's sleep.

Avatar: I see. Fair enough, then.

Sophie: Let's see, where did I get up to? I think it was around 10,055.

Avatar: That's...a serious waste of your time, Sophie.

Sophie: Heehee, now that you mention it, I guess it was! Maybe next time I'll do something more productive. Ooh, Avatar, you could teach me some swordsmanship!

Avatar: I would love to. In fact, why don't we start now?

Sophie: Yay! Today is looking up! Let me just—hngh—get my sword out of this—nnf—sheath... Ha! Oops...there it goes.

Avatar: Goodness, it really went flying. It's lodged solidly in that barrel...

Sophie: Oh no! It's leaking!

Avatar: Stay calm! Do we have anything to plug the hole with?

Sophie: Will this do? Here, stand aside! Whew...it's all stopped up.

Avatar: Sophie, is that... Did you plug the leak with one of my socks off the clothesline?

Sophie: Uh! Whoops! ... I'm gonna go back to my tent... It's time to count some more sand...

Avatar: Sophie! You really don't have to!

Sophie: No...I do. Counting grains of sand is my life now.

Avatar: That's not a life! You can't support yourself counting sand!

Sophie: Well, maybe I'll be the first! I'll be a sand- counting LEGEND! Waaaaaah!

(Sophie leaves)

Avatar: Sometimes I wonder about that girl...

A Support

Sophie: Avatar! Guess what? I beat my record and counted up to 30,112 grains!

Avatar: How long did that take you exactly...?

Sophie: So I'm all set to be super-duper productive today! But I'll need your help again.

Avatar: Of course! I'd be honored.

Sophie: I've been wanting to exercise my muscles lately, so today would be good for that.

Avatar: So, push-ups and sit-ups and so forth?

Sophie: Yup. Stuff simple enough that there's no way I can mess it up. Even I couldn't do a push-up wrong!

Avatar: All right. I'll spot you.

Sophie: Let's get started! One! Hup! Two! Hup! What's this string doing in my way? Yoink!

Avatar: Sophie...that wasn't a string. It was the rope supporting that tent.

Sophie: Are you serious?! Arrrrrrrrrrgh!

Avatar: On the bright side, there was no one in that tent. Or what's left of it.

Sophie: Unbelievable... I did it again... I can't stand it anymore! This turned out as bad as everything else! Sorry, Avatar. I must seem pretty pathetic right now.

Avatar: Not at all. If anything, I'm always in awe of your positive attitude.

Sophie: For real?

Avatar: You never dwell on your problems for long. Anytime something goes wrong, you always find a way to recover by the next day. I could learn from your example.

Sophie: ...You mean that?

Avatar: I do. You have a strong heart.

Sophie: Yeah...yeah! That was just the pick-me-up I needed! No more counting sand for me! The day's still young!

Avatar: That's the spirit, Sophie!

Sophie: And I'll start by fixing that tent.

Avatar: Let me help you with that. What else are friends for?

Sophie: Thanks, Avatar.