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C Support

Selkie: This is soooooo exciting!

Asugi: Selkie?! What are you doing here? Keep your voice down!

Selkie: Oh, sorry! I'll be quiet. EEEEEE! He's ducking into that abandoned cottage! Soooooo exciting!

Asugi: Shh! He's gonna hear us! And you never answered me... What are you doing here?

Selkie: Well, you're following that guy, right?

Asugi: Yes. I've been instructed to keep an eye on him. Some people think he may be a spy.

Selkie: So...I'm just helping you! It seemed like a fun chase game.

Asugi: But this isn't a game, Selkie. It's a dangerous mission!

Selkie: Well, that's why I'm here to help, silly.

Asugi: You don't understand. I'm a trained ninja. This is what I do. I don't need any help! It's more likely that you'll just blow my cover.

Selkie: Oh, please. You know I'm a kitsune, right? Or did you not notice my fluffy tail? Anyway, I'm probably the best hunter you've ever met. I can be soooooo stealthy!

Asugi: Well, first of all, we're not tracking an animal here. We're tracking a man. Secondly, I'm sure you could be quite stealthy... if you could stop talking for five whole seconds!

Selkie: I can be quiet. Just watch. ... See!

Asugi: Ugh, fine! Keep that up, and I guess you can tag along.

Selkie: Yay!

B Support

Asugi: Ugh...

Selkie: What's wrong, Asugi?

Asugi: What do you think? We screwed up.

Selkie: You mean because we lost sight of that guy? So what! We'll get him next time!

Asugi: Yeah, about that. I don't want you coming with me anymore.

Selkie: Aww! Why not?

Asugi: Because I work better alone.

Selkie: But it wasn't my fault that he got away. I was off chasing a rabbit, remember?

Asugi: That may be true, but you distracted me. And your incessant LOUD chatter has got to stop.

Selkie: Fine! Whatever. I don't care. I won't help you anymore.

Asugi: Excellent. That's just what I wanted to hear. It's for your own good, you know? Spying isn't a game—it's dangerous!

Selkie: Says you.

(Selkie leaves)

Asugi: Well, that was unpleasant... Had to be done, though. Now, to pick up where I left off...

(Asugi leaves)

Selkie: Ha! I can't believe he fell for that. Like I'd give up that easily. I'll show him just how talented I am...

A Support

Selkie: Haha! Well, Asugi? What do you have to say NOW? Am I or am I not the bestest hunter you've ever met?

Asugi: Well...you did find the target's secret hideout after I lost track of him... But I'm not exactly sure how...

Selkie: Hah! That's for me to know. I told you I'm a great tracker.

Asugi: I just don't get it. You weren't even paying attention... How'd you know where to go?

Selkie: OK, I'll tell you. Remember when I stepped on that branch and made a loud noise?

Asugi: I certainly do. I can't believe you gave away our position like that.

Selkie: Well, dum-dum, I did it on purpose! Once he thought he'd shaken us, he let down his guard. Then I was able to sneak off separately and follow him. It was great teamwork...even if you didn't know we were working together.

Asugi: I see. I've heard of that tactic before. But I've never heard of it actually working...

Selkie: So, what do you think about letting me tag along on your missions now? You see how helpful I can be, right?

Asugi: I can't deny your talent... But you really must do something about the chatter!

Selkie: Yay! I'll take that as a yes. You won't regret this, Asugi!

Asugi: We'll see about that...

S Support

Selkie: Hey, Asugi! Got another mission lined up for us?

Asugi: Oh, Selkie...it's you.

Selkie: Of course it's me! So, where are we headed this time?

Asugi: Sorry...I think you should sit this one out.

Selkie: Are you serious? But you said I could come along! Remember how good I am?

Asugi: That's true...but this mission is pretty dangerous.

Selkie: That's exactly why you need my help. So, what gives?

Asugi: I...I don't want to see you hurt. I care about you.

Selkie: Now what are you talking about? Is this some kind of test?

Asugi: No! I really care about you, Selkie.

Selkie: Oh, is that all?

Asugi: Is that all?! How can you say that? I'm spilling my guts here—confessing my love!

Selkie: I just didn't know you felt the same way, silly. Isn't it obvious I've been flirting with you this whole time?

Asugi: R-really?

Selkie: Jeez, for a ninja, you're pretty clueless sometimes. Either that or I forgot how to flirt. Ha! Anyway, I don't want to see you go off on a dangerous mission alone either.

Asugi: Well... Thank you, Selkie. I'm sorry for being so oblivious.

Selkie: That's OK. So, now that we both officially like each other, can we be a couple?

Asugi: Er...yes. I think that's how this kind of thing works... But does it have to be so awkward? Maybe we should start over.

Selkie: OK, how's this? Hey, Asugi? Want to go on an incredibly dangerous scouting mission with me? Oh, and then kiss afterward? Heehee!

Asugi: That's not helping with the awkwardness, Selkie...