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C Support

Nina: Hee hee!

Avatar: Hello, Nina.

Nina: Avatar! When did you get here?

Avatar: Um, just now, of course. Is everything all right?

Nina: OK. You haven't been standing there watching me for a while? Whew.

Avatar: No, of course not. But now I'm curious... What have you been up to, Nina?

Nina: Oh, nothing interesting at all. Nothing even worth talking about. I suppose if I had to say SOMETHING, I would say I was...people watching.

Avatar: People watching?

Nina: Yeah! Like, see that guy over there? The one dripping with sweat from practice?

Avatar: Yeah, looks like he had quite a workout.

Nina: And then over there, there's a guy tending to some horses. What if those two guys met up...like, for a cup of tea? Wouldn't that be splendid? What would they talk about? Would they become fast friends? Or something more...

Avatar: Something more? I'm not sure I understand.

Nina: Oh, well, never mind that, then! Just imagine a good, old-fashioned friendship. But then one day they find themselves in the middle of an intense staring contest... Hee hee!

Avatar: Huh?

Nina: Oh, you're still here. Was I talking out loud? Well, just pretend I didn't say anything.

(Nina leaves)

Avatar: How odd.

B Support

Nina: No, no, no! Wait...YES! Yes, yes! Oh, this friendship is coming along nicely...very nicely indeed!

Avatar: Nina? What are you doing?

Nina: Avatar? Gah!

Avatar: Sorry. Did I startle you? I've been waving and calling your name for about five minutes. It almost seemed like you were in a trance.

Nina: Really? Sorry about that. I get lost in my own little world sometimes.

Avatar: No kidding. Anyway, many of the others are planning a feast. I came to see if you were interested in partaking. But it looks as though you're a bit preoccupied.

Nina: Oh...not really. I was just, you know, doing a little people watching.

Avatar: Well, you appeared to be concentrating rather intently on your observations.

Nina: That's just how I am. I never do anything halfhearted. I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Avatar: I'm actually a bit jealous. I wish I was as passionate about, well, anything.

Nina: Well, why don't you join me? C'mon—it'll be fun.

Avatar: You wouldn't mind? I'd like that, Nina. Since we've been teaming up in battle, it seems we ought to get to know each other.

Nina: All right! But just to warn you, my hobby can be pretty addictive. So, remember those two from the other day?

Avatar: The two gentlemen you were observing? Yes, I see them just down the hill.

Nina: Right. Notice anything different?

Avatar: Well, they appear to be having a friendly conversation. I didn't realize they knew each other.

Nina: Oh ho! They didn't! Not until I executed a plot to introduce them to each other. Hee hee!

Avatar: Um...

Nina: Can you imagine how powerful that feels? Manipulating people like that? Anyway, now that you're here, we can dream even bigger. Help me brainstorm. How can we advance their friendship to a whole new level?

Avatar: Uh, Nina? You've gone beyond mere people watching here. I'm not sure I can be a part of this after all.

Nina: Hee hee! Oh, Nina, you devil. What a fancy plot you've hatched this time...

Avatar: I don't think she even knows I'm here anymore.

A Support

Nina: *sigh* Why isn't this working?

Avatar: Hello, Nina. What's the matter? You look a bit distressed.

Nina: Have a look for yourself, Avatar.

Avatar: At those men you've been spying on? What's the matter? They appear friendly.

Nina: Yes, that's just it. They're JUST friends. I think they should be something more.

Avatar: Well...don't you think it's up to them to decide that sort of thing for themselves?

Nina: Grr! Probably. But I went to so much trouble to introduce them. And look at how they repay me.

Avatar: Nina! I think you're taking this whole people-watching thing too far.

Nina: Argh! Forget I said anything!

Avatar: Not the kind of thing one easily forgets, is it?

Nina: I know. I have a bit of a problem. It's just that... I'm obsessed with clandestine love and impossible desires. I can't get enough of that kind of love story.

Avatar: I see.

Nina: I'm sorry for hiding that from you. I know I'm a bit strange.

Avatar: Please don't be so hard on yourself, Nina. I don't think you're strange. As long as it doesn't interfere in others' lives, I support your people watching.

Nina: Do you really mean that, Avatar?

Avatar: I do. And I must admit—it is a bit thrilling to spend time with you watching others.

Nina: Aww! It makes me so happy to hear you say that. Most people just don't understand. So, now that you're on board, who should our next target be?

Avatar: Uh, next target?

Nina: Yeah! These two are a lost cause. It's time to dream up a new scenario. Now, I saw a guy at market the other day with an interesting beard. Maybe we could introduce him to the butcher. He's completely bald! Yes... What an interesting matchup that would be! Hee hee!

Avatar: Oh dear. What have I done?