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C Support

Avatar: Hello, Beruka. What are you up to?

Beruka: ...

Avatar: ...Beruka?

Beruka: It is obvious. I'm repairing my weapon.

Avatar: Oh. Right. I suppose that is obvious. You know, I very much admire the care with which you treat your weapons. Which reminds me—the other day, when I saw you on the battlefield—

Beruka: State your business. Quickly.

Avatar: Huh? I don't really have any "business." I just thought it would be nice to chat.

Beruka: Why?

Avatar: Do I need a reason?

Beruka: If you do not have business, do not speak to me.

Avatar: Beruka... Very well. I'm sorry for bothering you.

Beruka: Thank you. I do not see why people so enjoy such meaningless chatter. Do you?

Avatar: Well...I guess I'd say it's because people want to get to know one another. Even now, I feel I've gotten to know you just a little bit better.

Beruka: Why do you feel the need to get to know me?

Avatar: Because I'd like for us to be friends.

Beruka: Why?

Avatar: I...ah...I don't know. It sounds nice?

Beruka: You are strange. May I resume my task now?

Avatar: S-sure. Sorry to bother you. Maybe we can talk about this some other time...

B Support

Avatar: Working on your weapon again, Beruka?

Beruka: You again. I suppose this is good timing. I need to discuss something with you.

Avatar: Really? You want to talk with me? About what?

Beruka: Our conversation the other day confirmed my hatred of conversations. What benefit is there in getting to know one another?

Avatar: As I said before, it's because I would like for us to be friends.

Beruka: Friends? Hmph. I will make this quick. These are things people have said about me: "Beruka is a monster. She does not feel. She is barely human." "Beruka is a peerless assassin. And there is a reason for that." "She's a puppet. A sad, murderous little tool with no will of her own."

Avatar: Beruka...

Beruka: Do you understand what kind of person I am now?

Avatar: ...

Beruka: I had a mentor who taught me how to kill. I returned that generosity with violence. My mentor died by my hand. I did not hesitate for even a moment.

Avatar: What? Why would you do such a thing?

Beruka: Why? What a foolish question. I was ordered to. Nothing more, nothing less.

Avatar: ...

Beruka: I hope this has been enlightening. No good will come of "getting to know me" better. Now, excuse me. Milady.

(Beruka leaves)

Avatar: ...

A Support

Beruka: What are you doing here?

Avatar: Just came by to chat.

Beruka: Even after our last conversation? You are strange.

Avatar: Yep! That's me!

Beruka: So? What is it this time?

Avatar: Hm. Let's see... How about we talk about your family?

Beruka: My family? I don't remember them.

Avatar: Why not?

Beruka: I was abandoned before I was old enough to retain any memories. I don't even know who they were.

Avatar: I'm sorry. It sounds like I hit on a sensitive subject.

Beruka: Don't worry about it. It is what it is. I cannot blame them. They were neither good nor bad. Few in the slums even believed in such concepts. A man who was kind enough to give me bread was also a murderer. Was he "good"? Was he "evil"? Neither. He fed me. He killed. That is all. In the same way, my parents left me. In the same way, I kill. That is all.

Avatar: I see...

Beruka: Are we done? This conversation has been pointless. Continuing it would only be more pointless.

Avatar: I disagree. You're an important ally, and I am grateful I've gotten to learn more about you.

Beruka: Ally? You think me an ally?

Avatar: Yes. Why wouldn't I?

Beruka: I told you I killed my mentor, correct? If given the order, I might kill you as quickly.

Avatar: Ha. Bring it on! I'll take you on with all I've got.

Beruka: You think you could defeat me?

Avatar: I don't know. But at the very least, I'd certainly make you work for it.

Beruka: ...Heh. You really are a strange one. But you're all right.