Fates Supports/Asugi Kana(F)

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C Support

Kana(F): Asugi! Asugi! Let's play hide-and-seek!

Asugi: Whoa, slow down. Play what now?

Kana(F): I want to play a game...in which one person hides...and the other seeks. That's what it's called—

Asugi: Yeah, yeah. Got it. Hide-and-seek. Why you asking me?

Kana(F): Because it's fun!

Asugi: No, ME. Why you asking ME?

Kana(F): You're a thief.

Asugi: Yeah? So what?

Kana(F): Thieves are supposed to be great at hiding, right?

Asugi: True enough. I am, anyway.

Kana(F): Then you're a worthy foe. Because I am really good at hide-and-seek. I need someone just as good to challenge for the title of Best Hide-and-Seeker Ever!

Asugi: You gotta be kidding me. Hmph. Fine then. I can't have someone showing me up in the fine art of stealth. I accept your challenge.

Kana(F): Thanks, Asugi.

Asugi: Who's gonna hide first?

Kana(F): You hide! You hide! I'll count to 100, and then I'll come seeking! Wait until I start, OK?

Asugi: ......

(Asugi leaves)

Kana(F): Wait! Uh, one, two, three...

B Support

Asugi: Where IS that girl? Ugh, that Kana can't show me up. Not again. Last time we played hide-and-seek, she found me right away. Is she just as good at hiding too? Ugh, or am I off my game? Forget this. I'm not going to keep running in circles. All right, Kana! I admit defeat!

Kana(F): That's two for two.

Asugi: EEEEP! Where'd you—? Wait! Were you in that hole?! Where'd that hole even come from?!

Kana(F): Told you I'm good.

Asugi: Yeah, good at digging holes! Is that even allowed in this game? How'd a little twerp like you even DIG such a big hole?

Kana(F): I turned into a dragon, clawed myself a burrow, and then stayed put. Ta-da!

Asugi: That has GOT to be against the rules.

Kana(F): You have your skills. I have mine. Ta-da!

Asugi: All right. Fair enough. And you can stop with the ta-da. It's giving me a headache. I've lost twice in a row. But next time it's my turn to hide. You won't find me.

Kana(F): Yes, I will.

Asugi: Nope. Not with the title of Best Hide-and-Seeker Ever on the line.

Kana(F): Until next time then, Asugi!

A Support

Kana(F): Where's that darn Asugi? I thought I knew all the good places to hide. He'd better be here somewhere. I bet he just went off and left me. Are you even HERE, Asugi? You can't just QUIT! Ugh, that dummy.

Asugi: Dummy, huh?

Kana(F): Ack! You...you...you... You were a tree!

Asugi: Heh. That's about the size of it, Little Miss Dragon. Not all of us can transform. So I made myself a tree costume.

Kana(F): That's brilliant! I must have walked right by you a million times!

Asugi: Yep. You did. I could barely stop myself from laughing.

Kana(F): If you can hide like that, then I don't stand a chance. You really are a master thief!

Asugi: Eh. You're not half-bad yourself. But I'm still down by one loss. Let's go again. You hide.

Kana(F): Sure! But we know each other's secret tricks now.

Asugi: I've always got more tricks up my sleeve, Little Miss Dragon.

Kana(F): All right. Start counting!

(Kana(F) leaves)

Asugi: Heh. One, two, three...

S Support

Kana(F): Asugi! Asugi!

Asugi: EEEEP! KANA! Er, I mean, it's not a good idea to surprise a master thief, Kana. You wouldn't sneak up on a viper in the grass, would ya? I mean, I hope you wouldn't.

Kana(F): Of course not. But your back was turned, so I...couldn't help myself!

Asugi: I suppose you want to play hide-and-seek again. We're still tied for the title of Best Whatever Ever.

Kana(F): No, I'm not up for a game today. I just came over to say thanks.

Asugi: For what?

Kana(F): For playing hide-and-seek with me!

Asugi: Nah. No thanks needed. It's been fun. A way to keep my skills sharp too.

Kana(F): And, uh, there's another thing... I'm wondering if, er... if we can keep playing for the title of Best Hide-and-Seeker forever!

Asugi: What?! Then what's the point?!

Kana(F): We're always tied for the title. So I think we should play until we're old. After a lifetime, we'll finally know which of us is truly best.

Asugi: Uh, that's quite a commitment, Kana.

Kana(F): But you want to know, right? Which of us is the absolute master?

Asugi: Huh. Yeah. I do. I guess. All right then. Challenge accepted. A game of hide-and-seek for life.

Kana(F): I said until we're OLD, Asugi. I want a few years to enjoy my victory!

Asugi: Eighty years from today then. That sounds about right. Right, Kana?

Kana(F): Eighty years it is.

Asugi: We'll meet every day for a game. No, two games.

Kana(F): Yes! We'll each take a turn hiding. And in eighty years we'll know...

Asugi: ...Yeah, which of us is TRULY the Best Hide-and-Seeker Ever.