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C Support

Asugi: Hey there, Star. I got a question for ya.

Mitama: Yes? What is it?

Asugi: Rumor has it there's a shrine out there in the woods. It's supposed to house some sort of dangerous magical scroll. ...You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?

Mitama: A magical scroll?

Asugi: Yep. I've got orders to obtain said scroll at whatever cost. But magical powers and shrines aren't exactly my forte. Which is why I'm coming to you. So, what's the skinny?

Mitama: On what, exactly? Do you want me to tell you how to steal it?

Asugi: No, nothing so hard as that. I just thought you could tell me what to look out for. You know, protective charms, traps, ways to avoid getting cursed for all eternity.

Mitama: The virtues of youth / Will and courage united / Bound in one spirit.

Asugi: Uh...thanks?

Mitama: Do not thank me. Innocent, thy heart / Leads thee to a painful death / Thy courage, folly. Asugi...you must understand, some powers are not to be meddled with. The gods are among them. I recommend you stay far away from those ruins.

Asugi: Hm? Ruins? I didn't say anything about them being ruins. How did you know that?

Mitama: L-lucky guess, I suppose! H-hahaha...ha! I must go now. B-but stay away from those ruins! Bye!

(Mitama leaves)

Asugi: ...Does nobody in this army know how to lie without stuttering? Criminy. Oh well. I'm sure it'll be fine. Worse comes to worst, I'll just hightail it out of there.

B Support

Asugi: Oh, Star! Perfect timing. I went to that shrine we talked about.

Mitama: You actually went?! Stupid ninja man / Trespassing on curséd grounds / Death stalks those ruins.

Asugi: What was I supposed to do? I had orders. Doesn't matter anyways. I couldn't get in. Some sort of magical barrier.

Mitama: Ohhh! It's one of THOSE. Well, there is nothing to be done, then. The taste of failure / A bitter medicine, but / Fools take no other.

Asugi: Stop playing dumb. Just how much do you know about this shrine?

Mitama: Not a thing. I s-swear it...

Asugi: You're a bad liar, Star. Why else would you be so intent on my giving up? You know something. Now cut the cabbage. Spill the beans.

Mitama: F-fine. Have it your way. Two magical barriers are in place at that shrine. The first simply prevents entry. That is the one that stopped you. But piercing the second barrier triggers a trap that incinerates the entrant.

Asugi: So that's how it is. Cripes, you weren't kidding about the danger, were you? But I have to ask... How exactly did you come across all this knowledge?

Mitama: It was something of a myth among the shrine maidens I grew up with.

Asugi: Oh? Where did this myth come from?

Mitama: I cannot say...but its authenticity is beyond question.

Asugi: I see. Thanks for the information, Star. With this, I think I've got a plan for how to get around those barriers.

Mitama: Warnings and portents / Visions of a painful end / Nothing stops the fool.

Asugi: Heh. A ninja never abandons his assignment.

Mitama: Then there is no changing your mind. In that case, I'm afraid I must attend you.

Asugi: I'd appreciate that. But are you sure? Thought you hated going outdoors.

Mitama: I do. But I cannot just let you die out of laziness. However tempting that might be. So, please, come to me when you wish to go.

Asugi: Thanks. I appreciate it.

Mitama: The sweetest reward / Is not honey-coated words / But sweetness itself.

Asugi: Got it. You come along, and I'll give you as much candy as you like. Deal?

Mitama: Heehee. Very good. Perhaps this will not be such a pointless venture after all.

A Support

Asugi: Thanks for coming along to the shrine with me, Star. I gotta say, not being turned into a pile of ash by that second barrier made my day.

Mitama: You're quite welcome! Now, about my payment...

Asugi: Yep, no problem. You'll get all the sweets you can eat for a week. Just need to deliver the goods, and we'll head straight back to my candy vault. But I've got to admit...I'm surprised this little thing is so powerful. I don't feel anything coming from it. It just seems like a bunch of paper.

Mitama: Of course it does. That's all it is anymore.

Asugi: Wh-what? You mean it lost its power? How can you tell?

Mitama: No more dissembling / I can't continue the lie / You must know the truth. I was the one who made that scroll.

Asugi: What?

Mitama: I was young and had begun to experiment with the creation of magical scrolls. This was the product of one such experiment... I did not foresee its power. My father was summoned, and immediately he saw its danger. So he had me seal it in those ruins.

Asugi: And why didn't you say anything?

Mitama: I did not know how people would react, knowing I created a thing of such power. They might decide to press me, with the best of intentions, to create another scroll. But such things are far too dangerous for anyone to wield. Besides, I only managed to make this one by accident. I could not do it again.

Asugi: I see. So then, did you dispel its power? Is that why it's inert?

Mitama: No. That is beyond me. It seems the curse merely waned with the passage of time. Now it is nothing more than a scrap of paper.

Asugi: Hm...

Mitama: I must say I was surprised with your stubbornness. Despite repeated warnings that you might die or unlock a great evil, you persisted. I do not know whether that is a sign of idiocy or bravery. But...I think it is worth admiring, so far as such things go.

Asugi: I had orders. That's all.

Mitama: Heehee. But you could have pushed back upon discovering new information, no? Do not deny it. You try to hide, but I see you. You are good, daring, and stubborn.

Asugi: W-well, anyways, I suppose if this thing's useless, I should return it to you, right? Here. It's yours.

Mitama: Thank you. I will make sure it is disposed of properly. Time returns all things / To their home— men to the soil / Scroll to Mitama.

S Support

Asugi: Thanks for inviting me out here tonight, Mitama. Just look at all those stars! It's like there are hundreds of you looking down on us.

Mitama: Quiet, and be still / Among the silence, listen / To my heart's soft tones.

Asugi: Um. What?

Mitama: I...invited you out here to tell you something, Asugi. Feelings flow anew / Snows melt in the warming spring / Wellspring of passions.

Asugi: Pardon?

Mitama: When I saw your devotion to your mission, I realized that there is another side to you. You are not just a silly, sarcastic boy with an unnatural obsession with sweets. There is a deep seriousness about you, I sense. And I...admire you for it. Deep within my heart / Flowing springs too wide for words / Pure admiration.

Asugi: Er, do you mean—

Mitama: Yes. Asugi...how do you feel about me? For my part, I must admit...my heart beats for you.

Asugi: I-I never expected this from you. But... I want to be with you too, Mitama.

Mitama: You do? Truly?

Asugi: I do. You're skilled, adorable, and wise beyond your years. And you've got a playful, sarcastic side. I like that in a girl. So...does this mean we're a couple now?

Mitama: Oh, Asugi! Yes, of course! I'm so happy you feel the same!

Asugi: I've actually felt this way for a while now... I just didn't know how to approach you. I guess you could say I've been SWEET on you for some time. Heh. Heh heh.

Mitama: Oh dear. Puns, the lowest art / Flowing from my lover's lips / My heart sinks like stone. What have I gotten myself into?