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C Support

Asugi: Aha! There's the so-called "merchant" himself...hard at work. I see you selling your apothecary potions and secondhand weapons, sir. But are you also gathering information as a spy? I'll soon find out.

(Asugi leaves)

Nina: Hee, hee! Mmm...what have we here?

(Nina leaves)

Asugi: What was that? Have I been spotted? No...it appears not. That looks like...Nina. What is she doing out here?

(Asugi leaves)

Nina: "How much for the worn leather satchel?" "For you? I can offer a very special price..." Hee, hee!

(Nina leaves)

Asugi: Hmm...

(Asugi leaves)

Nina: "Well, thank you kindly, sir. Say, what are your plans this evening?" "I'll pack up shop around 7. After that, anything could happen." Be still, my racing heart!

Asugi: Hey!

Nina: Gah! Asugi? Why'd you creep up on me like that?

Asugi: Heh. Sorry about that. Are you also keeping an eye on that shady-looking merchant?

Nina: Both eyes, actually. How did you know?

Asugi: It's pretty obvious. Anyway, I don't need your help tailing the guy. I've been after him for a while now. Pretty sure he's actually a spy.

Nina: A spy? Oh, that's good. I'll use that.

Asugi: What are you talking about?

Nina: None of your beeswax, Asugi. I'm just doing a little daydreaming.

Asugi: Huh?

Nina: Don't worry. It has nothing to do with you. Now, if you'll leave me alone with my mysterious merchant...

(Nina leaves)

Asugi: Hmm. Not sure I trust her either.

B Support

Asugi: I have to admit... So far, this merchant appears to be on the up-and-up. Perhaps he isn't a spy after all... Aha! What have we here?

(Asugi leaves)

Nina: Hee, hee! Oh, what do you have in store for me today, Mr. Merchant...

Asugi: Hey!

Nina: Ahhh! Asugi! I told you to stop doing that!

Asugi: Sorry, but I didn't want you to run away. You know, like last time?

Nina: Huh? I don't remember that.

Asugi: Nina, the last time I caught you like this, you up and ran away. You really don't remember? Anyway, today I need you to tell me what's going on. Why are you stalking this merchant?

Nina: Would we really call it "stalking"?

Asugi: Yes. Yes, we would.

Nina: Hmpf. Fine. Wait a second... Why are YOU stalking him? And ME!

Asugi: Oh, no. I'm asking the questions here. You were staring so hard it's a wonder you didn't bore holes into his head.

Nina: I just like people watching, OK? I find our little merchant VERY intriguing.

Asugi: Yeah, well I do too. Because it's been rumored that he's a spy!

Nina: A spy? Give me a break! He'd never be a spy.

Asugi: Why do you say that?

Nina: Because, well, I've never seen him do anything suspicious. He wakes up pretty early to prep his wares, and then he's with customers all day. At night, he sorts his inventory and reads. He doesn't have time to be a spy.

Asugi: Um...

Nina: What?

Asugi: You have a lot of free time on your hands, don't you.

Nina: What are you implying?

Asugi: No matter. You've provided me with useful information. I'll have to do some thinking...

Nina: Yeah...you do that, Asugi. I'll just be on my way!

(Nina leaves)

Asugi: Hey, stop! Gah, she got away again.

A Support

Asugi: Hey, Nina, wait up.

Nina: Oh, hello, Asugi. Here to nag me about stalking again?

Asugi: No...but this is related. We've cleared the merchant of any wrongdoing. Thanks in part to the information you provided me the other day.

Nina: Well, of course. I told you so!

Asugi: Well, anyway...thank you for your vigilance.

Nina: Well, I guess if my spying helped you out and cleared him, then I'm happy.

Asugi: Yeah! Who'd have thought that all the time you wasted on him would actually pan out?

Nina: Now, wait just a second. Who said I was wasting any time? What I do with my time is MY business, buster.

Asugi: Sorry. I could have phrased that better. I'm actually pretty impressed with your surveillance skills. Not just anyone could pull that off. Maybe you've got a future in covert activities.

Nina: Yeah, well, the way you were able to sneak up behind me was kind of impressive, too. I can hear most people coming a mile away.

Asugi: Well, my dad had me doing ninja stuff before I could even walk, so... I guess you could say I've got a little experience being stealthy.

Nina: It's funny, I never even thought about how useful your skills could be... Do you think you could teach me a few things? Because you're kind of amazing.

Asugi: Eh, I'm not bad. But thanks for the compliment. Anyway, sure, I could give you a couple of tips, I suppose.

Nina: Great! So, I'd really like to learn how to observe a conversation undetected. Like, say two super-cute guys are just hanging out talking... How can I get close enough to listen without them seeing me?

Asugi: I'm not sure about this. Are you going to use the skills for evil? It sounds a bit evil.

Nina: Oh, goodness no! Only for good! Now, make with the ninja lessons!

S Support

Asugi: Hey, Nina. I was thinking of making a run into town for some candy. You in?

Nina: Huh? Don't you normally do that with one of your guy friends? Why would you suddenly invite me?

Asugi: What can I say? I find you interesting. I want to spend more time with you. And I feel like even though I'm giving you ninja lessons... You know a few techniques that I've never even heard of.

Nina: Oh, trying to steal all my secrets! Sorry, I can't share those with just anyone.

Asugi: Aw, don't be like that. Here, take one of my sweets.

Nina: You think you can bribe me with a piece of candy? Ha! Stop following me.

Asugi: Heh. And there's that razor-sharp tongue. I love how quick you are with a comeback.

Nina: Ugh...you're still here? Wait, what did you say?

Asugi: Well, I was TRYING to say that I enjoy talking to you. Sometimes I don't know what you're talking about, but it's always fascinating. And...I like your smile.

Nina: Really? Me? You...you know I'm into some pretty weird stuff, right?

Asugi: Honestly? The weirder the better. I think we could actually be good friends.

Nina: Oh, Asugi. I only wish you'd told me about this sooner. I wouldn't have run away from you so many times! I did always have a good feeling about you. Should we get married now?

Asugi: Whoa! That's moving a little fast, don't you think?

Nina: I don't think so—everyone else is doing it! But, I suppose we can try being best friends for a little while first.

Asugi: Yes...that sounds more reasonable. I guess this means...we're a couple now? That could be fun...

Nina: Yep! Hee, hee...