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C Support

Midori: Should I go? Or should I stay? This is so frustrating!

Avatar: Huh? Midori? What are you doing here? Are you about to head into the forest?

Midori: Oh, Avatar! Well, see, I wanted to gather some medicinal herbs...

Avatar: Buuut...?

Midori: But sometimes I get so carried away that I wind up losing my way and getting lost.

Avatar: Lost?

Midori: Yeah! And last time I only got back 'cause I ran into some people from town. So I'm too scared to go out herb hunting by myself again.

Avatar: I see. That does sound like quite the conundrum.

Midori: B-but how can I make medicine for everyone if I can't even get the herbs? I don't wanna be a disappointment...

Avatar: Don't worry, Midori. I'm sure no one will be disappointed in you. But if it bothers you that much, then I'd be happy to go with you!

Midori: Really? You would?

Avatar: Mhm! That way I can make sure you don't get lost. And, if it's OK with you, I'd love it if you taught me about all the herbs we pick.

Midori: That sounds wonderful! Thanks, Avatar! We got a deal!

Avatar: Well then, shall we be off?

Midori: Yep!

B Support

Avatar: Hey, Midori! I forget, was this herb for medicine or for cook— Huh? Midori? Where did you go?

(Avatar leaves)

Midori: Hmmmm.

(Midori leaves)

Avatar: Midori! Wait for me! When did you get so far away?!

Midori: Huh? Oh, Avatar! I'm sorry. Did I wander off again?

Avatar: Yes, for the fifth time today!

Midori: Awww! I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry!

Avatar: It's OK. That's the whole reason I'm here, right? So, what was it this time? Did you find another rare herb?

Midori: Yep! Check this one out!

Avatar: Wow! It looks so weird. Are you sure it's not poisonous?

Midori: Of course I'm sure! It's really good for you! And it even tastes super good!

Avatar: Oh? Really? Even though it's medicinal?

Midori: Yup! It's not all bitter like most herbs.

Avatar: That's so neat! I almost want to try a bite right now.

Midori: Ooh, looky! There's another special herb growing right over there!

Avatar: Midori! Wait! Didn't I just get done telling you to not run off?! Here, how about you start marking your path as you go.

Midori: Marking my path?

Avatar: Yeah, like carving a symbol into the trunks of trees you pass. That way you can find your way home later.

Midori: Oh! Avatar, you're amazing! I'll carve an X into every tree I pass from now on! An X here! And here! Aaaand here!

Avatar: Good job, Midori. Keep it up!

Midori: And an X on this one! And this one! And on this one! And—oh! Look, that herb over there is super rare! Oh wow, and there's more over there too! And there!

Avatar: M-Midori! Hang on! You're not marking the trees! *sigh* I don't think this plan is going to work. I wonder what else we could try...

A Support

Midori: All right, Avatar! I'm determined not to get lost this time!

Avatar: That's the spirit!

Midori: I have to ask, though... What's with the rope?

Avatar: It's my latest plan! You tie one end to a tree at the entrance of the forest, like so... Then you tie the other end around you. Now you can't possibly get lost!

Midori: Wow! You're a genius! OK, let's head out— Wahh! *thud*

Avatar: Midori! Are you OK? What happened—oh! Drat! I was stepping on the rope. Sorry about that.

Midori: Do you think you could untie me?

Avatar: Of course. Here, just a second, and... All right, you should be free now.

Midori: Thanks!

Avatar: Hrm. I guess this plan is a bust too.

Midori: Aww. Maybe I should just give up on gathering herbs.

Avatar: Don't give up yet! We'll come up with a plan that works! I know it!

Midori: Are you sure?

Avatar: Positive. And I'll keep making trips into the forest with you until we do. How does that sound?

Midori: It sounds perfect! And don't worry about finding a solution too soon. There's no rush. I love having your company on these little trips!

Avatar: Oh? I'm glad to hear it.

Midori: Yep! In fact, you might not even have to find a solution at all!

Avatar: Er, I don't know about THAT...

Midori: Heehee, just kidding! But I really do like taking you on my trips!

Avatar: Aww. And I like going on them with you!

Midori: Hooray! So—think you're ready for today's trip?

Avatar: Of course! Got my baskets right here. Let's go!