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C Support

Selena: Grr! Where did it go? Why am I the most cursed person in the entire world? Ughhh!

Avatar: Selena? I heard shouting... Is everything OK?

Selena: Um, obviously not! I can't find my yukata!

Avatar: Oh no! Wait, what's a yukata?

Selena: You don't even know what a yukata is? Well, for your information, it's a super- cute dress-type thing from Hoshido.

Avatar: Oh. But aren't you from Nohr?

Selena: What does that have to do with it? And who said I was from Nohr?

Avatar: Sorry, I'm confused—

Selena: Why does it matter where I'm from? I can wear whatever I want.

Avatar: No argument here. If the dress fits...

Selena: Well OF COURSE it fits—I looked fabulous! But now I CAN'T FIND IT.

Avatar: No need to shout... I'm sure it's around here somewhere...

Selena: Don't you know anything? I was fishing for a compliment there. Jeez!

Avatar: I'm sorry?

Selena: Whatever. Are you going to help me find my yukata or not?

Avatar: Well, it doesn't sound like I have a choice.

Selena: Not if you want to remain my third-best friend, missy. Now, c'mon, let's find that thing!

Avatar: OK, sounds good. Wait, THIRD best? Who are numbers one and—?

Selena: Oh, don't you worry your pretty little head off about them.

B Support

Selena: Hey, Avatar! Didja find my yukata yet?

Avatar: Sorry, I haven't. But, to be honest, after we spent so much time looking the other day... I sort of assumed it was gone forever. So I haven't been looking very hard.

Selena: Ugh! You give up too easily.

Avatar: Well, I did look all around the castle, and I asked a few people about it.

Selena: Well, you feel that you tried your best. I guess that's good enough for some people.

Avatar: *sigh*

Selena: You're sighing? It's like you don't even WANT to find my yukata.

Avatar: Selena, I would truly like to help you find it, if only for my own personal relief. Maybe you could tell me a bit more about the garment...

Selena: All right... It's burgundy with a tiny cherry blossom pattern. It's the same color my mother used to wear a lot. But it probably looked better on her, of course...

Avatar: Why would you say that?

Selena: Well, she was perfect and she had perfect taste. Kinda hard to live up to that. Not that I don't come pretty darn close!

Avatar: She "was" perfect? Did she pass away?

Selena: Yeah, but whatever. I'm over it. Anyway, we're talking about my yukata here. You got the details memorized?

Avatar: Er, yes. Burgundy with cherry blossoms. Oh, one other thing. What size was it?

Selena: What SIZE?

Avatar: Er, yes?

Selena: That's kind of personal, don't you think? What if I asked you what color of underwear you were wearing, huh?

Avatar: Um...

Selena: Oh, great. Now you're probably thinking about MY underwear. You're so nosy, you know that?

Avatar: Selena, please listen! I wasn't thinking anything like that! I just want to help you find your yukata. I thought it might be helpful to know the size.

Selena: All right, fine. It's a regular size yukata. Not large, not small. REGULAR. Got it?

Avatar: Regular-sized. Got it.

Selena: Now, are you done interrogating me? Will you hurry up and start searching?

Avatar: Yes, I will be glad to take my leave of you at this point.

Selena: Wait, what do you mean by THAT?

A Support

Selena: Hey, Avatar! Did you find my yukata yet or what?

Avatar: Well...

Selena: *sigh* Don't bother answering. I can tell by the look on your face. Whatever. It doesn't matter anymore.

Avatar: What do you mean?

Selena: I mean...we've both looked all over for the darn thing, and it's just gone. I'm sorry I wasted your time. I know you've got a lot of important stuff going on.

Avatar: Selena...

Selena: Just so we're clear, I'm not grateful.

Avatar: Well, I'm glad you could clear that up.

Selena: I guess I'll just have to make a new yukata. It'll probably be challenging, but with my level of talent, I'm sure it will turn out.

Avatar: I think that's a good idea, Selena. Camilla is always saying how talented you are.

Selena: She...she is? I mean... Of course she is. By the way, what's your size?

Avatar: My size? You got so upset when I asked about your size the other day.

Selena: Ughhh. This is for a gift so it's TOTALLY DIFFERENT, duh.

Avatar: Fair enough. I was just teasing! But you don't need to get me a gift.

Selena: Well don't worry. It's not like it's a good gift or anything. I just thought that if I had some leftover scraps of material... Maybe, if I had time, I could sew them together into a yukata for you. Whatever! I probably won't have enough material or I'll forget or something.

Avatar: I see. Well, it's the thought that counts.

Selena: Great. So now we just need to go find some cute fabric. Ready to go?

Avatar: Um...

Selena: What do you mean, "um"? Are you ready or not? Most people would BEG for a chance to go shopping with me.

Avatar: I'm sure I'll be begging for something by the end of the trip...

Selena: Ha, ha. C'mon, let's go! This is going to be fun. Hurry up!

(Selena leaves)

Avatar: And there she goes. Wait, I never told her what size I am!